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Yesterdays Heroes ..... Dan Dare's Venus Allies and Enemies

Last time I re introduced everyone to Dan Dare, a force of good in the Universe. BUT from his very first adventure back in 1950 he would go on to meet a race of people who would be a thorn in his side thereafter.

On the Planet Venus Dare and his crew found three different races living there.

The Brown-Golden Skinned Therons, The Blue Skinned  Atlantines and the Green skinned Treens. Two of the races lived in the Northern Hemisphere of the Planet, whilst the third lived in the Southern part. The arrival of the Pink Skinned Earth Men proved to be of interest to all the different races for different reasons.

The Green Skinned  Treens  lived in the Northern Hemisphere of the Planet. In the same part of the planet lived The Blue Skinned Atlantines. These two races did not live in Harmonie. As the Treens over the years had done their utmost to enslave the Atlantines.

The Most technological  of all the Peoples living on Venus were the Brown-Gold skinned Therons.
They were a peace loving race who had tried to help both the Treens and the Atlantines evolve with the help of Therons technology and teaching. Although the Atlantines were not savages, they believed their culture and way of life was sufficient for their needs. They looked more like the Therons than the Treens. Their Blue skin and their over developed forehead ridges were the main differences.  However the Treens were interested in learning from the Therons, and learnt from their benefactors greatly. BUT where the Therons used their technology for good and peaceful purposes, the Treens started to use it for their own less than peaceful purposes..... and they would soon turn the borrowed knowledge against their benefactors.
The Therons

The Peace Loving Therons   appeared most like the Human Earth men when Dan Dare and his crew first landed on the planet,  but later Dare found out the Blue skinned Atlantines were themselves more Alien in appearance, but still basically of Humanoid in structure.

However, The Treens looked most Alien of the three races. They appeared more Frog Like in their facial features and had a war like nature. They had little concept of Good or Bad, and on the whole they appeared to be a very unemotional race. They were very militaristic  nature and believed they were the natural rulers of the planet.

The War Like Treens

The Atlantines informed Dan Dare that they had originally come from the planet Earth and had left to explore the Universe long before Homo sapiens had ever evolved.  How they travelled from earth to Venus was not full known as much of the records of this time no longer existed. Like wise the knowledge and ability to build such equipment to allow space travel had been lost over time. In fact the Atlantines appeared to live a simple more primitive existence. This again was not known if it was by design or some major incident in the past.

The Atlantines

The Atlantines were not war mongers, but had been fighting a long on off war with the Treens for centuries. The Treens had been the aggressors whilst the Atlantines had tried to stop their race being completely destroyed or subjugated by the more aggressive and war mongering Treens.

.The Therons had tried for many years to help civilise the Treens. Helping them build cities and stop the constant in fighting between the many different Treen Villages and tribes. The Therons did manage to unite the Treens but as soon as the Treens nation had united it turned against its benefactors. Feeling that they had failed in their mission, the Therons decided to leave the Treens to their own devices.

The Therons knew that the Treens would be incapable of attacking them in their part of the Planet as each side of  Venus was separated by an area called the "Flamelands". This was an impassable wide area that ran along the equator of the planet. Only the Therons Superior technology had allowed them to build Craft able to pass through the area in safety.

With the Treens now united as a race as all fractions had now been united by the aid of the Therons help, they needed some one or thing to control and ensure that their race continued to grow in both Power and importance.

Next Time we will meet the Leader of the Treens, and the arch Nemesis of Dan Dare.

He's Mean and Green and we will meet him next time !

Until Then ENJOY !

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Yesterdays Heroes Meet The British Spaceman From The Past DAN DARE

The Subject of the next Hero From Yesterday is the Very British Space Hero DAN DARE or Colonel Daniel McGregor Dare to use is full title.
The Man of the Future With both Feet Planted firmly in the Past

First appearing in the first Edition of the  British Comic called  The Eagle published on 14th April  1950.  The Stories of Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future was set in the then Futuristic World on the mid to late 1990's.

Taking Space and Future travel and exploration of the stars as it theme the stories were based around the Hero, Colonel Dan Dare and his trusty crew keeping peace and order in the cosmos.

Mixing together a very British Army Officer in style main character with a  nod to World War Two RAF Pilot and Aircraft that could fly in space was a hit with young boys and their fathers straight away. As many of them had been brought up reading stories of the fictional Hero Biggles and seeing Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers on the Movie Screens,  Dan Dare and his Crew were received gladly

With his trade mark square jaw line, and his "unusual" Eye Brows this Pipe smoking officer was the Hero of every boys dreams..

The Stories were simple, good guys verses the Bad Guys. Using 1950's then modern technology mixed with what was envisaged as life being like some what 40 - 50 years in the future. The dress of  Dan Dare and his crew were mostly an up dated look at the then Army Uniforms. The Space Suits looked like a mixed between Fire Fighters Uniforms and Diving Suits. BUT the look worked.
Col Dan Dare in his Flight -Space Suit

The Rocket Ships mixed Air Craft Design with Rockets. Again these looked right at the time.

The Heroes spoke and acted like British Film heroes of the 1940's. The stories were about honour and sacrifice and doing the right thing.

The Art work of the stories was mainly printed in COLOUR again unusual for the time in British Comics. Detail was paramount, as many of the Space Crafts seen in the stories would have Cut Away drawing so that the Reader could see how the Craft Worked and how it was powered.

Dan Dare's adventures continued to be published until the Eagle Comic 1967. The Eagle then was combined with another British Comic of the time, The Lion, and Dan Dare was again seen in print but only in reprinted stories.
Dan Dare Pilot of the Future/

Over the years Dan Dare and Crew have returned in new stories, most have tried to keep the same 1950's future feel but he has never been as popular as he had been in the original ground breaking Eagle Stories.

Like all good heroes they need their Evil Nemesis. And Next Time we will have a look at the little Green Man who was a thorn in the side of Dan Dare and his Crew throughout The 1950's & 1960's.

Until next time    ENJOY !

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    ANOTHER re vist to a past Bloged set of Heroes...... The Green Hornet & Kato

    I did a version of these two back at the beginning of my blog in 2011 - 2012

    I was always proud of the Car the Black Beauty and always wanted to go back and re do my Dawgs Version of the Green Hero in my up dated style..... so here goes.

    The 2017 Version of the 1960's TV Duo

    The origins or the Green Hornet and Kato

    Created by George Trendle & Fran Striker in 1936 as a Radio Serial for the Broadcasting  company WXYZ based out of Detroit that had already had a hit with their Lone Ranger Serial.

    Unlike The Lone Ranger who's adventures where based in the Old West, the Green Hornet was based in the modern time the 1930's

    Although the back story of the main characters has been adapted and slightly changed over the years, mainly to allow for the character to exist in the modern era, The Green Hornet has stayed true to his humble beginnings.

    Wealthy Newspaper Publisher Britt Reid owner of the Daily Sentinel by day, by night he becomes Green masked vigilante , The Green Hornet.

    He is helped by the Kato, who by day is Britt Reid's Chauffeur - Body Guard and Valet. BUT by night he dons a Black Mask and helps his employer fight crime.
    Kato Master of all Oriental Fighting Skills

    Unlike Britt Reid, Kato does not have a secret code name. His back ground too varies from Being Filipino, to Korean, Japanese to Chinese.  These changes reflected the times from Pre second World War to post War Years. It is now accepted Kato is of Chinese origin.

    The Third character in the Serial was the Green Hornet's trusty Car.... The Black Beauty. Which was also a normal looking car by day, but by night had rocket launchers, flame throwers and machine guns popping up from under its body work.

    The TV series Black Beauty may not have been a flashy as the TV Bat-Mobil but she sure had some firepower.

    Like the Lone Ranger and Tonto, The Green Hornet and Kato soon found fame on the silver screen, but are most remembered for their TV series in the 1960's, with Van Williams playing Britt Reid aka The Green Hornet and the then unknown Bruce Lee as Kato.  The Fighting Skills and Athletic Skills of Bruce Lee help usher in the Age of all things KUNG - FU

    Along with the Black Beauty, the Green Hornet & Kato had many weapon in their arsenal.  From Walking Canes that transformed into Guns and Fighting Staffs, to Throwing Stars, Daggers and Hornet Darts. the Green Hornet maybe did not have a Bat Utility Belt, but he had his fare share of toys.

    The Green Hornet & Kato dressed for Action

    However, beginning in 1966  The Green Hornet did not have the same effect on TV as had Batman, and the series only lasted 26 episodes  and was  cancelled in 1967  a year before Batman also got cancelled.

    On the whole the series was good, but times and tastes had started to change from Crime Drama's to more Sci Fi  Based Adventures

    When I was researching The green Hornet I never realised that the concept of him was always to be a modern day legacy of the Lone Ranger.

    The Writer connected the two main characters as both being family. The Lone Ranger sometimes given the name John Reid was the  Brother of  Daniel Reid (who had been the Captain of the Texas Rangers who had been massacred thus causing the origin of the Masked Man of the West.)

    In turn the Ranger would later adopt his late Brothers Son Dan Junior who would join him and Tonto in his adventures. After Dan Junior retired from Crime Fighting, he married and had two sons, Jack & Britt. This the same Britt Reid would be the 1930's Green Hornet.

    In addition to allow Heroes to Grow Up it is now accepted that the 1960's Britt Reid would be the son of the original Hornet......  Completed or WHAT !!!!!

    So The Lone Ranger is The Great Great Uncle to the Green Hornet. ..... I do not think Tonto is related to Kato in any way !!!!!!.

    Two Sets of Heroes related and on the same agenda

    Nest Time a Hero from the past who lived in a Future as as imagined in the 1950's

    Until Then    ENJOY

    Tuesday, 8 August 2017

    Re Visiting a Couple of Old Heroes. Meet and Greet The Lone Ranger & Tonto

    The Star of the Texas Rangers

    I usually do not re do many of my Hero Dawgs but I have found that some of the drawings I did and posted in  the early days of this Blog were not as good as they could have been.

    Below is an example I posted in March 2011. When my Dawgs looked a little more Doggie than they do now.

    My early workings of The Lone Ranger & Tonto from March 2011

    So I have up dated the Pictures and represent The Lone Ranger & Tonto

    Like a lot of the heroes I have covered in my recent blog, The Lone Ranger began as character on the Radio. The True creator of this hero is unclear. It was either George W Trendle The Owner of the US Radio station WXYZ based in Detroit or Fran Striker who was the Radio Shows first writer, but what is known that in January 1933 the WXYZ Radio station broadcasted the first adventure of the Marked Lawman from the Old West.

    These are not the original opening words spoken in 1933, but they became the opening lines shortly thereafter.

    "A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty Hi-Yo Silver! The Lone Ranger! .. With his faithful Indian companion Tonto, the daring and resourceful masked rider of the plains led the fight for law and order in the early western United States! Nowhere in the pages of history can one find a greater champion of justice! Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear! From out of the past come the thundering hoof beats of the great horse Silver! The Lone Ranger rides again!"

    The show was so popular that soon books and tales of the Lone Ranger were being published all around the world. By the late 1940's he even had his own Television Show in America. This and the Weekly Movie House Series and later full blown Feature Movies meant that The Man in The Mask and his Faithful Indian side kick were here to stay. In Disney tried to bring these characters back for another adventure in the 2000's..... to mixed reviews.

    A New 2017 Version of the Heroes

    As the Series began on Radio, the identity of the Masked Vigilante was less of a problem than it became once he made it onto the silver screen.

    Once on Film and on TV the Lone Ranger would not be seen without his masked or called by any other name. He did have a name his companion and partner Tonto called him by "Kemo-sabe" which has been taken to mean "Trusty Scout"  or  " Trusted Friend" or even " One Who Watches in Secret " .... but what ever the true meaning on the phrase, it is one of deep regard and affection from Tonto to his friend The Lone Ranger.

    Who was the Lone Ranger, and what was his origin. Again no exact origin has ever been established. Over the years it has been changed but basically The Masked Gun Man name has never been fully forthcoming, as this was unimportant to the stories. How The Masked Man became The Lone Ranger is a little bit easier to establish.

    Unlike today when the Origin of a Character is the first part of most stories, the origin and the meeting between The L R and Tonto was never discussed as a back story as this was seen as unimportant.  Why the LR wore a Mask and why he did what he did was never part of the stories.  The stories were about what injustice the L R was fighting, not why he was doing it or his motivation except he wanted to protect others from evil and wrong doers.

    When a back story was established it involved both Tonto and a man that would become The L R.  The Lone Ranger was a Texas Ranger, who had been the sole survivor of an ambush. The L R was one of 6 Texas Rangers who were pursuing an Out Law Gang lead by Butch Cavendish. The Group of Rangers were lead by Captain Daniel Reid who had received a tip off the Cavendish Gang where holed up in a Canyon called Bryant's Gap.

    The Rangers rode into the Canyon only to find that they had been duped and the Cavendish Gang were laying in wait for them. It would transpire that the informant  had been paid  to double cross the posse of Texas Rangers.  In the ambush all the Rangers were shot and all believed to have been killed.  Their lifeless bodies were left  as the Cavendish Gang quickly rode off making their escape.

    This is where Tonto came onto the scene.  Tonto was a North America Indian who had come across the bodies of the Texas Rangers. He set about burying the bodies when he realised that one of the Rangers was still alive barely.  He tended to the young Rangers Wounds and continued to bury the other bodies. He dug 5 graves for the deceased Texas Rangers and another one for the one that had survived. Thinking that if the killers did return they would believe all had indeed been slaughtered in the ambush. Tonto's Tribe and heritage again is not always clear. He is believed to be the son of a tribal Chief, but his tribe has been stated as both Pottawatomi and or Comanche at different times.

    This again is where the origin story differs. In some stories  Tonto recognises both the deceased Captain Daniel Reid and the surviving Ranger as Daniel's younger brother. A Name for the younger brother is  never established. Tonto remembers that the younger Reid boy had as a youngster helped save him and his family from death. Thus the two had become child hood friends.  Blood Brothers you could say. As a parting gift the young Tonto had given the younger Reid Brother a ring inscribed with the words Kemo-sabe. The dying young man had this ring around his neck on a chain, identifying him as Tonto's old childhood friend.

    After Tonto manages to bring  the young Ranger back to full health he agrees to help Reid bring the Cavendish Gang to book and pay for their crimes and the unlawful killing of the other Rangers.

    As Reid the Younger Ranger is believed to be dead killed along side the other Rangers, he decides that he will hide his identity and fashions a mask and adapts his Texas Rangers Uniform and becomes the Lone Ranger.  As a man of Mystery he feels this would strike terror into his prey. As such he leaves behind his previous name and takes on the Masked Lawman as he only identity. In the Radio Shows and the original TV and Film Series, The Lone Ranger is never seen to be without his Mask.

    In other versions of the story Reid the younger  again is the sole survivor of the ambush and after he heals from his wounds takes up the Masked Vigilante roll as the Lone Ranger in order to again bring the Cavendish Gang to justice for their crimes. The Lone Ranger would meet Tonto after he has captured the Gang and would invite the Native North American to join him on his crusade to rid the west from all injustices.

    Along with the Two Heroes there were two other supporting characters, the Horses used by the Lone Ranger and Tonto.

    The Lone Rangers original Horse was called Dusty a Chestnut Mare, but a chance meeting with a  Wild White Stallion who the Lone Range saves from being hurt by a rampaging buffalo brought Silver into the Lone Rangers life as his trusty steed.

    On the other Hand Tonto's Horse was originally called White Feather. This was OK on Radio as both heroes having White Horses was not an issue. However once the Lone Ranger made it onto the Silver Screen it was decided that both Horses needed to be different colours to help the viewer identify them more easily.  Tonto soon was given a Horse described as a Painted Horse.  This Pinto was later named Scout. Both horses are of extreme intelligence and would at times help save their masters from harm.

    The Radio and the original Television show helped cement The Lone Ranger and Tonto  into American History. With moralistic tales of Good Verses Evil, the Use of a Native American Indian  shown as more than a just a savage or a subject of light hearted comical purpose, the Lone Ranger programmes were very forthright in dealing with social issues of the then present day. Although Tonto did speak in broken English this did not mock either the Character or the Actor portraying Tonto.

    Finally, as already mentioned the Phrase  spoken by Tonto "Kemo-Sabe" became a house hold word quickly adopted into every day speak for all fans both young and old. ... But another Catch Phrase also came into being and would usually be spoken  by the LR at the end of most of his shows...... " Hi Yo Silver Away !!!"

    This dramatic Line combined with the Clever use of The William Tell Overture by Rossini would mean that The Lone Ranger and Tonto would continue riding into the Sunset and memories of both young and old for ever.


    Next Time another Hero or should I say Heroes from Yesterday, and these have a unusual  connection to the two western heroes covered today.

    Until Next Time ENJOY !

    Saturday, 29 July 2017

    Yesterdays Heroes...... She was no He-Man but she was all Woman. Meet She-Ra

    Debuting in 1985 She -Ra Princess of Power first appeared on TV along side He -Man and the other Masters of the Universe.

    This cartoon show was created by the same team that had brought the Mussel Bound He- Man and the Masters of the Universe to the same screen a few years earlier. Which was a clever way for  the Creator Mattel  to have a line of He-Man Toys and Figures that the Cartoon series was basically a half hour long advertisement. Here in the UK rules regarding advertising products or product placement meant that this cartoon could not be shown on the BBC. So Both She-ra and He-Man were shown on the then the only commercial TV channel ITV.

    He-Man was a big smash, but one thing the  marketing big wigs at Mattel found was that the target audience was not all boys as they had though, Girls liked the programme too.   So it was decided that a new character needed to be introduced to help fill the gap in the product range. A leading Female Character was designed , and she became known as She-Ra , Princess of Power.

    However, She-Na toys were liked to the Barbie range and instead of a Toy depicting a strong woman and connected characters in the range, they ended up with a Doll to dress up and comb her hair. It would be like GI - Joe (or British Action Man) having a female contemporary who was into Combs and Brushes not Guns and Tanks.  She-ra toy sales were never a patch on He-Man's.

    Now Back to our Heroine Princess Adora aka She-Na, The Princess of Power

    It would soon be known that She-Ra was the sister of He-Man, although bough had been brought up on different planets and knew nothing of each other. The kidnap and her existence had been removed from all memory by

    King Randor & Queen Marlena rulers of the Planet Eternia had had twins born to them. A Boy Adam, who would grow up and become He-Man and a Girl Adora who had been kidnapped as a baby by Hordak the leader of the Evil Horde from the inter dimensional planet of Etheria . Raised on that planet Princess Adora, or Adora believed that he Kidnapper Hordak was her father. So she was raised as a warrior.

    To cut a long story short, Adora comes into contact with He-Man and she ends up touching a sword very like He-Man's and is transformed into She-ra . She like He-Man had a group of helpers, from Flying Horses to a Magical Priestess and a male companion called Bow.

    Both she and He-Man come to learn they are not just brother and sister but Twins. He -Man would return to his home, where She-Ra would stay on her realm to help over throw the evil of Hordak. On occasions she would travel to have adventures with her brother and likewise he would come to her aide.

    Maybe She-ra is not truly forgotten, but her time may come again one day.

    Next Time another Hero from the past makes a re appearance.

    Until then ENJOY.

    Friday, 30 June 2017

    Yesterdays Heroes His name is Viscount Greystoke, but his friends call him TARZAN

    Tarzan first appeared in the story " Tarzan of the Apes" written by American  author Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1912

    The tale was of an orphaned infant who survived after his parents had been killed whilst in Africa. Alone and still only a  Baby he was adopted by a Female Gorilla who raised him as her own. This story over the years has been slightly changed but basically Tarzan is a man raised as an Ape, as one of their own.

    Later Tarzan would come to learn that he was not like his Ape family and would come to know that he was a Man, but would go on to  use the skills learnt as a creature of the Jungle to help maintain peace within the Jungle. The Perfect Athlete with his senses honed to the peak of possibilities, a Man but much much more.

    Burroughs wrote around 25 novel and stories featuring Tarzan most of which involved him and his adventures in Jungles of Africa.  In his early 20's Tarzan would meet a woman called Jane Porter who would eventually became his mate (Wife). Sometimes she is portrayed as an Daughter of a British explorer, and other times she is an American Heiress. The only constant being she loves Tarzan and Tarzan Loves Jane.

    When Hollywood decided that The Ape Man was idea for Movies  it was in  1918 that Elmo Lincoln played the Ape Man in the silent film " Tarzan of the Apes"  but the Person most associated with playing Tarzan on the Big Screen was former Olympic Swimmer Johnny Weissmuller who played Tarzan in many films during the 1930's 1940's.

    This Tarzan was portrayed as a noble savage with a moral compass. He did the right thing and only killed in order to prevent others being hurt, The Weissmuller Tarzan gave the character his trade mark Yell.  Although the Film Studio told the press Weissmuller had made up the call himself  using his own vocal talents,...... The Studio issued a press release to say  that Johnny Weissmuller  he had been a champion Yodeller as a child in Austria- Germany, so the call was of his own making ........  it was later made public that the call the work of the sound department at the film studio.  A Mix of  animal sounds and maybe a bit of Johnny thrown in too. This may just be a fantasy, but the Trade mark Yell would be adopted by many other films featuring the Ape Man Tarzan.

    Many films of Tarzan have been made over the years, some better than others. He even had a TV show in the 1960's  with Ron Ely in the tile Roll, and a cartoon series.

    In 1999 Disney took on the roll of making a feature film with a music sound track provided by Rocker Phil Collins.  Which with its effects breaking animation and well received  sound track proved that Tarzan really Rocked !!!!

    Tarzan looks like one of those characters that will run and run. With the original back story always open to be expanded or amended to fit the circumstance and now that the Burroughs Estate has little if any control over how the Ape Man is now, we can look forward to seeing Tarzan of the Apes appearing in the media or on screen in the foreseeable future.

    So if you are a Fan of the Original Silent Tarzan Elmo Lincoln, or 1930's and 1940's Family Friendly Ape man  Hollywood Hero Johnny Weissmuller, or the 1950's more clean cut Lex Baker and Gordon Scott's portrayal  of Tarzan, or the 1960's Ron Ely modern approach of The Great White Ape, or Miles O'Keeffe and Bo Derek 1981 Soft Porn adventure , and the Artistic and Brooding  Christopher Lambert's Lord Greystoke version of the timeless Hero of the Jungle or  any other of the good and the Great that have swung from a Vine wearing a loin cloth..... you know they owe it all to a simple tale first penned by Edgar Rice Burroughs over a Hundred Years Ago.

    Here is my version of Tarzan of the Apes.


    Tarzan's may have felling Love with his Jane, but before her there was Cheeta the Chimpanzee . Maybe he-she was never originally created by Mt Burroughs but became part of the legend in the 1930's. The original Cheeta lived a long full life and was one of Hollywoods longest living Movie Stars.

    Maybe the line "Me Tarzan, You Jane" may have been miss quoted a number of times during the years, but we all know what it really means !

    Jungle Love

    and a Finally look at the Tarzan Family Unit

    Setting up home Jungle Style

    Next time another hero from a forgotten time.

    Until then   ENJOY !

    Tuesday, 6 June 2017

    YESTERDAYS HEROES The Spainish call him the FOX..... we know him as ZORRO

    Created in 1919 by America Writer John McCulley , his tales of Don Diego De La Vega during the mid 1800's became a hit with the readers old and young.

    Setting his stories during the Mexican Rule of California, by day Don Diego was a Californian Nobleman  who showed little regard to the ill treatment of the Spanish overlords and military that controlled the lands, but at night Don Diego donned his disguise and became Zorro or the Fox to fight for the rights of the poor and weak and badly treated people of the land.

    Although over the years the character has been updated and changed, he is basically a dashing Masked outlaw who defends those who are oppressed.

    He is called Zorro (Spanish for Fox) as he shows cunning and fox like characteristics in his war against the authorities and evil doers.

    ZORRO the Hero of the People

    His main weapon is his sword which he uses to both defend himself and leave his trade mark Z as this calling card. Also he is a master of the Bull Whip and an expert horseman.

    By 1920 he made his debuted on the silver screen in the silent movie "The Mask of Zorro" played by who was at the time the most famous actor Douglas Fairbanks.

    Over the years Zorro has stared in many films, had a long running TV series made by Disney in the 1950's, had his own Radio Show and cartoon series.

    He may be a no more than a reworking of  Robin Hood, but you could say that BAT-MAN who was publishes nearly 20 years later  was a reworking of Zorro.

    But at the end of the day, Young Boys and their Fathers loved the Swash Buckling antics and excitement of Zorro, and the ladies too loved the Dashing Romantic looking Hero in the Black Mask and Hat.

    Next time another some what forgotten hero.

    Until then ENJOY "