Friday, 3 June 2011


Hairy was now a real Hairy Beastie. He was not prepared to give up his life as a scientist or as Hairy McCOY, so he needed to find a way to change himself back to his normal canine self.

He knew if he was to find a cure for his Grey Furry look, he would need to have access to the Labs at the Brand Corporation. The answer was simple, he would need to make him self look like Hairy McCOY again and not a BIG GREY HAIRY BEASTIE.

He designed a mask with wig and gloves that resembled his normal looking over sized paws. By putting on this disguise  he could pass freely as himself.  He continued to look for a cure for many months. He could not find a cure for his condition. However, his Grey Fur now had changed to a more pleasing Blue colour.  Most probably due to the fact his body was accepting the transformation.

His life was not all work work work, he sometimes found time to go on adventures as The HAIRY BEASTIE. One of these adventures brought him into contact with his old enemies from the Brother Hood of Evil Mutt-ant Mutts.  Due to his new look, they did not recognise him, but he knew who they were.  He engaged them in battle, BUT the Mutt-ant called THE MUTT-MASTERMIND used his illusion powers and mind control to make Hairy join their merry little gang of wrong doers.

Under the control of the MUTT-MASTERMIND Hairy found himself fighting with The Iron Hound, and in a turn of events Hairy believed he had murdered the Golden Avenging Hound.  This act brought Hairy to his senses, as he realised he was not a killer. Luckily Iron Hound was not dead, only stunned.

Hairy returned to his life with the Brand Corporation, but realised that his new look was perminate and he would need to get used to it.  Hiding behind a rubber mask was not for him anymore. Hairy resigned from his research job and decided to enjoy life as the Hairy Beastie.

He had many adventures and when the AVENGING HOUNDS announced that they needed new members, as their numbers were now greatly reduced with the death of The Swords Dawg,  The Viz-Hound and his new bride The Scarlet Bitch were away on honeymoon, and Mutt-tis after marring her Plant Swords Dawg was off traveling the universe. So new members were needed if the AV Hounds could continue.

Hairy tried out for the AVENGING HOUNDS, and was given a provisional  membership.  BUT he quickly showed that he was what the AV HOUNDS needed, and granted full membership. He moved into his new home at the Avenging Hounds Mansion  located on Mutt-hatton Island in NEW YORKIE CITY with pride,  He remained am AVENGING HOUND for many years. On occasions he would lend a paw to his old school pals the X-Mutts, and with the Dog-fenders and The Chumpions.... but for the time being Hairy McCOY  had finally found a place for himself as one of the Heroes called The AVENGING HOUNDS

He made many friends on the team, most specially with  Wonder Mutt.  Also being on the team helped canine - Mutt-ant relations a lot.  For the first time in his life Hairy McCOY did not have to hide who he was, the world had accepted him  and he was happy to be The HAIRY BEASTIE.

Once an Avenging Hound, always an Avenging Hound they say.... BUT he was a MUTT-ANT first, and when the time came he could not resist returning to his true home with..... The Un-Caninie X-Mutts.

Tomorrow another NEW AVENGING HOUND  joins the Gang


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