Tuesday, 31 May 2011


We begin this week with a return to the tales of the Avenging Hounds.

The next member to be invited to join the Heroic Hounds know as the AVENGING HOUNDS was MUTT-TIS.

She was the Daughter of  a Vill-hound called Libra, part of the ZODIAC group of evil  doggie doers. At a very young age, she was left in the care of the Priests of Paw-ma at their temple in Vietnam.  These Priest  had connections with the Alien warrior race  known as the K9-REE. Whilst growing up within the temple, the priest would teach Mutt-tis all forms of martial arts and paw to paw combat.  The Priest believed that this young pup was special, destined to mate with the a member of the DOG-COATIE  Race, and through this union she would one day give birth to the most important mutt in the Universe. The CELES-TAIL MUTT-SIAH

To prepare her for her coming life, the Priests of Paw-ma took the strange decision to wipe away her memories and send her out into the world so she could learn and experience life outside the order of the PAW-MA

Whilst out in the big bad world,  she met the expelled member of the AVENGING HOUNDS, Jacques Dawg-quesne  called the Swords Dawg.  She helps him come to terms with ruined life, and encourages him to try to regain his honor by becoming an AVENGING HOUND again. He falls completely in love with Mutt-tis, but she tells him that although she cares for him, she does not love him in the same way.

She then travels with him to NEW YORKIE CITY where he attempts to rejoin the Hero Hounds. Which he does and as a result Mutt-tis also is offered the opportunity to stay on as a non-member after she proves to be a useful addition to the team.

 Mutt-tis would later become attracted to the artificial Av Hound, the VIZ-HOUND.  This upsets The Swords Dawg, who realises that she does not love him. The Robotic Mutt rejects her advances as he has his eyes set on the love of his life, The Scarlet Bitch.

THEN,  The time travelling mutt from the future, FANG THE CONQUEROR, kidnaps Mutt-tis along with the Scarlet Bitch and the Sorceress and witch,  Agatha Barkness. He reveals to  Mutt-tis her future as the Celistrial Mad-dogger and her past with the Priests of PAW-MA.

Now this is where things get a bit more crazy.  Rama Mutt, an earlier version of Fang offers to assist the Swords Dawg along with the AV Hounds rescue Mutt-tis, Wanda Maxiwoof & Aggie Barkness from FANG.  This they do, but in the battle to free his love, the Swords Dawg is killed by FANG.

As he lays dying,  Mutt-tis tells the SWORDS DAWG that she loves him.... and she always did.  He then dies a happy Dawg in the arms of his beloved.

She then settles down to life with the AV HOUNDS, who offer her full membership to the team.  Soon along with the others she encounters the K9-REE race first hand during their war with the shape shifting race known as the SK-GROWLS.  She again is told of the prophesy that she will one day have a puppy with a member of the DOG-COATIE race.  She also learns that the DOG-COATIE are an ancient  Plant Based life form that reside on the Earth.

When she finally meets her would be suitor from the Dog-coatie, she is surprised to see that the dead body of her love, The Swords Dawg has been reanimated, and his now a part of the Dog-Coatie Race.
AS Both his mind and personality are intact she accepts him as her would be mate. Even if  he is now all green and no longer fully canine. 

They are soon married.  It turns out to be a double wedding, as Wanda Maxiwoof, AKA the SCARLET BITCH ties the knot with the VIZ-HOUND at the same time.  Its not every day that a Canine marries her dead lover, who is now reanimated as a plant based life form.  Also its not every day the a Canine MUTT-ANT marries her lover, who happens to be an artificial robotic mutt. AND the strangest part of the whole affair is that the person marrying both couples is IMMOR-TAILS   who once was  FANG the same person who killed one of the grooms, the SWORDS DAWG, and as Immor-tails had helped create the other Groom, the VIZ-HOUND. Talk about keeping it in the Family !!!

After Mutt-tis finally got her MUTT, or is that PLANT.... both she and her new green hubby left earth to travel the universe and start a family.

She would return again to earth many years later, but this time she too would be all green, but thats another tale for another time.

More tomorrow  



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