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Have a very Happy and Fun Halloween.  Have a Spooky Time !

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Monday, 29 October 2012


As mentioned the Teen Titans Line up Now consisted of full time members Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl & Speedy ... with Aqua Lad as part time back up when he was able to help.

With Roy now a full time member, it was not long until his attraction to Donna, became an issue. Both Donna and Roy had hit it off straight away, however that caused initial problems to both Wally & Dick.  Garth had found his own undersea love Tula.

Donna had a big Crush on Roy mainly due to his bad boy nature. She still cared for Dick, and Wally and Garth... ,  BUT  her heart was aimed at only one person......  Her Own Cupid with a Bow....... Speedy.


Like a lot of teenagers, the boys in the team would fight and disagree about everything from the Leadership of the Group, to Politics and even Girls..... with one Girl in Question WONDER GIRL.

However, as time went on Donna and Roy became an item, and the others accepted their positions as caring "Brothers" of their beloved WONDER GIRL. It must be noted that all the members of the Teen Titans were either Orphans or without any real family. So the Titans became their own family Unit.  A relationship that their mentors sometimes found hard to understand.

In life it is said that Girls mature faster than Boys, this in turn made Donna start to both evaluate herself and look for answers to who she really was.  Donna found answers to her past ( but it was not until many years later she REALLY found out WHO and WHAT she really was ).

But for now she was happy to learn how she ended up adopted by the Amazons.  Still proud of her connection to her "Sister" Diana aka WONDER WOMAN,  she wanted to be more than just  Wonder Woman's kid Sister, she wanted to be her own young woman.   Donna decided to reinvent her look. Therefore she changed her costume to the familiar Red Leotard look she would wear for many years to come.  No more stars and sandles..... Now it was stars and a sexy new look.

However, The First New and Improved Wonder Girl's costume was more in keeping with the Age. Gone were the bear legs, in came long boots , jewellery and  her Lasso converted to double up as a  natty belt. 

This was the late 1960's and Donna dressed as any young woman would want to at this time.  By the 1980's The Jewellery  was gone, and the Stars on the leotard had changed,   but she was still the same old Wonder Girl.

On the whole the "Boys" stayed dressed the same, with a few up dates to masks.  But if it aint broke.....


Shortly after Donna made her change of look, the Teen Titans stories and missions began to included new members.

More about the NEW GIRL ON THE TEAM next time.


Saturday, 20 October 2012


Roy Harper Jnr, or SPEEDY did not became a member of the Teen Titans straight away.  He,  like the current members of the TT's,  was also a  teenage partner of a member of the Justice League. In Roy's case this was Oliver Queen aka  Green Arrow.

SPEEDY or is it "RED ARROW" ?

Roy, the son of  a forest ranger,  had been orphaned at the young age of two and had been adopted by Brave Bow the Shaman who was member of the Tachini  tribe .  Roy's father had died saving many of the Native America Indian people, and in gratitude of this sacrifice, Roy became a member of the Tachini people, with Brave Bow  as his father figure.

As Roy grew, he quickly learnt many of the skills of the tribe. He was an expert tracker and scout, but his skill with a bow and arrow made him stand out from the rest of the Tachini men.

When Roy learnt in newspapers of the exploits of the then New Hero on the Block, The Green Arrow, Roy trained even harder as he wanted to be just like his HERO.

Roy finally got to meet his Hero, when Green Arrow visited the Reservation after being asked to judge an archery competition.  Green Arrow was very impressed with Roy's  speed and skill.  After Roy helped Green Arrow foil a robbery,  Green Arrow nicked named him SPEEDY, as he said he thought Roy was even faster than him.

After a discussion with Brave Bow, it was decided that Roy would be better placed in the care of  Green Arrow. Brave Bow knew that Green Arrow and Oliver Queen were the same person, and believed that the youngster had a better future as the ward to the millionaire.

Like Bruce Wayne had done with Dick Grayson, Oliver trained Roy to become the best there was. After much training Green Arrow gave Roy his own uniform, based on his own....... and gave him his secret identity....  SPEEDY, named after Oliver's nickname for Roy.

After Brave Bows death, Oliver completely adopted Roy as his son and heir to his business and fortune.

Speedy met and helped out the Teen Titans on many occasions, but did not became a full time member until Garth, AQUA LAD found that he could no longer devote all of his time to his team mates.

 Although Garth life as Prince of Atlantis and partner of Aqua man took up must of his time, he would always  on hand to help the Teen Titans when required.

The line up of the Teen Titans would remain ROBIN, KID FLASH, WONDER GIRL & SPEEDY for some time. BUT AQUA LAD was never out of the Picture or forgotten by his teenage partners.


Like all youngster, the Teen Titans started to get older, and with that one decided to make a change in their appearance.

More on that change, and a NEW MEMBER next time



Wednesday, 17 October 2012


This site marked its 14,000 th visit recently.  Thanks to everyone who had popped into see my Dawgs.

Here is a little THANK YOU from Buddy and me.  Buddy seen here in the different Film looks of Steve Rogers aka CAPTAIN AMERICA or as we call him CANINE AMERICA !

Thanks   !

                                                     CAPTAIN AMERICA AT THE MOVIES


Monday, 15 October 2012

BEAST BOY auditions for a place with The TEEN TITANS

The first person who attempted to join the Teen Titans was a certain Garfield Logan, better known as BEAST BOY.

As a child Garfield Logan or Gar to his friends contracted a rare illness after being bitten by a GREEN monkey in the Jungles where his parents were doing scientifics studies.  His parents both scientists and explorers save Gar's life but the serum that they developed to save their son had some strange side effects. The combination of the poison from the bite and the cure made him start to grow green hair all over his body and his skin also became green. This change was not just a change in colour, Gar also found he could metamorphose into any animal he could think of.   He only had to have seen the animal and he was able to transform into it.  Well a green version of it.


A few years later his parents died in a tragic accident, that would have also taken Gar's life if not for his amazing abilities, Gar ended up under the protection of Nicholas Galtry, who not only controls Gar's life, but has control of the large fortune that Gar's parents had left him. Galtry had no time for Gar, and did his best to hide the Green Freak from public knowledge. He tolerated Gar, only because it gave Nicholas Galtry complete control of the Logan fortune. 

As the years went on Galtry managed to embezzle a large part of the estate, so large that he worried that he would be exposed as the now teenage Gar had started to ask questions and show an interest in HIS fortune.    Galtry decided to hire someone to kill Garfield, and on the first few attempts, Gar's amazing abilities manage to  insure he was not harmed in the STAGED accidents.

On one occasion, The Doom Patrol help save the green skinned teen, and as a result exposed Nicholas Galtry as being both a fraud and trying to kill his ward.

Gar is finally adopted by a member of the Doom Patrol, Rita Farr (Elasti - Girl) and her Husband Steve Dayton.  Now Part of  family at last, Doom Patrol adopt him as their mascot, and give him his own uniform, complete with a Purple Mask to hide his Green Features, and call him BEAST BOY. 


However, due to his age he is not allowed to go on any Doom Patrol missions, and after another failed attempted to convince his "parents" Rita & Steve to let him join them on missions, he decides to try to join the Newly emerging Super Group.... The Teen Titans.

However, although he helps the Teen Titans on a mission, they all decide that Gar is too young to join the group, and tell him to go home to his parents.

Gar would one day become a Teen Titan, but for now his place was the safety of life with his family The Doom Patrol.


Beast Boy would be come first a West Coast Teen Titan before becoming getting to be a REAL Teen Titan, BUT that is a story for the future.

Next time we meet the first REAL new  member of the Original Teen Titans.


Tuesday, 9 October 2012


The Newly formed Teen Titans had many adventures, but then they soon crossed paths with another junior partner of a member of  the J L of A.


Next time we will meet this new face. 


Friday, 5 October 2012


For many years no one really knew who Wonder Girl really was.  Originally she was a mistake... the original Wonder Girl was Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince as a young girl.

Back in 1959 in the April editon of Wonder Woman, Princess Diana ends up travelling back in time and meets herself as a toddler ( Wonder Tot ) and as a teenager (Wonder Girl)   See Wonder Woman 105 #.. The character of Wonder Girl was a hit, and little by little when she appeared in Woman Woman tales she was not referred as anything but Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman's little sister.... and  by July 1961 in issue 123# she was Queen Hippolyta's adopted daughter.

Well around the time the guys from DC were putting together the idea of a Junior Justice League... a collection of Teenage Hero Side kicks of the Adult Heroes that existed,  and someone thought that Wonder Girl would make a good addition to the Group. 

But as Wonder Girl WAS really Wonder Woman who only appeared in modern time due to Amazon magic etc... this caused a problem.

Wonder Girl was included in the new Jnr Justice League or TEEN TITANS as they became, but this left a bit of a problem.  Wonder Woman was Diana Prince,   Wonder Girl could not be Diana Prince TOO.   So Wonder Girl became Donna Troy who was the adopted daughter of Princess Diana's mother Queen Hippolyta.

Over the years the truth of who Donna Troy really was hinted at and adapted over the time...  However,  the original story was Wonder Woman had rescued an infant child from a building fire, that child she took to her home,  the home of the Amazon's. The child was adopted by Diana's mother and all the Amazon's bestowed part of their own essence so to make the young child an Amazon like them.  That story worked, and meant that Donna was not Diana any more.

That's where I will leave that part of the story, and hopefully I will try to tell the story of WHO IS DONNA TROY ?  sometime at a later date.

BUT now back to the Titans.

Donna added the female factor to the original line up.  You had  ROBIN (BATMAN JR) KID FLASH (FLASH JR) and AQUA LAD (AQUA MAN JR) ,,, now they needed WONDER WOMAN JR... and they got that in the form of WONDER GIRL.

Like her "SISTER" Diana, Donna had the same powers as Wonder Woman. She could fly, she was strong and she had a magic lasso etc

Growing up on Paradise Island, Donna was very Innocent of many things.   She was in the beginning a bit shy of the ways of the world, but soon discovered not all things in MAN'S world were bad or evil.    She discovered that boys could be fun too.

Here is my version of Wonder Girl when she first joined the Teen Titans


And here she is at home,   Donna, Princess of the Amazon's of Paradise Island

Every thing a young girl wants in life...... except BOYS !

Next time a new member to the group


Wednesday, 3 October 2012


 Garth was an amphibious humanoid who was left to die because of ancient  superstition and prophecy.  Born with Purple Eyes, his Ocean living people believed he would cause the destruction of them all. Unable to bring themselves to murder the infant, they went about  Abandoning the new born Garth to die in the Oceans.  However,  he was found and adopted by Aqua - man, King and Ruler of the Seven Seas. Both Athur "Aqua Man" and his wife Mera cared for him as if he was their own son.

Like his adoptive "Father" Garth  had the ability to breath in water and on land. Also like Aqua-man, Garth or Aqua-lad had telepathic power of all Sea dwelling creatures. He was extremely strong whilst in water, and for a limited time he would be stronger than the average human out of the water.  However, Like Aqua-man, he needed to have access to water so to help renew his strength. 


Whilst still young, he joined forces with Robin and Kid Flash.   Originally dubbed " The Junior Justice League "  he went onto to be a founding member of THE TEEN TITANS.

Garth enjoyed his time with the Titans, however his reliance on Water did cause him problems on missions away from the Oceans...... and Like his mentor AQUA-MAN,  Aqua Lad found balancing his life as a Prince of the Seas and an adventurer difficult.


Garth would soon have to retire from full time membership of the Teen Titans, but he was always on hand to come and help in a crisis.

He would later discover more about his birth and the true nature of his powers........ BUT that is a story for another time.


Monday, 1 October 2012


When Wallace (Wally) West met with his Aunt Iris's Boyfriend Barry, his life moved into the fast lane.  Barry Allen was in secret THE FLASH, a human granted super human speed due to an accident.   When his girl friends nephew, Wally came for a visit to Barry's Laboratory at the Central City Police Station ,  Wally  became bathed in Electrically charged chemicals.  A duplication of the accident that created The Flash.   ( and they say that lightning NEVER strikes Twice !!! )  The 2nd accident ended up  endowing Wally with the same  "magical" powers as his "Uncle" Barry.

At first Wally West worn a costume similar to Barry, and became The Flash's junior partner KID FLASH,,,,,,, but later Wally adopted his own uniform, which made both Flash and Kid Flash look like different people.

Wally's home life with his parents was never good, and after Barry and Iris married, Wally went to live with them.  They became his "Adopted" Parents, even though it was never official.

Around the time Wally got his own Costume, he had his first meeting with Robin and Aqua Lad..... and rest is history so they say.

Wally would continue as Kid Flash for many years, but after the untimely death of Barry Allen,  Wally took up the mantle as the new FLASH.

Here is Wally aka Kid Flash doing what he does best..........RUN

More Titans coming soon