Tuesday, 14 June 2011

THE IN-CANINES ( a short history )

This weeks subject is the race of Dawgs called THE IN-CANINES.

These secretive species of Canine first where discovered in modern time by the Super Hound group The FUR-TASTIC FOUR.  At the time little was known about the back ground of the In-canines, but as the years went on more and more was learnt of how this mighty race came to be.

The In-canines history is long and complicated, so I will try to give you a brief  background to their historical beginnings.

Over a million years ago, the Alien Empires of the K9 -REE and the SK-GROWL started a war out in deep space. The  K9-REE founded an attack base  on the planet Uranus. This just happened to be a central point between both mighty Alien Empires. From this base, the K9-REE discovered that there was life on the third planet in the same solar system, EARTH. This life had in some way been visited and nurtured by the Space Dogs known as the  CELEST-TAILS.

This interested the K9 -REE and they too began experimenting with the primitive Homo-caniniens that lived on the planet. Their plan was to produce a race of genetically advanced canines that they could use as soldiers in their war against the SK-GROWL Empire.  Also, the K9-REE knew that their own race was in decline, as they had reached the limit of their evolutionary advancement. These experiments could help find the answer to where and how their race could evolve in the future.


The experiments took many years, and were a success, in that they created a genetic off shoot of the HOMO-CANINIES , a race of Canines more advanced than the rest of the planet.. Whilst the primitive canines of Earth still lived in caves, the new Race, called the IN-CANINES, began building  and in time a great city arose for them to live in.

Then the K9-REE abandoned their project, and left the In-Canines to evolve without any further interference.  The In-Canines continued to evolve as a sub race,  they too began to experiment with their own genetic code.  Soon they discovered that they could alter their own genetic make up by exposes themselves to strange crystals that gave of gas, This was later called TERRIER-GENIS.  Once exposed to the mist the subject would mutt--ant  granting some great powers, and wonderful gifts. However, some also received these amazing powers, but also genetic deformities.  No two In-Canines exposed to the mist would mutt-ant in the same way.

Over the next thousands of years, the In-Canines learnt more about the Terrier-Genis mists.  Through selective breeding it was discovered that certain members of the In-canine society were genetically better at adapting to Terrier-genis, whilst others were not. Soon the In-Canines split into two different casts. The In-Canines and the Alpha Dog Primitives.  The In-Canines enslaved their lesser cousins as their servants... these servants although not treated badly, had no place in the society of the In-Canines. Other Than SLAVES.

All In-canine pups were born as normal looking doggies. Any Mutt-ation was not passed down to them from their parents. So for the first few years of their life, the Young In-canines looked more like the other Canine Races that lived on the planet. BUT in their early teens, each Pup would be exposed, and his or her true potential could be released. MISTAKES did happen, but instead of destroying any In-canine that Mutt-anted in a not satisfactory way, these individuals would automatically be made incapable of  conceiving or passing on bad  genes.    Harsh, but that was the rules of the society they lived in.   HOWEVER, the In-Canines still had a controlled breeding programme, which meant only In-canines that were approved could have puppies. This was done to insure that the race could continue at its best genetic level.

This is how the In-Canines continued for the next  thousands of years, as the rest of the inhabitants of Earth also began to evolve at a much slower rate.

As the canines in the outside world expanded, the In-canines began to hide away in seclusion. As they believed that their race should not mix with the lesser life forms on the planet. CONTACT WAS FORBIDDEN, as was breeding with a lesser canine from the outside world.

The Ruling Caste, or Leaders of the In-Canines were its  Royal Family. When the In-canines were first discovered, the King had been deposed... and had been sent into exile by the new King his mad brother.

Now you have the back ground to the IN-CANINES race, I can get on with introducing you to some of the main characters

But that will not be until tomorrow


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