Sunday, 29 January 2012


Lady Jaw-kie made a full recovery in the next few days.  When questioned by her Father Lord Mutty, she could not account for how she received the Vampire Bites.  Although she was still unhappy that her Father had taken up being the Union Jack Russell again, she took comfort that he and the Invade-dogs would be around to protect her if Baron Bloodhound tried to attack her again.

All this time Jaw-on. aka Baron Bloodhound stay out of every ones way.  He was enjoying watching his Brother and the other Hero Hounds make plans to capture him. He had decided killing Lady Jaw-kie was too easy.  He now wanted to turn her into a Vampire TOO.  To make a Vampire depended on when and how he next took her blood.  Too much and she would just die, not enough and she would fall into a coma again.... arousing suspicion.

Jaw-on needed the Invade-dogs to leave the Manson, so he decided to again send them on another  wild goose chase.  He again contacted his secret group of saboteurs asking this time for one of their number to plant clues in London that Baron Bloodhound had struck again. Then they were to alert the Invade-dogs and like the Hero Hounds they were, they would run off looking for him in London, whilst he would be really at Furs-wolf Manor with Lady Jaw-kie.

When the call came regarding the fake sightings of Baron Bloodhound, the Invade-dogs left the Manor   and raced towards the given  location. Once they had gone Jaw-on went into Lady Jaw-kie's room where she was sleeping.   As he prepared to pull back the sheets and bite her when, the light was turned on, and he was confronted with Canine America's Teen aged Side Kick BARKY.  Secretly Barky had asked to stay behind to guard Lady Jaw-kie. He had been suspicious of "Nephew" Jaw-on from the beginning.  He had known things about Jaw-kie's attack that he should not have, and his later panic attack over the silver dagger again caused Barky concern.

Surprised,  Jaw-on attacked the young Invade-dog,  Barky using the training he had received from Canine America punched him away. The punch broke Jaw-on's false teeth exposing his real teeth underneath.  The real teeth belonging to a VAMPIRE.

In a furious rage for being discovered the Baron decided to deal with Barky. In the commotion Lady Jaw-kie had awoken, and seeing that her cousin was in fact Baron Bloodhound, she  attempted to hit him with a bedside lamp. The Baron quickly knocked it aside, and with a slap of his paw sent Jaw-kie flying back against the wall and into an unconsciousness.  Barky attacked the Baron again, but was no match for the Super Canine might of the Vampire.  BUT before the Baron could feast on Barky, he heard the sound of the Invade-dogs aircraft returning.  Throwing Barky to one side, Baron Bloodhound scooped up Lady Jaw-kie and crashed through the window and flew away.

When the Invade-dogs discovered the wreaked bedroom and Barky laying unconscious, they knew that Baron Bloodhound must have returned. BUT this time he had kidnapped JAW-KIE. 

The Final showdown next time


Wednesday, 25 January 2012


As Lady Jaw-kie came down the stairs on her way to breakfast, she was surprised when her Father, Lord Mutty came running through the front door dressed as The Union Jack Russell.

The surprise soon turned to anger. She had known since she was a little pup that her Daddy had once been a famous Hero Hound fighting in W W 1.   She was very proud of the  fact, BUT that was over 20 years ago, when her Father was a young dawg himself.  Now he was in his early 50's and in her mind he was TOO OLD for such a dangerous past time.

As she started to scold both her Father and Canine America for allowing and encouraging him, she became all dizzy and fainted.

Lady Jaw-kie feels unwell

Lucky for her she fell into the strong Paws of the Scent Hound of liberty, Canine America. A panicked Lord Mutty quickly pulled off  his Union Jack Russell mask and put his ear to his Daughters chest. He could hear her faint heart beat, but then she started to struggle to breath properly. Without delay Mutty undid Jaw-kie's neck scarf to help her catch her breath.

As he did so Lord Mutty fell backwards still holding Jaw-kies scarf.  His eyes were wide, and he had the look of terror on his face.  Barky asked him if he too was ok.   All Mutty said was " HE HAS RETURNED ! "

Looking at Jaw-kie The Canine Torch shouted "LOOK"


As the Invade-dogs looked at the ailing Blond Beauty they could see two red puncher marks on her neck.

Composing himself  Lord Mutty muttered...... "  BARON BLOODHOUND..... HE HAS RETURNED ! "

Prince Namutt the Sub-muttrina scoped Lady Jaw-kie up in his arms and carried her up to her bedroom, the other Invade-dogs along with her grief stricken Father followed behind.  The Canine Torch flamed on and flew to the local village to find and bring the local Doctor. During last nights dinner, Jaw-kie had mentioned that she had offered her services to the Local Cottage hospital, so The Torch knew help was at hand.

After the Torch brought  the Doctor, all of the Invade Hounds waited in Lord Mutty's study awaiting the outcome of  his examination.   During all the commotion "nephew" Jaw-on had arrived back at the Manor, saying that he had gone out for an early morning walk.  This was a lie, as Jaw-on was really Baron Bloodhound, who after drinking the Blood of his victim had decided that he needed further sustenance and had gone off hunting for further prey in the local area.

Lord Mutty was pleased that Jaw-on was safe, and as Jaw-on put his paws around his Uncle for comfort .  the disguised Vampire smiled to himself.     He had found his Nemesis weak spot..... His Daughter.

The Doctor soon  entered Lord Mutty's Study, we was a little bit shaken, not by Lady Jaw-kie's condition, it was entering a room full of Costumed Hero Hound that made him uneasy.  Lord Mutty was dressed in his normal attire as his Identity as The Union Jack -Russell was still a secret.

The Doctor said that Jaw-kie would be ok. He thought she was a little bit anaemic and said that with rest she should be fine.  Jaw-on mentioned did the Doctor know what the marks were on her neck ? . The Doctor said he did not know, but he thought they were the result of her falling. Jaw-on Laughed and Lord Mutty changed the subject quickly.  Everyone knew the cause of the Puncher marks.   No need to involve the Doctor any more.

Over the next few days as Jaw-kie got better,  Lord Mutty and the Invade-Dogs made plans on how they would capture Baron Bloodhound.  Jaw-on offered to help guard his "cousin" if the Invade- Dogs needed to leave the Manor again.  Lord Mutty thanked his "Nephew" and gave him a cloth rapped item.

He told Jaw-on it was to be used as protection against the Vampire.   On opening it Jaw-on looked horrified and dropped the item.  It was The Union Jack Russell's silver dagger. Silver was one of the only things that could harm a Vampire.   Mutty shocked by the action of Jaw-on picked it up and again offered it to Jaw-on.   Jaw-on turned away and left the room.  Puzzled by this Canine America followed  Jaw-on. Stopping him he enquired to why he did not want to take the Dagger.   Jaw-on then confessed that a similar dagger had been used to kill his Father,  this is why it upset him.  Canine America believed this lie, and so did the others when they heard the sad tale.

For now Baron Bloodhound was safe hiding in plain sight.  He smiled when he thought about the foolish Invade-Dogs believing his lies.  BUT did all of them believe the lies ? One young Pup did not.



Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Whilst the Invade-dogs plus the Union Jack Russell were travelling to London to stop Saboteurs,  Jaw-on Furs-wolf aka Baron Bloodhound  had decided to have a little fun of his own.

His original plan to trick the Invade-dogs away from the Manor leaving her brother Lord Mutty and Lady Jaw-kie vulnerable to his next attack.  He planned was to kill Jaw-kie in front of his brother, and then reveal that he was not Lord Muttys son, but his brother ... who was also a Vampire and the Dreaded Baron Bloodhound.

With Mutty accompanying the Invade-Dogs as his alter ego, only Lady Jaw-kie was left at home. Killing her would be fun he thought, but not straight away.  Standing outside her bedroom door  he  wanted to laugh out loud, but instead he knocked on the door.  "ENTER" came a voice from within.

Entering the room Jaw-on's  appearance startled Jaw-kie............... but before she managed to cry out for help she fell into a deep sleep.  Baron Bloodhound had used his hypnotic stare to hypnotise his niece. As she slept...... the Baron plunged his fangs into her neck.  Her blood tasted sweet, but the Baron knew he could not drink too much...... he did not want to kill her yet.   She would die soon enough, BUT NOT TONIGHT.


Hours later the Invade-dogs had returned from their mission in London.  Everyone was amazed by the actions and skills that The Union Jack Russell had shown that evening.  Lord Mutty may be an old Dog in his 50's  these days, but he managed to come across as a young pup half his age.  Whilst travelling back to Furs-wolf Manor , Canine America offered Lord Mutty a place on the Invade-dogs team.  Lord Mutty agreed but on the proviso that his home Furs-wolf  Manor be the British HQ of the Invade-dogs.  All of the Hero Hounds agreed.  Not only had they received a new team mate... they  had found a new home.

Arriving back at the Manor Lord Mutty raced towards his home eager to tell his daughter Jaw-kie the good news.

For what happens next come back next time.


Friday, 20 January 2012


Many dinners at Furs-wolf Manor  had been exceptional over the years, BUT those in the past could not compare to had happen tonight.


Firstly,  the Invade-dogs had been guests of honour, which does not happen every day. Secondly The Host declared that he too was a Masked Hero Hound, again this does not happen every day, and Thirdly one of the other guests just happened to be a Vampire, who was disguised as his own son...... who just happened to hate his brother, who just happen to be his arch Nemesis' alter ego....... That really does not happen every day.

Anyway, the fact that Lord Mutty's nephew was really his brother, who was now a Vampire called Baron Bloodhound, who was a German saboteur....... was still not known.   As the disguised Baron Bloodhound listen to his brothers tales of his life as The Union Jack Russell,  he could only think of how he was going to destroy his family and The Invade-dogs.   Something he was going to enjoy doing.

The hour was late and Lady Jaw-kie bored from her fathers WW1 tales, which she had heard many times before, made her excuses and went to bed. Soon Jaw-on decided that he too had enough of Lord Mutty's boasting of his War time deeds...... so he said his good nights and retired for the evening..... he said he was he  going to bed..... But he did not.   Instead he used a secret transmitter he had hidden in the house, and instructed some of his followers to stage an attack of sabotage in Central London. Once  this was underway, he instructed one of his followers to pretend to be the War Office and telephone Furs-wolf Manor and request the help of the Invade-dogs..   This would make the Hero Hounds rush back to London, Leaving Both Lord Mutty and Lady Jaw-kie  helpless when Baron Bloodhound struck.

When the call did come, Lord Mutty was still deep in conversation with the visiting Hero Hounds.  All of them Especially Canine America could not get enough of Lord Mutty's tales of his Great War missions...  But just as Mutty had finished telling his  guests about his involvement with his own  group of Hero Hounds...... THE FREEDOMS FUR..... he heard the phone ringing in the Hall.  Excusing himself he left his guests, moments later he returned asking that Canine America please come to the Telephone.  Taking The Canine Captain to Hall, Mutty quickly withdrew.   Canine America thought nothing of this, he assumed that Lord Mutty was giving him some privacy to talk on the Telephone.

Moments later Canine America burst back into the Dinning Room and informed the other Invade-dogs about the trouble in London.  As the team prepared to leave the Manor House, Barky reminded Canine America that they better inform his Lordship of why they had had to leave so quickly.  BUT where was Lord Mutty ?   when Canine America had returned to the Dinning Room after his phone call,  his Lordship was not there.  Time was of the essence, so the Star Spangled Hero started to write a quick note for their  host.

" IS THAT FOR ME ? " came Lord Muttys Voice from behind him,

" YES" replied Canine America turning around expecting to see Lord Mutty........ However instead of seeing his Lordship, what Canine America and the other Invade-dogs saw was the  Colourful Uniform of THE UNION JACK RUSSELL


" YES, IT WOULD BE AN HONOUR SIR ! " replied Canine America.


With that the 5 Invade-dogs and The Union Jack Russell raced towards the location of  Prince Namutt's  Wonderful Flying Craft .... and within minutes the group were on their way to LONDON

As the craft flew out of sight, an angry Baron Bloodhound cursed to himself.  His dear Brother had decided to go play Hero Again and so had escaped the plans Jaw-on had made for him....removing his false teeth, and exposing his FANGS, the Baron smiled..... never mind ....... Dearest Jaw-kie is still at home,  I am sure I can think of something we can do. Maybe she will want to join me in a late night bite to drink, he thought to himself as he did he started to laugh.

What will happen to Lady Jaw-howling Furs-ton ?     find out next time.


Tuesday, 17 January 2012


When we last left the story The Original Hero Hound from WW1 THE UNION JACK RUSSELL aka Lord Mutty Furs-wolf had met The Invade-Hounds who had been brought to see him by his daughter Lady Jaw-Howling Furs-wolf.  Whist living in London, Lady Jaw-kie had been attacked by Baron Bloodhound, but saved from being bitten by the Vampire by a lucky encounter with The Canine Torch Jaw-aimes Hamm-Hound.    Neither Lady Jaw-kie, or the Torch knew who or what her attacked was, but she asked the Torch to accompany her to her Fathers home at Fur-wolf Manor in the Country . The Torch agreed to go, but asked if he could also bring the other members of the team.  Lady Jaw-kie agreed, as she wanted to meet the Famed Invade-Dogs, Especially Canine America who she had a secret crush on.

Back at Furs-wolf Manor,  the Furs-wolfs and their Invade-Hound guests where just preparing to go into dinner when another guest arrived.......... Lord Muttys nephew.....Jaw-on Furs-wolf Junior, who was in fact Lord Mutty's Vampire Brother Jaw-on ( who was also known as Baron Bloodhound..  and The Attacker of Lady Jaw-kie.  BUT at this time no body new any of this..... well not fully. )  Even Scooby Doo could have worked this one out sooner.

The story continues.......

Lady Jaw-kie was suspicious of her new Cousin, as she had never see or heard of him before.  Her father then explained......

Many months before, Lord Mutty  he had received a letter from someone claiming to be the son of his brother Jaw-on,  who had run away from home in 1913.   Jaw-on  Furs-wolf had been in his early 20's at the time he had vanished in Europe. The letter said that he had married, but  his wife had died in child birth a year later whilst giving birth to puppy who was named Jaw-on Junior after his father.
Lord Mutty on hearing that his estranged brother had now died recently in a bombing raid invited his nephew to come and stay with him.... he kept this a secret from his daughter as he wanted to surprise her.

When Jaw-on Junior turned up  a few weeks later at Furs-wolf manor, Lord Mutty could not believe how much like his dear brother his nephew was. Apart from the Larger Teeth and the pale skin, he would have believed in was Brother Jaw-on.......but that would be impossible   Jaw-on Junior looked like he was in his mid twenty's, where brother Jo-aw-on if he was still alive would be nearly Fifty years old.   Lord Mutty had a Photo of his brother and when he compared the new comer and the photograph there was no doubt that the stranger was no strange at all.   IT WAS JAW-ON'S SON !

                    COMPARING A PHOTO OF JAW-ON FROM 1913 WITH HIS SON IN 1941

To help disguise himself, Jaw-on used make up to freshen his skin, false teeth to hide his fangs and coloured glass eye covers. These items had been developed by the Woofzi scientist to help with the Baron's disguise. The Vampire Baron's skin was now white and grey, and even with the addition of the new secret serum that gave the Baron the ability to walk in the sun light again, it would still burn. So a lead based make up with a skin like pigment was applied that gave an extra bit of protection.....and a look of normality. The Baron's Fangs did not fully retract, so a special set of false teeth were also constructed. Finally The Baron had Yellow blood shot eyes, the secret Serum did reduce the effects, but not completely.... so a special set of glass lenses were constructed. This was years before the world had every heard or seen contact lenses. These ones were painful to wear and would damage the eyes of an everyday canine...... but The Baron was dead after all so the risks were minimal. The Baron could pass as a living Canine, BUT would this fool his brother. Luck for him IT DID !


 Lord Mutty had much sympathy with his nephew as he too had recently lost his wife Lady Jane in a bombing raid, so for the young Jaw-on to loose his father in a similar way was tragic. As Lord Mutty lapped up Jaw-on's story, Jaw-on smiled as he knew that his "Dear Uncle's"  beloved wife a few weeks earlier had died in an Air Raid in London.    He had planned to kill her anyway, but using her death to help get him into his brother company again was pure genius he thought.

Jaw-on now set about executing  the next part of his plan, to kill Lord Mutty's daughter, and then locate and kill Bri-Hound Furs-wolf, who he knew was living in Germany,  Once he had done that he would Kill his Brother and become Lord Jaw-on Furs-wolf.... the 13th DUKE of  WOLFEN...... but not before destroying  his brother with the facts that he Jaw-on  had killed Mutty's beloved children.

As they all sat down to eat dinner at Furs-wolf Manor the conversation got onto what had happened to Lady Jaw-kie and her encounter with the Mystery Monster.   Jaw-on smiled to himself as Jaw-kie and the Canine Torch told their tale. They described in detail what  the monster looked like , down to describing his fowl smelling breath.   Jaw-on was enjoying this very much.   During the conversation Lord Mutty became very agitated.  He looked at his daughter and said "  I KNOW WHO THAT MONSTER WAS ! "


" HOW DID YOU COME TO KNOW SUCH A PERSON ? "  Sneered Jaw-on , very interested to hear this answer.

" I MET HIM DURING WW1 " ( That's World Woof 1)......." HE WAS AN ENEMY OF GREAT BRITAIN, AND I THOUGHT I HAD KILLED HIM ! " continued Lord Mutty.

" WHAT ! " shouted Jaw-on..... standing up and knocking over a bottle of wine.

" CALM DOWN COUSIN " said Lady Jaw-kie  "

Sitting down Jaw-on looked at his "uncle" and asked "  HOW DID YOU TRY TO KILL HIM DEAR UNCLE AND WHEN ? "

" WITH A SILVER DAGGER, IT WAS 1918 AND AT THE TIME I WAS KNOWN AS...... THE UNION JACK RUSSELL ! "    came the reply from Lord Mutty

" YOU WERE THE UNION JACK RUSSELL ! " exclaimed Jaw-on



With that Lord Mutty told the tale of his life as a Masked Hero Hound during the War. Jaw-kie and  most of the Invade-dogs could not take their eye's off of Lord Mutty as he continued his story of War Time Wonder.


Toto, The Canine Torches young partner  kept glancing at The Lord's nephew during the story, was he mistaken, but was Jaw-on starting to look a little bit  annoyed ?  He must be wrong, or was he ?

Find out next time what happens next.


Saturday, 14 January 2012


Whilst living or is that UN-living in Berlin,  Baron Bloodhound was never totally free from his Master Count Vladi-Dog Drac-Howler.   Drac-howler still weak from his years of imprisonment by his Nemesis Jaw-nathound Barker instructed his disciple to travel to England to punish its people for the acts of those of  Jaw-nathound Barker.

This the Baron did with out question, as he wanted to return to England anyway....... and with the help of the resources of Drac-howler it made it much more simpler. He was the living dead after all, so travelling with a Coffin especially at War time could be tricky and could lead to questions that he did not want to answer.

Arriving in England at the End pf 1917 the Baron began his task of causing as much destruction and upset as possible.   He had now acquired a Costume which  added to the over all look of fear and terror he wanted his victims to have to enjoy. ALSO it allowed him greater control over his flight and gave him a mask to hide behind.  Even Vampires sometime want to have a secret identity to hide behind.

During this time he first came into conflict with The Union Jack Russell.  Mutty Furs-wolf aka The Union Jack Russell had returned from the front line of the battle Fields in France to help address some of the saboteur acts and strange happening s that were being caused by agents of the German Kaiser.  Union Jack Russell had a few run ins with Baron Blood aka Jaw-on Furs-wolf, neither of whom knew that they were actually BROTHERS. Why should they, it had been years since the two of them had seen each other, They both wore Masks, and both used phony voices....... The Baron a German Accent, and his brother a more toned down version of his upper class English  one.  More " Guald Blimey Mary Poppins ! "  than " Toodle Pip old Chap ! "
During their final battle,  Union Jack Russell knowing that his Silver Dagger had some effect on his Vampire foe,  stabbed Baron Bloodhound through the heart.  Although not sufficient to kill him, the Baron would end up taking to his coffin for many months to recover.  

By the time that Baron Bloodhound was fit enough to go looking for revenge the War was over, and the British RED WHITE & BLUE Hero Hound had disappeared. With no further need to be in Britain, Jaw-on Furs-wolf returned to Germany.

Between the wars Mutty went back to his life, he married his first love Jane and they started their own family.  A son Bri-hound followed by a daughter Jac-howling..... He eventually inherited his fathers title and estate on his fathers death.   As no trace was ever found of his brother Jaw-on, the family lawyers declared that he must have died or had been killed during  W W1  (World Woof 1)  so the family business reverted over to Mutty as his sole surviving heir. The lawyers did trace a number of debts that Jaw-on had incurred after he had run away to Europe, and to keep the family name free from any scandal, Lord Mutt-gomery Furs-worth instructed these to be settled, as his father had done many times before for Jaw-on.

By 1932 the Baron was still residing in Germany, watching the rise to power of a certain Ad-wolf Hit-fur.  The Baron liked the promise of a NEW Germanic republic..... and thought that he could play a part in the new Reich. Around this time  Baron Bloodhound discovered that he, or should I say Jaw-on Furs-wolf had been declared dead.  This maddened him, OK he was in fact dead, but this was no reason for his dear brother to rob him of his inheritance once again.   The Baron knew he could not go to England and declare himself alive., there would be a few problems that he would have to address first.

 1/ where he had been ?      2/  Why he had not aged ?  He had died (become a vampire)  aged 23, that was in  he still looked 23..... when in fact he was now in his  40's (or should have been).   3/ He was a Vampire, so he could  not existing in day light hours, a real problem if you hope of  doing any business and travelling.   and 4/  His pale grayish skin and his yellow and red eyes would cause some suspicion, if not to his Family but to others.    For now The Baron knew he could not attempt to regain his inheritance, but he was not one to give up.

He offered his assistance to the new Woofzi Party, and soon found himself working as an assassin and spy for them.  He used his connections and influence to gather as much knowledge he could to find some type of cure for his "condition".  He would meet many strange and wonderful German mad  scientists over the next few years, and although a cure could not be found for his deceased Vampire state, he had his abilities and his strength increased 10 fold.  Although he would never to be a match for the likes of older Vampires like " his maker"  Count Drac-howler, he was now one of the more powerful Vampires in existence. This had come at a price...... he looked more Vampiric than before. His skin was now deadly Gray, his eyes forever blood shot and his fangs now did not completely retract.  A small price to pay for such power thought the Baron.

Still he could not have the one thing he wanted, The ability to walk in the Sun Light Again...... but this was about to change.

This part of the story has gone full circle...... next time we return to 1941 when Jaw-on returns into the life of his Brother Mutty,  Baron Bloodhound encounters the Invade-Hounds...... and the UNION JACK RUSSELL come out of retirement



Thursday, 12 January 2012


When Jaw-on Furs-wolf stole money from his Father and he fled to France, it  was 1913..  and many months before the first rumblings of war.  Jaw-on was young and had expensive tastes. It was not very long before he had exhausted all of his ill gotten gains.   He used his breeding and social standing as the son of an English Lord to borrow money and goods from anyone stupid enough to lend it to him.  He did not care what terms or conditions may have been attached....... he had no intention of paying anyone back anyway.

PARIS 1913       IT'S PARTY TIME !

  This continued until he ended up owing money to the wrong person. Unable to pay his debts Jaw-on moved on again, this time deeper into Eastern Europe. He had thought about settling for a time in Germany, as he had distant relatives living there from his Mother's side of the family, BUT as War looked like it was to erupt soon, he moved to the Austria-Hungarian boarders.

 He had heard rumours of riches that existed in many of the old castles and stately  homes in that part of Europe.  Jaw-on believed if he could find such riches he would be able to obtain them for himself,  after all  he was an English Gentleman from a titled Family,   who would suspect him as being a con man let alone a thief and a Cheat. His expensive education had given him the ability to speak various European Languages...... so all of Europe was assessable to him.

As the war gathered pace, Jaw-on used this as an opportunity to start dealing in black market goods.  Most of them stolen of course.  He had some success in finding rich home owners to fleece , but as of yet he had not found a castle full of treasure.

A chance discussion with a local land owner in the Carpathian Mountains furnished Jaw-on with the information that a castle on the borders of Bukovina, Moldavia and Transylvania  could hold the treasures he was looking for. The local filled Jaw-on's head with stories of wealth and treasures that the owner had amassed over the years.  Gold  and silver in every room. All ready to be plundered believed Jaw-on.  without delay he set forth for Castle Drac-howler.


What happened next is unknown, but what is thought is Jaw-on arrived to find the Castle nothing but a run down empty shell..... no treasure of any sort to be found. However young Jaw-on was a resourceful young chap after all, and when he found a locked door deep in the catacombs under the Castle he though he stuck the Jackpot....  but again inside the fortified room was nothing but a large casket sized box which had been secured by many chains.  Thinking that it must contain something of value he broke open the steel locks. He  took a deep breath and opened the lid.  This was the last ever breath he would take..... as a living thing that is.

Why the Vampire Count Drac-howler  did not kill Jaw-on was not certain, Maybe after many years imprisoned in his casket deep under the Castle, Count Drac-holwer required more than just blood, maybe he needed a servant or flunky to help him. Draining Jaw-on's blood, Drac-howler created a new  Vampire in the process .  What is known is that Dracula kept Jaw-on by his side for many months... in that time Jaw-on learnt from his new master all there was to know about being a Vampire.

How Jaw-on escaped the clutches of the Count is unclear, but by late 1916 Jaw-on was hunting his prey on the streets of Berlin Alone ! .  He had renamed himself Baron Bloodhound, and had started to hide his English Accent beneath a fake  Hungarian - Austrian one.  This fitted his new character better.   Jaw-on Furs-wolf was dead, killed by Count Drac-howler.......... Now he was Baron Bloodhound  ..... son of the Lord of Vampires ........ Count Drac-howler.


Next time Baron Bloodhound goes to war.


Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Whilst operating in London  Baron BLOODHOUND could cover up his Victims deaths easily, but now he was forced to hunt his prey outside the Capital. In the rural country side he would need to be more careful. This he did but the local Police Force started to get suspicious of the many unexplained deaths and disappearances around the village of FURS-WOLFEN...... BUT he needed to be in that area,  as this was where FURS-WOLF MANOR was.  Since the death of his beloved wife Lady Jane, this was the home of Lord Mutt-gomery Furs-wolf, Baron Bloodhounds older brother.

The Barons plan was simple..... first he would kill every one close to his dear brother, and when the time was right and his brother Mutty was left broken and without family.... the Baron would kill him too. This would allow the Baron to him to take the place of his hated older brother as the NEW LORD FURS-WOLF. A position he believed was rightfully his.

Long before he had become a vampire, the Baron was just Master Jaw-on Furs-wolf the second son of the then Lord JAW-AIMES Furs-wolf. 11TH Duke of Wolfen  Jaw-on knew at a Young age that his fathers title and estate would automatically pass to his older brother Mutt-gomery on his Fathers death.  This was how it had been done for hundred of years.   This meant that brother Mutty would one day be Lord and master of Furs-wolf Manor and have the wealth and power that went along with it.  Jaw-on hated his brother for this, and wanted nothing more than to see his brother dead so he could be the next Lord of the Manor once his Father had died.

Both siblings began to fight and disagree over this fact,  Mutty tried his best to be a good brother to Jaw-on, but this did little to stop Jaw-on from attempting to hurt Mutty at every opportunity.  Their Father Lord Jaw-aimes decided to separate the two boys.  He knew that the problem laid mainly with Jaw-on and his feelings that he was 2nd best to his older brother.   As a result Jaw-on was sent away to school, and was given the best education opportunities possible.  Mutty & Jaw-on's Father understood why his younger son hated his older brother, and tried to explain that although Mutty would go on to be the next Lord Furs-wolf, he would be limited in future life choices and experiences.  Whilst Jaw-on could be what ever he wanted to be..... He could Travel, he could explore, he could make his own destiny.   Whilst his brother Mutty's life was to have limitations due to the responsibility running the estate and restraints of being responsible for the good name and reputation of  an age old British family. Old Lord Furs-wolf set up a large trust fund for his younger son, also he made arrangements that the family business would transfer to his younger son on his own death. This was done with the blessing of Master Mutty as felt it was only right that if he was to receive his Fathers Title and the Manor House and Estate,  his little brother Jaw-on should  have the family business.

Over the next 10 years the two brother never spoke, Mutty tried but Jaw-on still resented his older brother.  Mutty learnt from his Father what was expected and how he should act  when he would one day become  the next Lord Furs-wolf, and would be educated at home........ Jaw-on on the other hand wasted every opportunity he was given. He was thrown out of every school he attended for lying and cheating...... he  ran up debts and embarrassed his family at every opportunity. It was 1914 and In under 5 years he had exhausted all of the money in his trust fund..... and had run up debts of over £200,000.  He demanded more money from his father, but when his father refused to settle his debts again, a maddened Jaw-on stole money from his fathers business and ran away to Europe.  Old Lord Furs-wolf asked his son Mutty to go to Europe to find his brother and bring him home, but  War erupted in Europe a few months later, so Mutty unable to find Jaw-on was forced to return home. Old Lord Furs-wolf settled his son's debts and made arrangements to repay the monies his son had stolen from the family business.

In the coming months Mutty would enlist as a Captain in the British Army with his Fathers blessing, but would never reach the trenches as  Captain Mutt-gomery Fur-wolf..... when he took his place in the theatre of war he had become the Masked Hero called The UNION JACK -RUSSELL





Tuesday, 10 January 2012


When we last left our story, The Vampire Woofzi agent, Baron Bloodhound had returned to England on a mission for his Leader,,,,,, AD-WOLF HIT-FUR.  The Baron used this as an opportunity to hunt down and destroy the two people he hated the most...... His Brother and his arch Nemesis, The Hero Hound of W W 1 .......................THE UNION JACK- RUSSELL

As the Baron Had no idea who the Union Jack Russell was he decided to first go after the family of his brother. Fate had robbed him of claiming his brothers wife as his first Victim, so he moved on to his brothers daughter.  Locating her in London he waited for the ideal time to kill her, but as he attempted to bite her neck and drain the blood from her body he was interrupted and scared away by the America Hero, The Artificial Robotic Flaming Mutt.... THE CANINE TORCH.

The Canine Torch along with the other Invade-dogs had only that day arrived in London. They had finally relocated to England on the request of the UK Prime Mutt-ister Winston Chuchound. Whilst Canine America, Barky and Toto now dressed in their civilian clothes went for some R & R in the West End of London, the Canine Torch feeling left out went to explore the East End of London. The Sub-Mutt-rina also had declined to join the others so he could  spend sometime alone, in the waters of the River Thames.  Whilst 3 of the Invade dogs were Fully Canine, Prince Namutt was only half canine and half Dog-fish  and needed to spend some time each day under the water to help recharge his energy.  Jaws Hamm-hound although looking Canine, was in fact an artificial being. And as such there were times he  could feel some what ill at ease around proper canines. He looked Canine, he talked like a Canine, he even walked like a Canine BUT  after all was said and done, he was a Robotic Artificial copy of a Canine

The Torch not   joining the others proved to be a Lucky Break for The Baron's intended victim that night. When The Torch first laid his eyes on the Mystery Blond,  he realised that she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.   He had never felt this type of emotion before.   He had fallen in love with Lady Jaw-howling Furs-wolf ( Jaw-kie to her friends).   BUT did she feel the same about HIM ?


Lady Jaw-kie  told the Torch that her Father may know who it was who attacked her.  She asked him to come with her to her Fathers home in the country. The Canine Torch said he would accompany her , But he wanted to bring the other Invade-hounds too.  Lady Jaw-kie agreed.

On arriving at Furs-Wolf  Manor the 5 Invade-Hounds plus Lady Jaw-kie were greeted by Lord Mutt-gormery, Jaw-kie's father himself. He invited them in eager to hear about his daughters near fatal meeting with the mystery assassin. Over drinks his Lordship invited all of the hero hounds to stay for dinner later that evening........ Canine America accepted on behalf of his team.

Lord Mutty was happy that his beloved daughter was back with him at home.  He told her that he had worried that he may have lost her as he did her Mother Jane in the London Blitz a few weeks previous.  Lady Jaw-kie said that she would miss her war work in London, BUT had made arrangements to help out down at the local village  with their war effort instead. This way she could help her father plus do her bit for the country in time of war.

Since saving the beautiful Lady Jaw-kie, The Canine Torch had fallen head over heals in love with her, however as pleasant as she was to him, she had eyes for another of the Hero Hounds. Canine America.  She used every chance and opportunity  she had to talk to Red white and blue clad hero. She explained that she had been following his career since the time he first appeared  in the previous year.   Canine America was a little bit embarrassed by the knowledge that this young person had about him, but still like any male he enjoyed the female attention, especially from a very headstrong and confident  person such as she.

Just as the group prepared to go into Dinner, there was a loud  knock at the front door.   Lord Mutty announced that the final guest had now arrived.   Lady Jaw-kie enquired to who he had invited.  Her Father just smiled and said.... its a long lost member of the Family.

"Is it my Brother Bri-hound ?" asked Jaw-kie, her face beaming with a wide smile.

NO ! snapped her Father, "It is not my traitorous son, It is my Nephew, your cousin JAW-ON FURS-WOLF Junior. "

At that moment the door opened an a pale thin Young man walked in .  he walked up to Lady Jaw-kie and said "Hello Cousin Jaw-kie, I have been dying  to meet you for such a long time."


Cousin Jaw-on  attempted to kiss his cousin on the cheek, but Jaw-kie put out her paw. Jaw-on then took hold of his cousins paw and kissed it instead. "My My dear cousin, you smell so nice, good enough to eat  " laughed Jaw-on.

Turning away and facing her father, Lady Jaw-kie enquired..... "Who is this person, Papa ? "

"It is my brother Jaw-on's son, and he has just returned from Europe to escape the War. He will be staying with us for the foreseeable future. !" " Please make him welcome ! " continued Lord Mutty

Lady Jaw-kie turned and looked at this stranger, was he really her cousin ?    she had the feeling they had meet before.......but where and when ?

 Find out next time the Truth behind long lost cousin Jaw-on, and why he had now returned to the family home.


Sunday, 8 January 2012


Baron Bloodhound, The Vampiric Hound from Hell had indeed returned.  He had given up his search for The Union Jack-Russell who he had been hunting since 1919.  It was now 1941 and whilst his hatred for The Red White & Blue clad WW1 hero was still fresh in his mind, he knew that it was possible that The Canine behind the Union Jack -Russell mask was now either an old man, or DEAD. The Baron  was still unaware WHO the mystery mutt was or that The Union Jack-Russell had in fact retired from active service in 1919.


Like he had been with the German Canine Kaiser in WW 1, the Baron was a supporter of the New Leader of Germany....... The Fur-ier AD-WOLF HIT-FUR.   Although not a Germanic born hound, he hated the English way of life. The Baron had been recruited personally by  the Woofzi leader to act as an saboteur,  he was given the task to go to England and cause havoc and  destruction. The Baron accepted, this would give him the opportunity to seek and two people he most hated, His Brother and his enemy The Union Jack Russell. Also Hit-fur had given The Baron a little gift that his Woofzi scientists had developed especially for the Vampire Baron.  The Gift would enable Baron Bloodhound to walk in the day light once again.

When the Baron had arrived in England, he travelled to London, where his brother and his family were  then located .  His first victim was to be  his brothers wife, but unfortunately she died before he could bite her.  She was a fatality of a stray bomb that fell on the hospital where she had worked.

The Baron was a vampire and as such he needed to drink blood to survive. Originally he had based himself in London, where he could cover up any murders he committed. hiding his victims amongst the many bodies that had been caused due to the bombings by the Woofzi Air force. BUT now he would need to move location, as his brother had now moved into the country side to grieve over the death of his wife. BUT before the Baron could go in search of his brother, he had one more target in mind........  His brother's Daughter, and she was still living in London.

Baron Bloodhound had been watching his niece for many days, she had started doing some support work for the local Home Guard unit in Central London. Tonight was to be her last night as she had decided to move back home to look after her father after the recent death of her mother.  Whilst she was on her way home after her shift the Baron attacked her.  She managed at first to escape him but eventually he managed to grab hold of her, but as he attempted to bite her and drain the blood from her young neck,  he was driven away from the blast from a large  flaming fire ball.   The Baron turned to look at his attacker to find it was none other than American Hero Hound,  THE CANINE TORCH.  


A second, then third fire ball hit the vampire, who then fled as he was unprepared to fight this strange new enemy.

With the Vampire now gone, The Canine Torch flamed off, and went to help the young victim of the attack.   She was thankful to him for his help and asked him his name.  The Torch taken aback with the beauty of the young lady said " Hi my name is JAWS HAMM-HOUND"   to which the beautiful blond girl replied " Hello, my name is Jaw-kie,  Lady Jaw-howling Furs-Wolf, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Mr Hamm-hound, and thank you for saving my life.

"What and who was that monster that was attacking you ?" asked The Torch

"I do not know" replied Lady Jaw-Howling, but I think that my father can help identify him.

More next Time.


Saturday, 7 January 2012


Whilst the Invade-dogs were based in England, they met a British Born Hero Hound dressed in RED WHITE & BLUE....... He was called  The UNION JACK RUSSELL


This Blue Blooded Brit was in fact LORD MUTT-GOMERY  FURS-WOLF, who had been a costumed hero hound since W W 1 ( That is WORLD WOOF 1 ) He was recruited during 1914 by the British Army who wanted a symbol to help rally the troops in Europe and strike terror in the Canine Kaisers Army. Although he did not process any special powers, he was a dab hand at  PAW to PAW conflict, and an expert with both his trusty revolver and dagger. He became the personification of all that was British.  During his active duty in war torn Europe. During this time The Union Jack -Russell came face to face Baron Bloodhound, a German agent who was also a vampire.  Union Jack - Russell managed with the help of his trusty silver dagger,  to defeat the Vampire Baron Bloodhound during their last battle at the  later part of  WW 1, this would not be the last time these two would meet. Baron Bloodhound vowed to destroy the British Hero Hound, but he would have to wait as once the War was over, The Union Jack-Russell returned to England and Vanished.


 By the end of WW 1  Union Jack-Russell had become disillusioned with War and conflict, and when Peace finally came to the world in 1918,  Lord Furs-Wolf  decided to hang up his Union Jack-Russell costume forever and return to the family business and his Estate at Furs-wolf Manor.

In the years between the wars Lord Mutt-gomery Furs-Wolf or Mutty to his friends settled down and married his sweet heart Jane.   He and the new Lady Furs-wolf had two children,   Bri-hound and Jaw-howling.


Things were good for a time , but during the mid 1930's  as news of another possible war in Europe started to circulate  with the rise to power of Ad-wolf Hit-Fur. Lord Mutty found that he and his teenaged son Bri-hound started to clash over what the British People should do about Hit-fur and his Woofzi followers. Things got so bad that Bri-hound against his fathers wishes decided to travel to Germany along with  Ruff Aubarky, his best friend and secret lover.  Lord Mutty lost contact with his son, and believed that Bri-hound must have become a Woofzi supporter, and as a result Mutty decided to disown him.

As the months went on War was declared  and both Lord and Lady Furs-wolf did their bit for the War effort.  Mutty did some work for the war office, whilst his darling wife Lady Furs-wolf worked in a hospital in London.  Their daughter Jaw-howling or Jaw-kie to her friends assisted the local Home Guard regiment.

Tragedy  soon struck the Furs-wolf Family, Firstly in 1941  Lady Jane  Furs-wolf was killed during an Air-raid in London. This affected Lord Mutty badly, and hid away at the country home, Furs-wolf Manor deep in sadness and grief.  He had lost his wife, and had recently received information that his own son Bri-hound had been photographed in Berlin with Ad-Wolf Hit-Fur himself.  This caused him great shame, and it was only the care and support of his daughter Jaw-kie that stopped Mutty from having a complete breakdown. Soon he started to return to his War Work, and opened his home to the War Office, and offered his help to Prime Mutt-ister Winston Churchound. Many secret meetings were held at the Manor which  involved many of the Generals from the British and Allied Armed Forces . This was a perfect place for secret meetings. Away from the dangers of the Blitz, and away from any Woofzi spies.

During one of these meetings Lord Mutty received information that some murders and disappearances had happened in the local area. He was shocked when he realised that this could be the work of his WW1 adversary the Vampire Baron Bloodhound. BUT before he could investigate more...................

An attempt was made on the life of his beloved daughter Jaw-kie

More next time..................


Friday, 6 January 2012


By 1941 America Had joined the fight against Hit-Fur and his Woofzi's

                          President FDR           AD-WOLF HIT-FUR         Prime Mutt-ister  Churchound

The new team of Hero Hounds named The INVADE-DOGS by British Prime-Mutt-ister Winston Churchound, were originally operating out of the United States.

Whilst on home ground they ended up battling the Likes of U-MUTT and The Red Skully-Wagg.

U-MUTT terror of the Seven Sea's

 BUT  once a new home land team had formed, The Liberty Lickers (more about those later this week) The Invade-dogs under the leadership of Canine America transferred to ENGLAND and closer to the fighting in Europe.

Although mainly a group of American Citizens, ( Only Prince Namutt has not an US Citizen ) the Invade-dogs took their orders from Winston Churchound with the blessing of the US President FDR.  It was not long before Canine America, Barky, The Canine Torch, Toto and The Sub-Mut-rina were joined by a home grown  British Hero Hound.

He was called The UNION JACK RUSSELL.

You can meet him next time.


Thursday, 5 January 2012


During W W 2 ( That is World Woof  2 )  a group of hero hounds rose up to battle the Evil dictator AD-WOLF HIT-FUR and his army of WOOFZI supporters.

In 1941 Herr or is it Hair Hit -Fur sent an assassin to kill the then English Bull Dog leader,  Winston Churchound.

This assassin was the Woofzi Super Soldier call MASTER MUTT.     Wolfhound Lohmutt was an America born of German parents. He was a supporter of Hit-fur and joined the Woofzi party. He was a weak and frail hound, but after he was subjected to a similar process that created Canine America, Wolfhound became MASTER MUTT the first of a Race of Master beings. His first mission given him by his Furry-er Hit-Fur was to kill the British Prime Mutt-ister Winston Churchound.

A group of American Hero Hound received news of the plot and together they prevented Master Mutt from killing Prime Mutt-ister Winston Churchound.  These heroes hounds where...... The Robotic Hound of Fire....THE ORIGINAL CANINE TORCH, his young adopted pup TOTO, the Flaming Pup......

 King of the Seven Seas. Prince Namutt, THE SUB-MUTTRINA

... and the Newly empowered sent hound of liberty....CANINE AMERICA  along with his young partner BARKY

So impressed with them and there amazing powers, Winston Churchound begged that they all stay together and become a fighting force based in England and Europe to help appose the Evil HIT-FUR.  The Hero Hounds agreed ...... and the INVADE-DOGS were born.



Wednesday, 4 January 2012

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All this week we are goung back in time...................

Here is a little hint

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