Monday, 6 June 2011


PUPSEY WALKIES started her life a a little rich girl and model. Her life was full of parties and fun, fun. fun. She had her own line of fashion, beauty products, TV show and Comic Book.   BUT one day she found the discarded costume of a former hero hound, GROWL NELSON,  the Former CANINE-KAT and now known as TIGROWLER the Were Woof,.... BUT when Pupsey put it on the HELL- CAT CANINE was born.

Although she had no real super puppy powers at the outset of her career as the HELL- CAT CANINE , she found that the costume increased her natural abilities. The Costume also had in built weapons and equipment, like her claw grappling hooks and her razer Sharp claws set into her gloves and boots.

Before becoming the HELL- CAT CANINE , Pupsey had met the Hairy Beastie, who she had discovered was really Hairy McCOY. She said that she would keep his secret as long as he aided her in her quest to be a hero hound. 

Hairy agreed, and when Pupsey found her new costume identify, he helped her with her training to make her a true hero hound.  The Hairy Beastie was at the time a member of the Avenging Hounds and soon she was inducted into the team, as what she lacked in power, she made up with determination and wit. 

She stayed with the Avenging Hounds for a few months, and whilst there started to receive training from the Moon Doggon, Hounda Doglas.   When Hounda took a leave of absence, she invited Pupsey to come to her home on Titan where she could continue her training.

Whilst on Titian Pupsey would increase her martial arts and fighting skills and Moon-Doggon would also help her develop her mental skills.

When the HELL- CAT CANINE  returned to Earth she took up with the Hero Hounds of the Dog-fenders, as she liked the less fussy relationship that the Non-group had.  Whilst fighting along side the Dog-fenders, she met, and fell in love with one of her team mates called Dogian Hellstrom. The world knew him better as The Satanic Hound of Hell.   They decided to marry.

The marriage was good at first, but Dogian's demonic side started to cause problems between the happy couple. When Dogian finally allowed Pupsey to see his true demonic sole, this caused her to go completely mad.

Poor old Pupsey could not coupe with what she had seen, and in a desperate act to free herself from her misery, she took her own life.

Years later it was discovered that she had not truly died, she had been abducted into Hell by her Husbands Father... (or it could have been one of the many evil demons that claim to be the true Devil)

She was later released and returned to her former life as a Hero Hound.

You can say that Pupsey Walkies had really been to Hell and back during her life,  but  what else would you expect from a Hero Hound calling herself The  HELL- CAT CANINE .


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