Saturday, 25 June 2011


When we last met our 4 heroes,  a 5th mystery mutt joined in to help.................... this was THE GHOST WOOFER.

With his flaming Skull and his demonic looks it was very unnerving for the other heroes at first. Was he on their side, or was he the enemy too. ?

This question was quickly answered as the Ghost Woofer unleashed his flaming HELL FIRE into the oncoming invaders.

At last the fight was going the way of the heroes, BUT then  they were all transported to Mount Olympus by Pluto as he continued to battle to entrap Hair-Collies.

Well. the fight continued and Hair-Collies was nearly married off  HIP-PUPOLYTA The Queen of the Amutt-zon Bitches.   With his plans in thwarted  Pluto reluctantly returned the Hero Hounds back to earth, where Warren Woofinton the 3rd convinced the Quintet to stay together as a new Super Group.  

All of the others 4 said they were unsure about this. Hair-Collies was teaching at ULCA, but his cover was now blown, as was The Bark Widow, who knew that she would never be able to teach as her identity had been compromised too. Both of this former Avenging Hounds were now at a loose end....  Warren's old class mate said that he really did not want to go back into the full time hero business, but Warren convinced Doggie Drake that he could study and be The Ice Dawg when required.   The Ghost Woofer had now transformed back into Jaw-yawnie Blaze and he too did not want to give up his Stunt riding, but thought that whilst he has in the area he could always lend a flaming paw when needed. 

Warren, aka the Bird Dog offered each the security of his money and his companies resources to the new hero group, The name the CHAMP-IONS was suggested, and adopted. Unlike the Avenging Hounds or the Dog-fenders or The Fur-tastic Four, the Chump-ions would solely operate out of the West Coast and would be  the Super Hound Hero Group for the ordinary Canine In the Street.

Thus the team was born.  Warren Woofington continued to operate as the Bird Dog but deciding to no longer hide his face behind a mask..... he wanted acceptance for Mutt-ants and he used his presents on the new team to help raise the profile of "GOOD" Mutt-ants. (like The Scarlet Bitch & Quick Slobber had done with the Avenging Hounds,)

With the Bark Widow elected as team leader, the CHUMP-IONS were officially born.

Tomorrow we round off the tale of the Chump-ions with a look at other members that joined the team in the months ahead,


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