Friday, 20 January 2012


Many dinners at Furs-wolf Manor  had been exceptional over the years, BUT those in the past could not compare to had happen tonight.


Firstly,  the Invade-dogs had been guests of honour, which does not happen every day. Secondly The Host declared that he too was a Masked Hero Hound, again this does not happen every day, and Thirdly one of the other guests just happened to be a Vampire, who was disguised as his own son...... who just happened to hate his brother, who just happen to be his arch Nemesis' alter ego....... That really does not happen every day.

Anyway, the fact that Lord Mutty's nephew was really his brother, who was now a Vampire called Baron Bloodhound, who was a German saboteur....... was still not known.   As the disguised Baron Bloodhound listen to his brothers tales of his life as The Union Jack Russell,  he could only think of how he was going to destroy his family and The Invade-dogs.   Something he was going to enjoy doing.

The hour was late and Lady Jaw-kie bored from her fathers WW1 tales, which she had heard many times before, made her excuses and went to bed. Soon Jaw-on decided that he too had enough of Lord Mutty's boasting of his War time deeds...... so he said his good nights and retired for the evening..... he said he was he  going to bed..... But he did not.   Instead he used a secret transmitter he had hidden in the house, and instructed some of his followers to stage an attack of sabotage in Central London. Once  this was underway, he instructed one of his followers to pretend to be the War Office and telephone Furs-wolf Manor and request the help of the Invade-dogs..   This would make the Hero Hounds rush back to London, Leaving Both Lord Mutty and Lady Jaw-kie  helpless when Baron Bloodhound struck.

When the call did come, Lord Mutty was still deep in conversation with the visiting Hero Hounds.  All of them Especially Canine America could not get enough of Lord Mutty's tales of his Great War missions...  But just as Mutty had finished telling his  guests about his involvement with his own  group of Hero Hounds...... THE FREEDOMS FUR..... he heard the phone ringing in the Hall.  Excusing himself he left his guests, moments later he returned asking that Canine America please come to the Telephone.  Taking The Canine Captain to Hall, Mutty quickly withdrew.   Canine America thought nothing of this, he assumed that Lord Mutty was giving him some privacy to talk on the Telephone.

Moments later Canine America burst back into the Dinning Room and informed the other Invade-dogs about the trouble in London.  As the team prepared to leave the Manor House, Barky reminded Canine America that they better inform his Lordship of why they had had to leave so quickly.  BUT where was Lord Mutty ?   when Canine America had returned to the Dinning Room after his phone call,  his Lordship was not there.  Time was of the essence, so the Star Spangled Hero started to write a quick note for their  host.

" IS THAT FOR ME ? " came Lord Muttys Voice from behind him,

" YES" replied Canine America turning around expecting to see Lord Mutty........ However instead of seeing his Lordship, what Canine America and the other Invade-dogs saw was the  Colourful Uniform of THE UNION JACK RUSSELL


" YES, IT WOULD BE AN HONOUR SIR ! " replied Canine America.


With that the 5 Invade-dogs and The Union Jack Russell raced towards the location of  Prince Namutt's  Wonderful Flying Craft .... and within minutes the group were on their way to LONDON

As the craft flew out of sight, an angry Baron Bloodhound cursed to himself.  His dear Brother had decided to go play Hero Again and so had escaped the plans Jaw-on had made for him....removing his false teeth, and exposing his FANGS, the Baron smiled..... never mind ....... Dearest Jaw-kie is still at home,  I am sure I can think of something we can do. Maybe she will want to join me in a late night bite to drink, he thought to himself as he did he started to laugh.

What will happen to Lady Jaw-howling Furs-ton ?     find out next time.


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