Sunday, 26 June 2011

THE CHUMP-IONS 1975 - 1978

Under the leadership of the beautiful but deadly Bark Widow, the new super group battled all sorts of evil doers.  The team  employed Dr Bowl Foster as technical assistant, who himself was a colleague of  Dr Hairy Pym ( who was the size changing hero hound of many identities.)  Bowl had himself been dosed with  some  PYM PARTICLES and was the part time hero hound known as the Black  Hound.Goliath

As both Dr Foster and the Black Hound Goliath , Bowl would help out the Chump-ions when needed. As the months went on The Black Hound Goliath  spent more and more time out in the field fighting Vill-Hounds along with the Chump-ions and took up full membership.

The Chump ions gained another new member when some of Soviet Block Hero Hounds came to capture the Bark Widow and return her to her home in Russia against her will.  The young beautiful and extremely powerful DARK DOG-STAR decided to defect and was taken in by the Chump ions.  With her  help the Chump-ions  send the Soviet Hounds running back to mother Russian with their tails between their legs minus their prize, the Bark Widow and minus a team member too.

The Group never really all got along. Some of the team did not trust the Russian Dark Dog-Star believing she was a spy..... and most of the team never trusted the Ghost Woofer and found his manner creepy.

In the end the arguments got worse and worse, and one by one the team began to break up, Finally it was left to Warren Woofington the Third to pull the plug on the super team he was financing, and after two years as the premier super team on the west coast of America............ the Chump-ions were no more.

The original team would re unite one more time many years later, but after this little adventure involving Pluto again, the Chump-ions all decided it was best to let sleeping dogs lie. 

Here is a final look at the hero hounds called ..... THE CHUMP-IONS

I hope you enjoyed the Tail of the Chump-ions.

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