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When we last left our story, The Vampire Woofzi agent, Baron Bloodhound had returned to England on a mission for his Leader,,,,,, AD-WOLF HIT-FUR.  The Baron used this as an opportunity to hunt down and destroy the two people he hated the most...... His Brother and his arch Nemesis, The Hero Hound of W W 1 .......................THE UNION JACK- RUSSELL

As the Baron Had no idea who the Union Jack Russell was he decided to first go after the family of his brother. Fate had robbed him of claiming his brothers wife as his first Victim, so he moved on to his brothers daughter.  Locating her in London he waited for the ideal time to kill her, but as he attempted to bite her neck and drain the blood from her body he was interrupted and scared away by the America Hero, The Artificial Robotic Flaming Mutt.... THE CANINE TORCH.

The Canine Torch along with the other Invade-dogs had only that day arrived in London. They had finally relocated to England on the request of the UK Prime Mutt-ister Winston Chuchound. Whilst Canine America, Barky and Toto now dressed in their civilian clothes went for some R & R in the West End of London, the Canine Torch feeling left out went to explore the East End of London. The Sub-Mutt-rina also had declined to join the others so he could  spend sometime alone, in the waters of the River Thames.  Whilst 3 of the Invade dogs were Fully Canine, Prince Namutt was only half canine and half Dog-fish  and needed to spend some time each day under the water to help recharge his energy.  Jaws Hamm-hound although looking Canine, was in fact an artificial being. And as such there were times he  could feel some what ill at ease around proper canines. He looked Canine, he talked like a Canine, he even walked like a Canine BUT  after all was said and done, he was a Robotic Artificial copy of a Canine

The Torch not   joining the others proved to be a Lucky Break for The Baron's intended victim that night. When The Torch first laid his eyes on the Mystery Blond,  he realised that she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.   He had never felt this type of emotion before.   He had fallen in love with Lady Jaw-howling Furs-wolf ( Jaw-kie to her friends).   BUT did she feel the same about HIM ?


Lady Jaw-kie  told the Torch that her Father may know who it was who attacked her.  She asked him to come with her to her Fathers home in the country. The Canine Torch said he would accompany her , But he wanted to bring the other Invade-hounds too.  Lady Jaw-kie agreed.

On arriving at Furs-Wolf  Manor the 5 Invade-Hounds plus Lady Jaw-kie were greeted by Lord Mutt-gormery, Jaw-kie's father himself. He invited them in eager to hear about his daughters near fatal meeting with the mystery assassin. Over drinks his Lordship invited all of the hero hounds to stay for dinner later that evening........ Canine America accepted on behalf of his team.

Lord Mutty was happy that his beloved daughter was back with him at home.  He told her that he had worried that he may have lost her as he did her Mother Jane in the London Blitz a few weeks previous.  Lady Jaw-kie said that she would miss her war work in London, BUT had made arrangements to help out down at the local village  with their war effort instead. This way she could help her father plus do her bit for the country in time of war.

Since saving the beautiful Lady Jaw-kie, The Canine Torch had fallen head over heals in love with her, however as pleasant as she was to him, she had eyes for another of the Hero Hounds. Canine America.  She used every chance and opportunity  she had to talk to Red white and blue clad hero. She explained that she had been following his career since the time he first appeared  in the previous year.   Canine America was a little bit embarrassed by the knowledge that this young person had about him, but still like any male he enjoyed the female attention, especially from a very headstrong and confident  person such as she.

Just as the group prepared to go into Dinner, there was a loud  knock at the front door.   Lord Mutty announced that the final guest had now arrived.   Lady Jaw-kie enquired to who he had invited.  Her Father just smiled and said.... its a long lost member of the Family.

"Is it my Brother Bri-hound ?" asked Jaw-kie, her face beaming with a wide smile.

NO ! snapped her Father, "It is not my traitorous son, It is my Nephew, your cousin JAW-ON FURS-WOLF Junior. "

At that moment the door opened an a pale thin Young man walked in .  he walked up to Lady Jaw-kie and said "Hello Cousin Jaw-kie, I have been dying  to meet you for such a long time."


Cousin Jaw-on  attempted to kiss his cousin on the cheek, but Jaw-kie put out her paw. Jaw-on then took hold of his cousins paw and kissed it instead. "My My dear cousin, you smell so nice, good enough to eat  " laughed Jaw-on.

Turning away and facing her father, Lady Jaw-kie enquired..... "Who is this person, Papa ? "

"It is my brother Jaw-on's son, and he has just returned from Europe to escape the War. He will be staying with us for the foreseeable future. !" " Please make him welcome ! " continued Lord Mutty

Lady Jaw-kie turned and looked at this stranger, was he really her cousin ?    she had the feeling they had meet before.......but where and when ?

 Find out next time the Truth behind long lost cousin Jaw-on, and why he had now returned to the family home.


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