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The Coming of the Liberty Legion Part Seven Meet The Thin Man

As Bucky and the Patriot continued looking through the Secret FBI Files, both found the people and information contained inside more and more amazing.

The Next Hero  that was considered was that of  Dr Bruce Dickson PHD
AKA The Thin Man

The story of Bruce Dickson was a very simple one, but was fantastic in its contents.

Some time in the 1930's a scientist and part time explorer Dr Bruce Dickson attempted to climb Mount Kalpurthia that was located in the Himalayas.  Becoming lost from his party in a freak snow storm and near to death, Bruce found a cave. Entering into the cave a strange green light lead him to discover a hidden city. This city he would learn was the lost civilisation of the Kalahia.  The Kalahian's were an advanced race of humans who had become exposed over time to a mutagenic  substance that occurred in the rocks surrounding the city.  This had an effect that allowed them to stretch and become very flat and thin.  Almost 2 dimensional  Also it had given the people a form of eternal youth.  Entering the city had exposed Bruce to the substance and he quickly learnt he too had developed the Thin - Stretchy ability too. Bruce remained with the Kalahian's for many years , even falling in love and marrying  Olalla, who was the daughter of  the chief elder of the city.

Bruce realised that if he stayed too long in the city he would lose control of his ageing and would or could live forever. But his lust to learn and discover new adventures eventually lead him to leave the hidden city with his wife Olalla and return to the real world. He found that he soon developed his powers further in ways that the peaceful Kalahia had never needed to. 

On entering the real world again he discovers that since he has been gone the world has moved on the the rise of The Nazi's has brought the World into the Brink of another World War.

For a while he and his wife worked as adventures and undercover operatives for the US government, but fearing for his wife's safety  Bruce told her to return to her home whilst he continued to fight alone.

Bruce Dickson called him self The Thin Man and would aid the fight against fascism were and when he could.  His knowledge of the  advanced science of the Kalahia would allow him to use this to make improvements to existing technology which included his own private air craft. 
The Thin Man foil;s yet another threat of terror  from  Nazi sympathisers in New York City 

Bucky added the Thin Man's name to his list when he made the next call for help broadcast to the nation.

Like many of the heroes used again in the Liberty Legion their original look was some what altered, 

The original look was overall the same design but different in colour.  Also as the swash buckler look was in at the time, a head scarf sash was added.

The 1940's hero as seen in Mystic Comics issue 4#

The re use of the character in the 1970's gave the Thin Man a more green and yellow look.   Better I think. 

The Thin Man a hero from the 1940's shown as he was then and later re imagined for the 1970's
Over the next few years the Thin Man stayed in the new classic Green and Yellow look.   Later on he would again get a make over....... but that's another story for another time .
Next time its the turn of a very fast hero indeed. 

Rush Back Sooon.... and until then    ENJOY !!!

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

The Coming of the Liberty Legion Part Six Meet The RED RAVEN

Last time I told how Bucky Barnes had forced his way into the main Radio broadcasting station in New York City and after a bit of convincing on his part was allowed to broadcast to the American Networks a plea for to any near by Hero who could help him.

As Bucky  continued his broadcasts every 30 minutes non stop throughout the Evening into the early hours, it allowed Bucky's new found partner , The Patriot to use his Presidential contacts and obtain some very  secret files that may help.
Bucky Broadcasting from the Gallery with the NCA staff now willing to help 

These files held details of most of the So Called Masked Heroes that the FBI had heard about and had started to investigate. Many of the individuals information was sketchy to say the least, but sorting through the files both The Patriot and Bucky discovered a few who may be ideal for  next stage of Bucky's plan.

Secrets that may Help
The first file that the new "super friends" decided on was about The RED RAVEN

Bucky had never heard of him, but the Patriot had done some digging on this high flying marvel.

From information obtained it appeared that the man calling himself The Red Raven had been the sole survivor of an Aeroplane accident  in the Atlantic. The plane had entered a mysterious fog bank at high altitude and had then collided with a floating Island in the Sky.  All the  crew and passengers had been  killed apart from a young baby, who the people on the floating island raised. The people of the Sky Island were kind and they called the infant RED RAVEN mostly in part to the baby having flaming red hair.

Although Red Raven enjoyed his time with his new family he grew up and realised that he was different from them. The sky people had wings, whilst he didn't. Red Raven wanted to find out more about his real heritage.

The King of the Sky people at first refused to let Red Raven leave, but later relented and gifted Red Raven with a pair of artificial wings to aide him in both leaving the island and finding his past and future.

Although some of the information given by Red Raven freely to the America Government over the time, he kept secrets about the exact location of the floating island.  It was apparent that Red Raven had yet to discover his real identity as the Bird People had disposed of all useful artifacts and information contained in the wreckage of the plan crash.  Was this an oversight or a bigger secret ?The final notes added that as Red Raven  identified more with the Bird Race than with the Human race, and such so his  loyalty could not be guaranteed.

The character of the Red Raven had first appeared in Red Raven Comics 1# published in 1940, he would not be seen again until 1968 when he popped up in the Original run of the X-Men issue 44# when he ended up having a run in with The Angel.

He like a lot of the Liberty Legion were old Timely Comics Heroes, so when Marvel Comics looked at trying to do what DC had done with the Justice Society and All-Stars, using existing characters made sense.

The original 1940's Red Raven looked more "Bat-Man-ish" with very strange looking wings. The 1970's redesign made a better marriage of the hero and his costume.

Here is may version of the 1940's original look Red Raven.

The Original Red Raven Look from 1940

Continuity of costume  for Red Raven was good, with only a few changes during the Liberty Legion outings. This was more to artist own view than over all concept.

Here are a few other versions of the Wing Hero.
The Re vamped look from Marvel Premiere issue 29# from 1976
Small changes as the story continued in The Invaders Comic in May 1976 
Now Back to our Story........................    As Bucky and the Patriot reviewed the files Bucky would add each name to his next radio broadcast.

Next time another Legion Member

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Monday, 18 June 2018


Last Time Bucky had convinced the Radio Station with a little bit of help from The Patriot, to allow him to broadcast to the Nation on the National Network.

Nervously Bucky picked up the Micro Phone and spoke slowly and clearly.  He explained what had happened to his team mates and how they had been hypnotised by the Nazi Red Skull to carry out acts of terrorist and destruction on the belief the American Nation was their enemy .

BUCKY makes His Broadcast to The Nation 

He requested the help of any Super Hero that heard the Broadcast to come and join with him at the Radio Station.
The American Nation Listens 

He told the Patriot and the Radio owners that he would repeat his plea ever 15 minutes until he got some results.

The Patriot also had made some calls and he now held in his hands some top secret FBI files on some of the other Super Heroes that they had discovered and had investigated in the past.
The Patriot's Files may help 

Bucky had seen some of these files before, most of them he had never met, but he could see if he could target them directly with an invitation to join him, this may help speed up the recruitment process.

The First File he Read contained information about the Hero called The Red Raven

Next Time I will tell you about the High Flying Red Raven.

Until then ENJOY

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

The Coming of the Liberty Legion part four Meet The Patriot

When Bucky burst into the Radio Station he would come face to face with the Patriot.

Unknowing to both at the time, The Patriot would be the First Member of a Home Based Super Team that would  go onto be called  The Liberty Legion.

Here is a little bit of back ground on the Patriot.

Jeffrey Solomon Mace was a New York reporter for the Daily Bugle. He was from Brooklyn and reported on the usual Crime and Daily events of the late 1930's early 1940's life in New York.

Becoming inspired by Captain America he too became a Masked Marvel. But unlike Capt America, Jeff Mason had no super powers, just a good fighting skills and good athletic abilities.

Modelling his costume on that of Capt America and a bit Bucky he patrolled the Streets of New York doing good deeds, and exposing Germany spies etc.

Marvel had decided to use the heroes they had during the War Years, so to bring a little bit of continuity for the readers.

A lot of  Jeff Mason's history has been changed over time, as was his costume. Original appearing in 1941 in The Human Torch Comic published by Timely Comics. He was nothing more than another Captain America type hero during the war years, but in the 1970's when the idea of the Liberty Legion was thought about, he like a lot of hero lost in the fog of time were brought out of exile and became members of the Liberty Legion.

So with a few changes and a bit of tidying up continuity Jeff Mason as the Patriot became an hero once more based back in the War Years in America.

Jeff Mason was an important character for Marvel in part as he retrospected became one of the men who replaced Steve Rogers as Captain America after his apparent death during the end of WW2. When Steve Rodgers came back to life in the 1960's, the story was that after Captain America disappeared the US Government needed someone to step into the Captains Boots so to speak. The First being William Naslund aka The Spirit of 76 (another Captain America styled hero) but on his death Jeff Mason took up the Shield, however it was not the same Adamatium  Shield Steve Rodgers had used, the replacement was titanium .

Like a lot of the old Heroes brought back for the Liberty Legion their costumes needed a little bit of fine tuning.

Here is an example of  some of the Patriot's Looks

The Original look of The Patriot from Timely Comics in 1941 

A better look by far..... But Short's !!!! 

Longer sleeves  but still in shorts 

The 1970's retro look of The Patriot
The more Modern look of the 1940's Hero

Next Time the Story of the formation of the Liberty Legion continues

Until Then ENJOY !

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

The coming of the Liberty Legion part Three

Bucky had been told by the President and his chief of staff that they would not authorise him to access and use the National Broadcasting Radio Network without the young Invader first disclosing what he needed it for.

Buck accepted this decision, but this was not the end of this argument.

Taking matters into his own hands Bucky decided  stormed one of the major broadcasting radio studios in New York City itself.

Making quick work of the guards and soldiers guarding the doors to the studios, Bucky quickly made his way to the main studio.  He could hear via the Radio Speakers set up in and  the corridors that a live show was being broadcast at that very minute.
Its Bucky !!!!!

Within Studio A, a Broadcast was being made to help raise the moral of the US Citizens at home on in Europe. Also its intention was to help raise monies by asking loyal US Citizens to help support the War effort by buying war bonds.

The Broadcast  was been conducted mainly by a new masked hero called THE PATRIOT.
Add caption
The Show must go on !

The Patriot was seen by many a newer version of Captain America. The War Bond committee and Radio Net Work believed that The Patriot could help raise funds for the war effort. Prior to this  Captain America had been recently spending most of his time with the other Invaders in England and Europe fighting Hitler and his Nazi hordes. So recruiting The Patriot was the next best thing.

Although Bucky had never met the Patriot face to face, he believed that this "new" masked man was nothing more than a cheap knock off version of his mentor Captain America.

As Bucky burst into the Studio the show came to a sudden stop. This caused shock to the audience  and anger from Gallery where the Owner of the Station was watching the broadcast

The Gallery crew and the studio owner not impressed with Bucky's interruption

As quick as a flash, the Patriot put himself in the way between the Radio Microphone and the intruder.. The Patriot was shocked by what was happening and was not sure if this youngster in the Blue and Red Uniform was indeed Bucky or just an impostor dressed as Captain America's side kick trying to  sabotage   the show and the War Effort.

Bucky told The Patriot he needed the mirco phone to convey a message. BUT The Patriot reminded Bucky that as he did not have authorisation or O.W.I ( Office of War Information ) approval he could not be allowed to speak over the airwaves.

The two began to fight, and as they did The Patriot started to believe that this fiery youngster was indeed the real McCoy., and did his best to try to subdue Bucky without causing any hurt to either of them.

After The Patriot managed to calm Bucky he told everyone to allow him to speak in private to better understand what had just happened and why and what was so important for Bucky to act in this manner.

The Radio Management and the Military  based in the studio were not happy with this, but the Patriot reminded them that as he had been personally asked by FDR to make the radio broadcast he was in charge.

Next time Bucky expains his plan, and I will let you know a little bit more about THE PATRIOT

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39,000 A SUPER THANK YOU from DC Super Hero Girls' SUPERGIRL

Meet the First Lady from the House of EL

Again thank you to every one who bothers to come and visit with me on my Dawgs Site.

Another Mile Stone 39,000. WOW !!!!

Sorry that my post have been sparse, but hopefully I will get back up to speed very soon.

This is a Special first time look at a "NEW" version of Kara ZOR - EL aka the Maid of Might  SUPER-GIRL

I did many of her different looks a few years ago, every thing from her original first appearance in Action Comics #252 in 1959 up until her re booted look in 2015

BUT this time did a version that is now popular with a new generation. From the TV Cartoon Series DC SUPER HERO GIRLS........ meet....... SUPERGIRL  or Supes to her class mates.

39000 Thank You s


How Young Kara Zor-EL used to look back in the "Good Old Days"

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Saturday, 17 March 2018

The coming of the Liberty Legion Part Two......

Storming the White House  may not have been the brightest thing that Bucky could have done.

BUT what else could he do ?

His Mentor and his Team Mates were not just under the Control of The Nazi Red Skull, but he was manipulating them into destroying key targets that would undermine the USA War effort.

The President of the United States F D Roosevelt was in deep discussion with one of his Chief of Staff when they both her a kerfuffle outside the door.

Bursting through the Door Bucky was met by a stern looking Present and his aide.
On recognising the Youngster, FDR ordered  his security to stand down. Although not friends, The President had met Bucky many times in the past few years along with Captain America.


FDR told Bucky he knew all about what had happened, and also knew that Bucky had recently been hospitalised.


Bucky told FDR he had a plan and need help in its execution with access  to a Major Radio Network.


Both FDR and his Aide told Bucky that before they could authorise this Bucky would need to explain to them why he needed this, and what was the plan !!!


Bucky reluctantly told the older Gentlemen that he wanted this to stay his secret and not reveal it until the proper time.



FDR shook his head and refused as he was not prepared to allow the younger to access to such access on a whim. The security of the National Airwaves was paramount, turning over such an important asset to a boy could lead to how knows what damage or alarm to the Nation.


Bucky knew they were right, He was just a Kid, and had to admit that fighting any war was a job for Grown Ups, not young boys in colourful uniforms. Even if this Kid had helped fight and proved himself many times in the past.

With that Buck apologised and left.  Seeing him leave in some distress, FDR pondered had he done the right thing in not granting Bucky his request.


As Bucky left the White House he was already formulating another plan. The President had said no, and had reminded him he was just a young lad and should leave matters to the grown ups. BUT FDR had not forbade him from trying to help.

FDR had not come up with any plan that he knew. Time was in sort supply, sooner of later his Brainwashed friends would cause damage that could help Germany and the Axis Powers access to destroying America..... or cause the deaths of many US citizens.

Bucky knew what he needed to do.... They could not Court Marshal him, he was not in the  US Services, he was not even old enough to enlist even. So what could he loose ?

As Captain America had told him on one or more occasions, Actions speak louder than words...... Bucky hoped that words may help start the ball rolling, so that Action could be taken.


Next Time Bucky makes a call to Arms.

Until next time...... ENJOY !