Thursday, 30 June 2011


When Frank Cast-howl's wife and puppies were murdered by the Mafia, he started along the path of revenge that turned him  from a Ex Marine into a Vigilante.

Gone was the loving father and husband, in its place was the killer called  THE PUNISHING PUP

Working outside the law, the Punishing Pup uses the skills learnt in warfare to bring to justice and punish the evil doers that pray on the innocent. Skilled in many forms of self defense and martial arts he is a force to be reckoned with. His knowledge of weapons and explosives makes he a one mutt army.

He is feared by the crime lords of New Yorkie City, and although at times was worked along side some of the other hero hounds like, The Dare Doggie, Spider Pup, The X-Mutt Wooferine and Nick Furry, Agent Of SHIELD.... he  is a lone woof, and he does not stay clear of revenge killing.

An EYE for an EYE is the Punishing Pups mantra

Some of the tools of the Punishing Pup's trade



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Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Mutt Murr-dog wanted to avenge the murder of his Father, who had been killed by thugs working for the local crime lord.

What could a blind lawyer do......... Nothing, but Mutt thought that a Canine Hero Hound could do more. But where could he find the right Canine Hero Hound, the answer was closer to home   HIM.

After Mutt's childhood accident where he was covered in toxic waste, although it robbed him of his vision, the radioactive waste in some way enhanced his other sense.  At first Mutt found his hearing was was increased 1000 fold, and as the weeks after the accident continued he found his other senses started to increase too.  Although he was starting to read Braille he found that he could read newsprint by touching it.  He found that he could identify people via their heart beats, he could even tell if the person was lying due to changes in their sweat he could smell. 

As he developed the skills he found that be combining his 4 over heighten senses of Touch, taste, smell & hearing could give him a RADAR like view of the world.  He had no concept of colour, but as he had been sighted as a child, he could use his best guess at what things truly looked like.

As a lawyer the ability to READ some one was useful, as he would know if what he was told was truth or lie.   He had confided in his father about his gifts, but his father Jack was worried that if Mutt made it known about his extra special abilities his son could end up in being studied was a freak by the government.

As a he grew Mutt started to train himself and his  physical body and found that he was able to do things that most people would fear away from.  He had no fear of heights or anything in fact.  He took fight training from colleagues of his father, under the guise of physical fitness.  He was a natural in all the Martial Arts he learnt. Although the accident had not given him super powers, he found his Radar sense made him a force to be reckoned with.

He knew that he had it in him to avenge his father, but he needed a disguise. He cobbled together his first costume from clothes worn by his father as a boxer over the years.  From the touch he was able to visualize  the colour from his memories of his father prior to losing his sight.  His only weapon was himself and his specially adapted walking stick or billy club.

Mutt now had the Costume, the weapon, and the training.  He needed a name...... thus the DARE DOGGIE was born.

After his initial outing where he brought to justice his fathers killers, he decided to continue fighting criminals in court legally by day, and when justice could not be sort that way, he attempted to keep the law and order by becoming the DARE DOGGIE after dark.

He had the perfect cover, WHO would expect a blind lawyer to be a vigilante in his spare time.

His original yellow and red costume would later be replaced with an all red version so he could continue to bring fear into the hearts of his enemies.


Monday, 27 June 2011


When a young pup MUTT MURR-DOG was involved in a terrible accident involving a tanker transporting  toxic waste through his local neighbourhood.  Poor Mutt  lost the use of his eyes when in the crash the tankers contents splashed into his face.

Whilst recovering in hospital  from the chemical burns to his face, his father was told by the Doctors  that his son who never see again.   What would become of his boy now he  was blind. ?   Mutt's father Jack Murr-dog was a boxer, and he did what he could to help educate his son, and give him everything he could to help his son tackle his disability. He continued to box even through he  was not regarded by some as a washed up fighter.   But Jack needed money, so he would some times throw fights for money.  Grow up in the area of New Yorkie City called SMELLS KITCHEN, was tough for any youngster, but for a Blind one it was extra difficult. With enough Money, Jack could ensure that Mutt could be anything he wanted to be.

Mutt would go to college and finally become a barrister (lawyer). He preferred to take on cases where he could help the underdog .... which some times made him enemies with some of the local vill-hounds and crime lords.

Mutt's life was again dealt a back hander when his father was murdered as he had refused to throw a boxing match after announcing he was getting out of the business.  When Mutt learned of this he decided to take his revenge on his fathers killers....

BUT what could a Blind Lawyer do ?    Plenty it turned out.

Although Mutt Murr-dog was blind, this did not mean he could not see injustice or wrong doing.

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Sunday, 26 June 2011

THE CHUMP-IONS 1975 - 1978

Under the leadership of the beautiful but deadly Bark Widow, the new super group battled all sorts of evil doers.  The team  employed Dr Bowl Foster as technical assistant, who himself was a colleague of  Dr Hairy Pym ( who was the size changing hero hound of many identities.)  Bowl had himself been dosed with  some  PYM PARTICLES and was the part time hero hound known as the Black  Hound.Goliath

As both Dr Foster and the Black Hound Goliath , Bowl would help out the Chump-ions when needed. As the months went on The Black Hound Goliath  spent more and more time out in the field fighting Vill-Hounds along with the Chump-ions and took up full membership.

The Chump ions gained another new member when some of Soviet Block Hero Hounds came to capture the Bark Widow and return her to her home in Russia against her will.  The young beautiful and extremely powerful DARK DOG-STAR decided to defect and was taken in by the Chump ions.  With her  help the Chump-ions  send the Soviet Hounds running back to mother Russian with their tails between their legs minus their prize, the Bark Widow and minus a team member too.

The Group never really all got along. Some of the team did not trust the Russian Dark Dog-Star believing she was a spy..... and most of the team never trusted the Ghost Woofer and found his manner creepy.

In the end the arguments got worse and worse, and one by one the team began to break up, Finally it was left to Warren Woofington the Third to pull the plug on the super team he was financing, and after two years as the premier super team on the west coast of America............ the Chump-ions were no more.

The original team would re unite one more time many years later, but after this little adventure involving Pluto again, the Chump-ions all decided it was best to let sleeping dogs lie. 

Here is a final look at the hero hounds called ..... THE CHUMP-IONS

I hope you enjoyed the Tail of the Chump-ions.

Something new next week


Saturday, 25 June 2011


When we last met our 4 heroes,  a 5th mystery mutt joined in to help.................... this was THE GHOST WOOFER.

With his flaming Skull and his demonic looks it was very unnerving for the other heroes at first. Was he on their side, or was he the enemy too. ?

This question was quickly answered as the Ghost Woofer unleashed his flaming HELL FIRE into the oncoming invaders.

At last the fight was going the way of the heroes, BUT then  they were all transported to Mount Olympus by Pluto as he continued to battle to entrap Hair-Collies.

Well. the fight continued and Hair-Collies was nearly married off  HIP-PUPOLYTA The Queen of the Amutt-zon Bitches.   With his plans in thwarted  Pluto reluctantly returned the Hero Hounds back to earth, where Warren Woofinton the 3rd convinced the Quintet to stay together as a new Super Group.  

All of the others 4 said they were unsure about this. Hair-Collies was teaching at ULCA, but his cover was now blown, as was The Bark Widow, who knew that she would never be able to teach as her identity had been compromised too. Both of this former Avenging Hounds were now at a loose end....  Warren's old class mate said that he really did not want to go back into the full time hero business, but Warren convinced Doggie Drake that he could study and be The Ice Dawg when required.   The Ghost Woofer had now transformed back into Jaw-yawnie Blaze and he too did not want to give up his Stunt riding, but thought that whilst he has in the area he could always lend a flaming paw when needed. 

Warren, aka the Bird Dog offered each the security of his money and his companies resources to the new hero group, The name the CHAMP-IONS was suggested, and adopted. Unlike the Avenging Hounds or the Dog-fenders or The Fur-tastic Four, the Chump-ions would solely operate out of the West Coast and would be  the Super Hound Hero Group for the ordinary Canine In the Street.

Thus the team was born.  Warren Woofington continued to operate as the Bird Dog but deciding to no longer hide his face behind a mask..... he wanted acceptance for Mutt-ants and he used his presents on the new team to help raise the profile of "GOOD" Mutt-ants. (like The Scarlet Bitch & Quick Slobber had done with the Avenging Hounds,)

With the Bark Widow elected as team leader, the CHUMP-IONS were officially born.

Tomorrow we round off the tale of the Chump-ions with a look at other members that joined the team in the months ahead,


Friday, 24 June 2011


Yesterday we had our newly formed quartet of heroes battling all manner of Greek Monsters and Ancient Dogs.

The heroes consisted of two Avenging Hounds    Hair-Collies, Pup of Power and Prince of Olympups &  Former Russian Spy and KGB Agent the Bark Widow. They had joined forces with two former pupils of Pupfessor Rex's School for Gifted Mutts, who had secretly been two of the original X-MUTTS   code named The Ice Dawg and The Bird Dog.

The battle was not going well for the Heroes, but help was on hand.......

JAW- YAWNIE BLAZE had recently arrived in California, he was a famous stunt rider. BUT he was a stunt rider with a terrible secret.  Many years before he had basically sold his Soul to the Devil in return for the life of his dying father.  Well his father was cured from his deadly cancer, but later died in a stunt riding accident.  Jaw-Yawnie Blaze  confronted the demon who now held his soul, and protested that the Devil had not played fair.   What did he expect from the Princes of lies,  honesty and good gamesmanship ? 

Anyway the devil reluctantly agreed to not collect on young Mister Blazes' soul IF he would work for him.  Jaw-yawnie agreed thinking that he would never need to make good this deal.  Later that night he found out that what he had agreed to  was worse.   Unknown to Jaw-yawnie the Devil had linked his very being with another demon, Zarathounds.  This Zarathounds himself was a slave to the Devil. Each night Jaw-yawnie would undergo a complete transformation.  His Skin and fur would start to burn  until he resembled a flaming skeleton. 

Blaze was unaware of the separate consciousness of the being that LIVED within him, and believed that the demonic personality was a sinister side of his own personality. At first the demonic doggie  manifested itself every nightfall, mystically burning Blaze's flesh to become a fiery skeletal being. Using his demonic hellfire to create a fiery motorcycle to ride, the composite  entity became publicly known as the GHOST WOOFER. Whenever  this so called GHOST WOOFER  returned to canine form, Blaze's flesh would immediately restore to normal.

In the beginning these changes into the Ghost Woofer only happened during darkness. Once Blaze was the Ghost Woofer he found himself drawn to evil , where he would vanquish it with the use of his Hell Fire Powers. Originally Blaze thought he was in control of his actions, but he would later learn the the Devil was pulling his and his hidden demons strings.  As the months went on Jaw-yawnie found that he would become the Ghost Woofer any time of the day or night. These transformations were usually triggered by the presents of evil.   Also he could at last change back to canine form when he wanted to too.

For a long while, Blaze was in total control of his Demonic alter ego, but gradually the evil presents inside him began to take control of the Ghost Woofers actions more and more, until Jaw-yawnie had little if any control of the Ghost Woofer. HE would later learn that he had been linked to the Demon  Zarathounds and he have to fight hard to maintain some control.

He would later rid himself of Zarathounds and the Ghost Woofer, but this was not to last.  ( BUT that's another tale of another time. )

Tomorrow I will continue our story of the Origin of The CHUM-PIONS


Thursday, 23 June 2011


When I left the story yesterday,  The Bird Dog and The Ice Dawg had just been joined by The Bark Widow in the struggle with the forces of evil who had appeared on UCLA.

The Battle was going badly, until one of the Teaching Staff came to the aid of our three hero hounds.   He was no ordinary  lecturer, he was HAIR-COLLIES the Demi DOG and son of the Ancient King of Olympups....  This Immortal Pup who's deeds and life was legendary, had taken time out from the Hero Hound games, and starting teaching ancient Greek History on Campus.  Of course to him this was not history, it was his life story.

The reason for Pluto's attack on UCLA became clear,  he was trying to find his Nephew Hair-Collies as he wanted to use him as a pawn to take over the throne of Mount OLYMPUPS.   (This is another one of those tales that I will have to tell at a later date )

Hair-collies, joined forces with his former team mate from his AVENGING HOUNDS days, The beautiful but deadly Bark Widow, and the Two young  former X-MUTTS Bird Dog and Ice Dawg

But still the invading forces of Evil were too much for the quartet of Heroes, BUT  then another joined the heroes, but this "white Knight"  did not come riding in on a Horse, no this "Dark Knight" rode in on a motor cycle powered by HELLFIRE !

Who this was will have to wait until tomorrow


Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Yesterday we learnt what two former X - Mutts were getting up to in L A.  It turned out one was running a multi billion dollar company, and the other  was studying to be an accountant.  However they both ended up   Fighting the forces of Ancient Greek Evil together.  The BIRD DOG & the ICE DAWG were both veteran heroes, both good in a fight, but the forces of the  Greek Dog of the Underworld, Pluto were far too great for the two Mutt-ant Mutts to take on together, they needed help....... they needed another veteran hero hound.

It so happens that help was on hand very nearby.  MADAME  MUT-TASHA ROVER-NOFF was at this time awaiting to be seen by the faculty at UCLA. She had applied  for the post of teacher,  her subject RUSSIAN LANGUAGE.    BUT there was more to this beautiful Russian than first met the eye, She was a former Ballerina from the Bolshoi Ballet school, she was also an EX-SPY for the KGB,  she was an member of Nick Furies S.H.I-E.L.D organisation, She was a card carrying part time  AVENGING HOUND, she was the ex partner of  MUTT MUR-DOG, aka the DARE DOGGIE... she was also looking for a new challenge in her life. ( Teaching Kids ! , she would find fighting DOG-TOR DOOM an easier task I think. .)

Whilst her C V said she was  called Mut-tasha Rover-noff, widowed Russian from a noble back ground.... what it did not say was  she was better known as the BARK WIDOW.... Hero Hound and adventurer.

Why she was looking at being a Language teacher is not really known, it possibly was a cover for a case she was working on, but we will never know, because when Greek Hell came to UCLA she came out fighting along side the two former X-MUTTS.

Still their combined might was no match for Pluto, but more help was on hand... this time in the form of another Greek Legend... another veteran......  a lecturer !  but who ?    



Tuesday, 21 June 2011


After Warren Woofington the Third, aka the Mutt-ant  X-Mutt known as the Bird Dog,  left Pupfessor Rex's School for Gifted Mutts, he headed to Los Angeles where he took up his post as CEO of his late fathers company.   As you all ready know at this time all of the original X-Mutts had all left to pursue other interests. Except for Scottie Summers, aka Cyc-pups who stayed on to help train the next generation and new group of X-MUTTS ( see my previous blogs for these details)

He quickly got to gripes with being a business mutt, but he missed the adventure and life of a Hero Hound. Being a millionaire playboy was fine, but he missed being the Bird Dog more.

His former team mate Doggie Drake, aka the ICE DAWG had enrolled in UCLA where he was studying to be an accountant. !!!  He had decided that he needed more stability in his life, and being the ICE-Dawg was great, but it did not pay the bills. Being the youngest of the original X-Mutts meant at the time of the original team disbanding he was still young enough to enroll in University.

Warren met Doggie for lunch on campus one day, and whilst they joked about their past life as hero hounds a turn of events meant they would be drawn into conflict with beings of myth and magic originating from Greek Dogs of Mount Olympups.

They would soon be up against the Evil Greek Dog of the Underworld PLUTO ( and I don't mean Micky's faithful four legged friend either ! )

They would need help, but from where ?

More tails of the CHUM-PIONS tomorrow.


Monday, 20 June 2011

COMING SOON THIS WEEK....................

This week we are going to feature a new Hero Hound Team .

Take 2 from one team. and 2 from another ... then add a flaming demon  and what do you get ?

Find out this week !



Yesterday we left our story where EVIL, MAD BAD Maxi-mutts had successfully destroyed all non-IN-CANINE life on the planet.  

However, it turns out that the Gun did not kill all non-In canines..... Maxi-mutts is puzzled as the only people not to be affected by the AT-MUTTS beam should have been the In-canines. Mutt-dusa then makes an announcement that she knows why the weapon did not work. Both Canines and In-canines share the same basic DNA. Which means that the In-canine race must have evolved from the canine race. Mr Fur-tastic backs up her theory, as he has secretly scanned Mutt-dusa when she was a guest of theirs many months before.

At this time the In-canines had no knowledge that 100's of thousands of years ago, The K9-REE had experimented on the ancestors of the In canines, as they were trying to build themselves an army to help in their war with the shape shifting SK-GROWLS. ( How they find out is another story for another time. )

Both the FUR-TASTIC FOUR and the IN-CANINES  are relieved that Maxi-mutts had not destroyed the canine race.  Bark Bolt gestures and Mutt-dusa translates that for centuries his people had hid away from the outside world as they feared all non-In-canines. Now he realises that both races share a common origin and as such it is time for his people to venture out into the world and meet their new cousins.

Whilst Mr Fur-tastic and Bark Bolt continue their discussion about the future, Maxi-mutts had been fiddling with his At-Mutts gun.  Bark Bolt ignores the Mad Fool until Maxi-mutts announces that he believes that the In-canines cannot live with and should not live side by side with the lesser canine races on the planet. He then fires the gun again. The beam is different this time. Instead of firing out of the city into the air, it makes the edges of the city start to glow.  Mr Fur-tastic orders the rest of his team to return to the DOGO-PLANE for safety.  Bark Bolt attempts to destroy the machine, but Maxi-mutts has protected it with a force field.  Jaw-nee rushes over to Crys-Tails and tells her to come with him to avoid the danger. The two love struck hounds run towards the boundary of the city.  Lead tells Jaw-nee to hurry as the beam is starting to solidify the air surrounding the city, he believes that soon no one or thing could pass through it.  He gets the invisible pooch to try to keep a section open a while longer with the help of one of her invisible force fields.  The invisible pooch does this but the strain is great.

As Jaw-nee and his beloved Crys-tails reach the gap in the now nearly formed barrier Jaw-nee enters the gap his sister has made, but as Crys-tails tried to enter the invisible force field starts to fail, and Crys-tails is court in the energies of the barrier.  Then just as the barrier closes completely, Crys-tails is pulled back into the city by the amazing living hair of her sister MUTT-DUSA.   The city is now completely surrounded by a grey shell that is now hard to the touch.  Bark Bolt and his family approach the barrier and try to break a hole thru it. BUT they all fail, including Kanine-ak who's power is to see the weakness in all things, but he is unable to detect any.  On the other side Bone Grimm, the Hairy thing pounds at the barrier. Jaw-nee uses his Canine Torch flames to burn through , but this is no good. Lead Richards believes that the barrier is made up of Negative Energy, and says he had no idea how to penetrate it.  Jaw-nee breaks down and howls that he has lost his beloved Crys-tail forever. Whilst inside the heartbroken Crys-tails is saying the very same thing about her new love, the Canine Torch.

Bark Bolt grabs Maxi-mutts and gestures for him to undo what he has just done.  Maxi-mutts just laughs and inform his family that he cannot reverse the process, and the In-canines are now cut off from the rest of the world forever. He tells Bark Bolt that the negative energies may be able to be broken by his bark, but as most of the force of his sonic powers would rebound against the city, it would probably kill all of the In-canines in the process. 

The FF return home to New Yorkie City sadden by the events of the day.  They do not even know if the In-Canines are even still alive behind the barrier, but Lead promises Jaw-nee and the others he will try to come up with a solution to the matter.

Whilst inside the barrier, a sad King Bark Bolt informs the people of the city that until a time comes that the barrier can be removed, the IN-CANINES must continue their lives as before.  He orders Mad Maxi-mutts to be locked away until a cure for his madness can be found..  Mutt-dusa tries to comfort her sister CRYS-TAILS, but she does not want to listen, as she only wants to be with her beloved Jaw-nee Storm.

The In-canines would remain within the barrier for many months, but Jaw-nee would be reunited with his Crys-tails, but that would be another story for another time.


Sunday, 19 June 2011


The Exiled In-Canines existence and location were finally learnt by the SNIFFING SEEKER who was given the task of seeking out Bark Bolt and his Royal Family members, by MAD KING MAXI-MUTTS


The SNIFFING SEEKER  did  his best to capture them all , however as TRIT-HOUND tried to escape by jumping into the river, the Sniffers men captured him, and in the process injured the  Amphibian In-Canine.  Bark Bolt decided that enough was enough and decided to return to Attil-Hound and face his brother once and for all. BUT he will not go back as a prisoner.. He was worried that other members of hiss ROYAL FAMILY would face injury or worse if they were to continue fighting to stay free. He commands LICK JAW to transport them all back to ATTLI-HOUND home of the IN-CANINES. Jaw-nee Storm tries to stop Crys-tails from leaving, but as she cries out to him, she vanishes in LICK JAWS teleporting energies. The Upset Jaw-nee returns to his team mates

Lead Richards decides that he FF should attempt to free TRIT-HOUND from the SNIFFING SEEKER....  in  the fight they unsuccessfully attain freedom for TRIT-HOUND, and as the SNIFFING SEEKERS air craft moves away, MR FUR-TASTIC tells the FF to stop trying to retain the craft, and he makes them all return to the Barker Building.

Back at HQ the leader of the FF tells his team to make ready the DOGO-PLANE. Once aboard their fabulous long distance rocket plane, Mr Fur-tastic informs his team that he had placed a tracking device aboard the SNIFFING SEEKERS air craft. AND with its help he should be able to track them to where they are holding TRIT-HOUND.

Within hours the FF have travelled to the Himalayas and find the hidden city of ATTIL-HOUND... whist they have been travelling they did not know that BARK BOLT had already arrived with his Family with a little help of faithful hound, Lick Jaw.

Bark Bolt is taken aback at what a unhappy place his city has become under the rule of his mad brother MAXI-MUTTS.   As they all descend onto the palace, an army of the primitive ALPHA-DOGS attack them. It is clear that Maxi-mutts is using these sub- In-canines as his private army, to keep the other In-canines in check.  Bark Bolt and his Family make short work of the not so welcoming . welcoming committee, but before the final ALPHA-DOG falls, Maxi-mutts appears, and apologies to his dear brother as he says that the attack was a mistake.  Of course Maxi-mutts is being deceitful.  Maxi-mutts is quite mad, and continues to rant and rave at his brother. He thanks Bark Bolt for returning Mutt-dusa to him, and informs Bark Bolt that he will now marry Mutt-dusa.  He then informs Bark Bolt that now he and the other members of the Royal family are safe within the city, he will now rid the world of the menace of all non- In canine life on the planet. He then shows everyone his latest invention. The AT-MUTTS GUN.... This weapon will wipe out all life on Earth that is not In-Canine, so Maxi-mutts claims.

This is a step too far, Bark Bolt knocks Maxi-Mutts to the ground and picks up the crown of  the IN CANINES and places it on his own head. He gestures and Mutt-dusa explains that he has taken back the Throne as it is clear that Maxi-mutts is completely mad, and cannot be allowed to continue as leader. 

At this point the FF arrive, and in the confusion, Mad Maxi-mutts breaks away from the group and activates the weapon.   The AT-MUTTS GUN fires....... MAXI-MUTTS laughs as he declares that the canine menace has been destroyed.

To find out if this is true, be here tomorrow for the final chapter of this tale.


Saturday, 18 June 2011


Crystailla Amutt-quelin is better known as CRYS-TAILS, the younger sister of Mutt-dusa (the future Queen of the In-canines )


Called by many names over the years, Crys,  Princess, Elemen-tail,  Lady, Fur-tastic member,  Avenging Hound, Wife and mother. BUT some of those titles would not come to be used for many years to come.

As we have heard from this weeks blog, Crys-tails had been banished from her home after  her Evil cousin MAXI-MUTTS the MAD had over thrown King Bark Bolt.

She along with her cousins went into exile, and whilst in the big bad world started to look for her sister, MUTT-DUSA who was the bride to be of ex-king Bark Bolt.   She was very young at the beginning of the search, and over the many years that followed, she matured into a beautiful Young Bitch. However, her cousins were a lot older than her, and she missed having someone her age to play with.  Lucky for her she did have a friend to look after her. A Gigantic MUTT  called LICK JAW. Like herself  LICK JAW was an IN-CANINE, but his exposure to the Mist had caused him to resemble a hulking monster of a Dog. 

Although to outsiders you would think that he was her pet, LICK JAW was much much more. He was CRYS-TAILS protector. friend and guardian.  He like her had amazing puppy powers. Whilst CRYS-TAILS had the power to control the 4 elements of EARTH, WIND, FIRE & WATER... LICK JAW had super strength and the ability to teleport himself and others. She loved her Four Legged friend, but she was at the age where she wanted true love, not puppy love. 

Anyway back to our story..... The Exiled Royal Family had been re-united with their lost member MUTT-DUSA, who had her memory restored as a result. The Family decided to continue to stay hidden from the world and from Maxi-Mutts and the other IN-CANINES.

Bark Bolt knew that if he returned his beloved Mutt-dusa into this brothers paws, she would be forced to marry him. Staying Hidden would mean that Maxi-Mutts would never know that Mutt-dusa had been found....   BUT that's what they thought.

The Royal family settled into a routine.  They had managed to build themselves an underground  home in a derelict part of New Yorkie City.  They did not need to leave the safety of their hidden bunker unless they wanted to.  Only some of the Royal Family could venture outside, as their bodies looked like normal canine folk.  BUT the likes of DORG-GON, TRIT-HOUND, LICK JAW and BARK  BOLT could only come out at night, if at all.

The Teen aged Crys-tails was allowed to venture outside,  she had spent most of her short life outside in the Big Bad World, and although she was innocent she was not worried by normal canines.

On one of her trips outside the Bunker, she decided to use the opportunity to practise her elemental puppy powers.  She created fire and practised manipulating it.   This is when she was spotted by Jaw-nee Storm, aka Hot-Dog, the Canine Torch. He was doing a routine fly by over the city, a chance to exercise his flaming powers.


When he spotted Crys-tails, he could not believe that she was the most beautiful bitch he had ever seen. Also she had flaming powers too.  HE WAS IN LOVE.   He called out to her. She panicked and fled, not before using her powers to stop him following her.   She managed to enter the hidden bunker without The Canine Torch seeing her.   He searched all over the area trying to find this beautiful Bitch that had flaming powers like himself.  When he finally gave up, he went straight back to The Barker Building his home, and the HQ of the FUR-TASTIC FOUR.  Once there he told the other members about his discovery.

At the same time, CRYS-TAILS has recounting to Bark-Bolt and the other family members that she too had met a young pup who had powers like her.  She said that she thought he too could be an IN-CANINE.  Bark Bolt was annoyed with her, as he knew that if the Flaming Pup did return it could mean that they could be discovered. He forbade Crys-tails from trying to see this  flaming dawg again.

However, the FF returned with Jaw-nee Storm, and began looking for signs of his strange mystery mutt.   Using one of his inventions, Mr Fur-Tastic found the hidden entrance to the Bunker.  As the Hairy Thing tried to breaking, he was attacked by DORG-GON, who the FF recognised as the same person who had been trailing Madame Mutt-dusa those many months before. 


Dorg-gon was joined by Kanine-ak who's ability to see the weakness in his enemy made his able to make short work of the Stretching Powers of Lead Richards. The battle was brutal, but as fight continued The Canine Torch used his flame to burn a route through the earth and rock, into the hidden bunker. Here he came face to face with Crys-tails... who took him to see her lord and master Bark Bolt.  Bark Bolt was furious with Crys-tails and attacked the Canine Torch for daring to enter his home.


The fight continued until Crys-tails allowed the other FF members entry into the bunker as she was worried that Bark Bolt may kill the Torch.  As the fight continued inside the Bunker, it was Mutt-dusa that called a halt to the engagement. Explaining that she believed that the FF were good folk, even if they were non-In-canines.

The In-canine leader offered his hand in friendship to the   Fur-tastic Foursome... a friendship that would last for many years to come.


HOWEVER, as one battle was over, a new war was on the horizon.  King Maxi-Mutts had discovered that Mutt-dusa had been spotted in New Yorkie City, when she had started her brief criminal alliance with the WIZZ-Hound and the other members of the Frightful Fur.  Also it had come to his notice that Dorg-gon had been seen with her months later... if so WHY had he not returned with her ?

He was not very happy, and he sent a detachment of soldiers to find out why.

More tomorrow.


Friday, 17 June 2011


When I last left the story, Mutt-dusa had been captured  by Dorg-gon,,,,, but to find out the reason he was seeking her out we need to go back a few years.

As already told that during the sucessful attempt by Maxi-mutts to take the crown and leadership of the In-Canine race away from his Brother Bark Bolt, Mutt-dusa had been injured and had lost her memory and wandered off.    This made Maxi-mutts mad, as he wanted to take her as his Queen.  He had decided to exile his brother and the other members of the Royal Family that were loyal to him, however he secretly made his cousin DORG-GON promise that whilst exiled in the outside world that he would search for Mutt-dusa, and when he had found her, have her return to the city of ATTIL-HOUND, the home of the IN-CANINES. Dorg-gon agreed as he knew if he refused Maxi-mutts would surely punish some one close to him.


Maxi-mutts sent his brother off into exile, knowing that Bark Bolt would  ALSO want to look for his beloved Mutt-dusa, thus making it easier for Dorg-gon to bring her back to him. OR so he thought.

Into Exile along with Bark Bolt and Dorg-gon went the other members of the Royal Fanily. These were his cousins, brothers TRIT-HOUND and   KANINE-AK.....  and Mutt-dusa'a young pup of a sister CRYS-TAILS.

They searched for Mutt-dusa for many years, always keeping a low profile and out of public sight.  NOT All of the royal cousins  could  easily fit into normal canine society, as most of them looked different due to the effect of their genetic mutations.   Dorg-gon had massive hind legs a cross between a goat and a horse.......

 Trit-hound was covered in green scales, as he was more fish-like than canine.  


Only Kanine-ak, Crys-tails  looked fully canine, as did Bark Bolt, but as he  needed to wear his energy containment suit always, his head antenna marked him as different.



They searched for Mutt-dusa for years, and during that time the young PUP Crys-tails grew up into a beautiful bitch.

When after years of searching they finally located Mutt-dusa she was part of the Vill-hound group called the FRIGHTFUL FUR, but again before the exiled In-canines could catch up with her, she had fled from that group after have a issue with killing,  When Dorg-gon finally did capture her, instead of returning her to the now KING MAXI-MUTTS, he took her to the arms of her true love BARK BOLT.

Back with her family, she soon regained her memories, and the exiled royal family stayed hidden from the world , and from the evil MAXI-MUTTS.

Life was not easy, but at least they were all together.


HOWEVER, this peaceful existence was about to get ruined after a close encounter  with the flaming member of the FUR-TASTIC FOUR.......


enjoy !

Thursday, 16 June 2011


Called by many names over the years, Mutt-dusalick Amutt-Quelin is better known as MUTT-DUSA, Queen of the IN-CANINES

Mutt-dusa was born into the Royal Family of the In-Canines. Her Father was the  brother of the then WIFE   OF  ARG-HOUND, KING OF THE IN-CANINES . At an early age its was decided that she was the ideal genetically suitable mate for her cousin Bark Bolt. He himself was due to one day be leader of the IN-CANINE race.  Whilst still Young she was exposed to the Terrier-Genis Mist, that granted the powers to the In-canines. Again it was unusual to have anyone so young exposed, as it was usually only done when the subject had reached early teens.  BUT as her family where from the purest genetic stock, the Genetics Council must have agreed to her undergoing exposure so young.

The Mist gave her total control of her hair as if it was another limb.    This plus its super steel like strength and ability to stretch made her an  ideal warrior and ideal mate for the future KING.

As explained in yesterdays blog about BARK BOLT,   Mutt-dusa spent a lot of her young life visiting her cousin in his silent prison. Here they began to form a relationship of trust, mutual understanding, and of course LOVE.

Her intendeds brother Maxi-mutts, also began to show an interest in Mutt-dusa, but she explained that her chosen mate was Bark Bolt, and whilst he was alive, her place was by his side.   Maxi-mutts too had been exposed to the Mist at a young age, this had given him rather limited mental powers, however this did not stop him from trying to use these powers to win Mutt-dusa away from Bark Bolt.

However,   Mutt-dusa was able to see through Maxi-mutts deception and told him to leave her alone.  A few years later her beloved Bark Bolt was allowed to enter In-Canine society and finally he got to be close to his love. 

Their young puppy love was short lived as fate meant Bark Bolt was elevated to the position of KING following the untimely deaths of his parents.   He informed MUTT-DUSA that their romance and courtship would need to take second place to his duty as Leader of his people.  Mutt-dusa accepted her Kings decision, and she took her place beside him as  his interpreter.

Bark Bolt quickly surrounded himself with trusted allies all drawn from his own Royal Family.  All played a part in rebuilding the city of Attil-hound after the devastation caused by the K9-REE . (see yesterdays blog)   

Bark Bolts brother, now called Maxi-mutts the mad, since he had gone crazy (see yesterdays blog) spent his time amusing himself as best he could. Although he was insane, he did have a knack for creating things. Under careful guidance he was able to create marvelous inventions that aided the In-Canine people. However, what Bark Bolt did not realise was although his brother appeared to be a harmless fool, in reality he had a deep hatred of Bark Bolt, and wanted both his crown and mutt-dusa.

He attempted to over throw Bark Bolt many times, but always failed. However, he was clever and although he had failed, no one knew it was he who had instigated  any revolt against his brother.  Also none in the Royal Family ever believed that a mad fool like Maxi-mutts could be of any danger or concern. What a fatal mistake on their part !

BUT the day came when he rose up and successfully took the throne. (More about that later this week) During the uprising Mutt-dusa had become injured after her sky-sled was blasted from the skies by one of Maxi-mutts rebels.  When she awoke from the crash she was many miles outside of the City of Attil-hound, and not knowing who or what she was she wandered off.

She spent many months traveling through Europe. Using her amazing hair to help her survive and obtain what she needed.  Her memory was still a blur, but she had managed to remember her name, but not who she really was.

The Vill-Hound named THE WIZZ-HOUND became aware of a mystery red headed bitch with amazing powers roaming through Europe.  The Wizz-hound was a great inventor, but felt that he had never received the praise he believed he should have received.  He had begun to hate the Scientist and hero hound Lead Richards, who he believed was hogging all the glory with his inventions and his good deeds as the Leader of the FUR-TASTIC FOUR.  The Wizz-hound thought that if he could destroy Lead and the FF he could marvel in the glory, and the world would sit up and take notice of him.

So he decided to create his own version of the FF, and this mysterious red headed bitch could be the final member.   When the Wizz-hound finally tracked Mutt-dusa down, he convinced her to join him. Reluctant at first, but when he offered to help restore her memory she agreed to join his group, THE FRIGHTFUL FUR. The group was made up of THE WIZZ-HOUND, THE SANDY MUTT, PASTE POT PUP and MADAME MUTT-DUSA ( I will tell their tale at a later time )

In the first of many fights against the Fur-tastic Four, the Frightful Fur nearly destroyed the hero hounds.  They would try again and again, but during one of these fights, Mutt-dusa was on the verge of killing The Invisible Pouch, when she had a change of heart and fled the scene and with that her team mates in the FRIGHTFUL FUR.  This may have been that she had somehow triggered a memory that made her question what she was doing. She  did not know who she was, but she knew she was not a killer.

Months later she would return to the Fur-tastic Four asking for their help, as she was being chased by a menacing monster mutt.  She said she did not know who he was, but feared for her life.  The Four hero hounds agreed to  protect her from the Monster Mutt who had been chasing her for weeks.  When he attacked their home the Barker Building in which they were trying to protect Mutt-dusa, they discovered he  had amazing powers himself.  In a final show down,  the FF ended up being forced into  giving the Monstrous Mutt his prize, as they could not risk him causing any further devastation to their city.  Not telling them who or what he was, he thanked the FF for looking after Mutt-dusa and told them she was not in danger ,  he only wanted to return her to her home.

This was not the last they would see of either Madame Mutt-dusa or the mystery mutt, but at the next meeting he would reveal that his name was DORG-GON


More In-canines tomorrow


Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Ruler and King of the IN-CANINES is  BARKI-DOG BOLTAMUTT better known as The  BARK BOLT

BARK BOLT's  parents, King Arg-hound and Queen Ruffta, both skilled genetic scientists,  exposed him whilst still an embryo to the Terrier-Genis Mists. This was unusual. as normally this would not be done until many years after birth. This meant that BARK BOLT was born with his In-Canine powers. HOWEVER,  these powers were far greater than the most powerful In-Canine ever known.  At birth his first woof released a powerful energy wave that nearly destroyed the Palace in which he had been born . The ruling council of genetics decided as he was but an infant, he could NOT have the ability  be able to control his amazing, but dangerous puppy powers. So he was placed inside a sound proof chamber and made to wear a suit that could harness his powers. He remained their for many years whilst he learnt to control his powers.

It was discovered early on that his BARK was his greatest power, a power that could not be controlled. So the young BARK BOLT was forced to live his life in silence. He grew and with the help of his parents and the members of the genetics council, he learnt to control his other powers. This all done in silence. He quickly developed his own form of sign language, that his parents and his teachers would use to understand him.  His younger brother Maxi-Mutts and his cousin Mutt-dusa also learnt to communicate with him. Mutt-dusa was his first cousin, and she had been selected to be the perfect mate for Bark Bolt.  She loved her cousin from the very first sight, he also found her attractive, but he also believed that as he posed a danger to all, their union would never happen.  He told his brother Maxi-mutt that if he could not be with Mutt-dusa, he would give his blessing that he, Maxi-mutt should marry her.  Without and hesitation Maxi-mutts accepted his brothers terms.

For the  young Bark Bolt his was not a happy time growing up, but from an early age understood that he must remain apart from others to protect them from his powers..... especially his beloved Mutt-dusa. So he accepted that he would have to live in his sound proof prison forever.


At the age of 19 he was finally allowed to leave his silent world, and the Mute Mutt Prince was allowed to enter In-Canine society.  He was amazed by the beauty of the City of Attil-hound, that he had lived in all his life. but had never seen.  He was able to touch his beloved Mutt-dusa for the first time, and for the first time he believed they could have a future together. This did not sit well with Maxi-mutts, as he believed that Mutt-dusa and the throne of  Attil-hound was his.

BARK BOLTS new found freedom and his romance with his cousin was soon destroyed, when Bark Bolt discovered that Maxi-Mutts was planning to over throw the their parents and  government by enlisting help from the war-like alien race the K9-REE. The price of the pact would make Attil-hound a base on Earth for the K9-REE to invade and conquer the Planet. All of  the In-Canines would be forced to be  soldiers of the K9-REE empire and Maxi-Mutts would become  not just the next  ruler of the In-Canines, but he would be made K9-REE Ambassador of the whole  planet Earth, which would then be part of the K9-REE Empire.

As the K9-REE  emissaries left after their secret meeting , to return to the K9-REE  home world, Bark Bolt tried to prevent their space ship from leaving.  Unable to prevent it from taking off, he knew that if he did not stop the K9-REE from reporting back to their home world, the In-canine race would be enslaved.  He was forced to use his Bark to stop the space craft. The force of his Bark was enough to knock the K9-REE craft from out of the sky, however the ship crashed onto the city of Attil-Hound killing many people along with his parents, the King & Queen. All of the K9-REE died in the crash, however Bark Bolt was shocked to find that his brother Maxi-Mutts was also aboard the craft. He was going back to the K9-REE home world to help plan the down fall of his own people.   Although Maxi-mutts was still alive, he  had gone mad. This was due in part to being in the blast from his brothers BARK.  The sonic vibrations of the Bark had in some way caused a massive mental feed back affecting Maxi-mutts own In-Canine mind  powers. The force of  Bark Bolts Bark had shattered the sanity of  his sibling.

The In-Canines proclaimed that Bark Bolt was a hero, as he had saved them from being enslaved by the K9-REE.  They wanted to make him King, even though Bark Bolt protested as he felt guilty for the death of his parents and many others.  BUT the In-canines needed a leader, and he was unable to reject his duty... so with much regret he accepted the mantle of Leader and KING of the IN-CANINES.

He decided that his brother Maxi-Mutts had suffered enough due to now mental problems. Bark Bolt was not happy to have him imprisoned, as he did not want him to have to live as a prisoner as he had done himself for most of his life. He would make sure that his mad brother be cared for, and although he would be supervised, he should have the freedom of the City.  


This would be a decision that Bark Bolt and the In-canines would later regret,

The story continues tomorrow, with  Madame MUTT-DUSA