Saturday, 17 March 2018

The coming of the Liberty Legion Part Two......

Storming the White House  may not have been the brightest thing that Bucky could have done.

BUT what else could he do ?

His Mentor and his Team Mates were not just under the Control of The Nazi Red Skull, but he was manipulating them into destroying key targets that would undermine the USA War effort.

The President of the United States F D Roosevelt was in deep discussion with one of his Chief of Staff when they both her a kerfuffle outside the door.

Bursting through the Door Bucky was met by a stern looking Present and his aide.
On recognising the Youngster, FDR ordered  his security to stand down. Although not friends, The President had met Bucky many times in the past few years along with Captain America.


FDR told Bucky he knew all about what had happened, and also knew that Bucky had recently been hospitalised.


Bucky told FDR he had a plan and need help in its execution with access  to a Major Radio Network.


Both FDR and his Aide told Bucky that before they could authorise this Bucky would need to explain to them why he needed this, and what was the plan !!!


Bucky reluctantly told the older Gentlemen that he wanted this to stay his secret and not reveal it until the proper time.



FDR shook his head and refused as he was not prepared to allow the younger to access to such access on a whim. The security of the National Airwaves was paramount, turning over such an important asset to a boy could lead to how knows what damage or alarm to the Nation.


Bucky knew they were right, He was just a Kid, and had to admit that fighting any war was a job for Grown Ups, not young boys in colourful uniforms. Even if this Kid had helped fight and proved himself many times in the past.

With that Buck apologised and left.  Seeing him leave in some distress, FDR pondered had he done the right thing in not granting Bucky his request.


As Bucky left the White House he was already formulating another plan. The President had said no, and had reminded him he was just a young lad and should leave matters to the grown ups. BUT FDR had not forbade him from trying to help.

FDR had not come up with any plan that he knew. Time was in sort supply, sooner of later his Brainwashed friends would cause damage that could help Germany and the Axis Powers access to destroying America..... or cause the deaths of many US citizens.

Bucky knew what he needed to do.... They could not Court Marshal him, he was not in the  US Services, he was not even old enough to enlist even. So what could he loose ?

As Captain America had told him on one or more occasions, Actions speak louder than words...... Bucky hoped that words may help start the ball rolling, so that Action could be taken.


Next Time Bucky makes a call to Arms.

Until next time...... ENJOY !

Monday, 12 February 2018

The Coming of the Liberty Legion Part 1 ....... Bucky makes the call to arms.

With Captain America, The Human Torch, Toro and The Sun-Marina now under the control of the Evil Nazi The Red Skull, it did not take too long before these Heroes to start to perform acts of evil for the Third Reich.


The sinister Red Skull was pleased with his Super Powered Slaves, but had under estimated the power of the least powerful member of the Invaders....... BUCKY.

Bucky knew what his team mates were capable off when fighting against the Axis powers of Evil....BUT now they were the Slave Puppets of a tyrannical menace like Red Skull who knows what they could do under his direction. Where each of them had the power to Mamie and destroy life, all of them had a moral awareness that extreme violence against lesser powered people was not correct.  Even Prince Namor, who had little time or respect for most of the surface land dwellers, knew that using his extreme strength and might against lesser beings was the sign of a coward and not right. However, now he like the other Invaders were under the control of another, his own freewill and morals were no longer an issue.

After the initial kidnapping of his team mates Bucky had being brought to Washington DC as he was suffering from post traumatic shock. Once he came to his senses AND over hearing a Doctor discussing the recent damage that the Mind Controlled Invaders had been doing, Bucky left the Hospital and sort out help from the one person who he thought could and would  help him.  The President of the United States.

Believing that he could not afford to waste time going through the proper channel, Bucky stormed the White House and made his way to the office of F D R himself.

The President Himself    F D R

For what happened Next, come back soon......
Until Then ENJOY !!!

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Fighting the Fight on the Home Front....... The Invaders revisted

Many years ago  (Back in January 2012)  I started to tell the Tale of  The  Marvel Universes War Time Heroes The Invaders...... Back then I called them the INVADE-DOGS.

Here is one of my original Posted Pictures

Here is my up dated version

These Heroes Prince Namor The Sub-Marina, The Original Human Torch, Toro and Bucky lead by the Sentinel  of Liberty Captain America, had  formed a Group to help battle the threat of Nazi Germany in Europe.

Although the Team was based in England during most of WW2, the team did on occasions return to The U S of A.

On one of these visits The Invaders became kidnapped by the Nazi's and brained washed into fighting for the Evil Red Skull.

Marvel had used their back catalogue of Timely Comic characters to help build The Invaders into a more believable tale of that time, with old villains  and new added into the stories to give them a more authentic feel.  Unlike the competition over at DC, they had  had to reboot their history as not only had they re invented a lot of the existing characters at the start of the 1960's , the likes of Batman & Superman could not have existed in WW2  and still been "young" in the 1960's - 1970's.  BUT that's enough about DC Earth 2  and the many DC reboots over the last few years.

BACK TO MARVEL .....Captain America was now alive in modern times, and so was Prince Namor. Bucky was dead, and the Original  Human Torch and Toro had disappeared.  These heroes would return in due course. Some much more quicker than others.

Back to my story

It was 1942 and the Red Skull had kidnapped and brainwashed the Invaders, all but Buck Barnes who had evaded capture. But as the Red Skull knew the Boy Solder was without any real Super Powers he ignored any future threat from Bucky.

The Invaders under the Control of the Nazi Red Skull

Bucky knew that the mind controlled Invaders could easily pose a threat to the out come of the War, so he decided to find some help of his own.

Next Time the Coming of the Liberty Legion

Until then ENJOY !

Friday, 5 January 2018

COMING SOON .......... in 2018

A new subject matter next time.

A Group of Heroes Who decided to Fight and Good Fight on their Home Ground.

Here is a little Clue

Until next Time     ENJOY

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Yesterdays Heroes....... Bring on The Bad Guys

When I started to look into heroes from a past age and time, I originally thought what a good idea it would be to bring all the heroes together as a group.... Very like the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen , as was done so well by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neil in 1999.

That was a great concept, and as most of those Heroes came from the Mid 1800's - Early 1900's that worked well.

However, many of my Characters came from much different time frames. The Ancient, Modern and New ages.  So with out a time machine added into the mix Robin Hood would never rub shoulders with Flash Gordon, or The Green Hornet with The Loan Ranger. What would Tarzan make of She-Ra

However, if it was to happen maybe it would have looked like this......

With a little help from a old man  "WHO" lives  and travels in a Blue Box.

But who would the most worthy villains be to take on this collection of Heroes.?
Bring on the Very Very Bad Guys.

What about a combination of  Ming the Merciless and The Mekon,  Loki Norse God of Mischief and Skeletor.    Four manical Rulers brought together to destroy the Universe...... BUT who would control the others. Four deadly and driven men who really should not play together that well on paper. The question would be after they defeat all the Heroes, who would knock off the other Villains !!!! 

Let the Battle commence.

Have a Very Happy New Year , love and best wishes from Me and my Dawgs

until next time    ENJOY !


It will be soon time to say Good-Bye to 2017 and HELLO to 2018

I hope that this passed year has been kind to you all and that the New Year will bring Health Wealth and Happiness all round

Happy New Yew

Until Next Time     ENJOY

Monday, 25 December 2017


Merry Christmas.

I thought I would share with you one of the first Dawgs I drew back in 2010.

I have slightly cleaned this one up, but on the whole it is in the original form.

A parody of a famous XMEN cover.

The cleaned up 2010 Xmas Edition
The First one I did. with the Dog names. 

Happy Christmas and ENJOY