Monday, 16 May 2011

THE ROVER NOVA ................. PART TWO

Life was happy for Foxy Straye, she had a new life as a hero hound, a new family with the Fur-Tastic Four, and she had a new boyfriend. What could go wrong ?

She had started  accompanying the FF on missions more and more. and was becoming more skilled with her flaming powers.  Although she still kept her apartment, she was offered quarters at the world famous BARKER BUILDING, home of the FUR-TASTIC FOUR.

One day the peace was shattered by the arrival of TER-REX, The TERRIER.... Herald of The Mighty DOG-ALACTUS..... was he here to announce that his master was on his way to destroy Earth ?  No he was here to get revenge on the FF for causing him to be enslaved by the Planet Muncher in the first place.

It transpired that yet again he had run off from his duties as  Herald Hound ( which he had done in the past )  Dog-alactus knew not where he was or where he went. ( so he thought )

He started his attack by using the power cosmic that he channel through his Axe to slice the top floors off of the Barker Building.  This was not just the Head Quarters to the FF, but more importantly this was their home.

The FF plus Foxy engaged Ter-rex in battle..   and it looked at one point that Ter-rex would win, until DOG-ALACTUS appeared on the scene. He was very unhappy with Ter-rex for running away, and also for using the power that he had been granted for personal gain. Also he was HUNGRY, as the naughty Ter-rex had not provided him with a good meal in ages.  He quickly subdued his Herald Hound, but not after sustaining much injury from TER-REX. 

It transpired that DOG-ALACTUS had not fed in a while, and the energy he had wasted chasing and fighting Ter-rex had left him completely weak.  He stripped Ter-rex of the Power Cosmic that he had original granted him, but announced to all that he needed to feed.  AND HE NEEDED to FEED NOW.

This meant that he would need to destroy Earth as he was too weak to find another meal.  This did not sit well with the members of the FF, who enlisted the help of as many Hero Hound they could muster in the area to fight the mighty Planet Muncher.

The FF were joined by MANY  HEROES INCLUDING,  DOG-TOR STRANGE, mutt of the mystic arts and Magic, an assortment of Avenging Hounds , including The Mutty PAW, the Dog of Thunder, IRON HOUND, The WASPISH POOCH & CANINE AMERICA,   along with THE SPIDER PUP and DARE DOOGIE....... plus Foxy Straye, the new Canine Torch of course !!

The fight went well mainly because Dog-alactus was far from being a peak power..... he was at his weakest  to tell the truth.  BUT a combination of the might of the Heroes and a clever spell from Dog-tor Strange, which DOG-ALACTUS was made to face the spirits of all he had killed in his time, caused Dog-alactus to fall.

As Dog-alactus lay there dying, Lead Richards enlisted the help of the Heroes to prevent his death, as Lead knew that even though Dog-alactus was dangerous, he was not evil. He was a force of nature that if allowed to die would upset the balance of the whole universe. Like any other living being in the Universe, the planet muncher needed to eat to survive.  Unfortunately, his only source of nourishment was to consume PLANETS

Lead was able to give Dog-alactus enough power to leave Earth and go get his diner elsewhere. He even gave him a list of  Planets without life that would be suitable for his feeding needs.

Dog-alactus thanked Mr Fur-tastic for his help ( well kinda did ) and agreed that he would not try to feed on Earth again.  BUT before he left he announced that he needed a NEW HERALD HOUND to help him sniff out this next meal. Whether The planet muncher had sensed it or by luck one of the amassed heroic hounds offered to be the new Herald. This was FOXY STRAYE.   Who had hankered after travelling all her life. As a Herald Hound she could do this big time.

Before Jaw-nee or the other members of the FF could stop her, DOG-ALACTUS empowered her with his PUPPY POWER COSMIC, and FOXY was no more.  Stood before them was a figure of golden fire...... The ROVER NOVA had been born.

Without a goodbye to anyone she flew off into space, off to find diner for her new master.

This combination of Master and Slave lasted for many years, Dog-alactus found he cared much for his new herald hound. Whilst the part of Foxy that was still alive within the ROVER NOVA began to love her Master. She had now every thing she ever wanted, TRAVEL, ADVENTURE, MEETING NEW PEOPLE, AMAZING POWERS and DOG-ALACTUS her new FATHER FIGURE.

That is not the end of the story of The NOVA ROVER, or DOG-ALACTUS and his HERALD HOUNDS..... but it is for now.

Tomorrow something different(ISH)


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