Friday, 20 May 2016

The New Teen Titans Part Eighteen..... Trigon Makes His Move.

Arella hated the fact that Raven was now under the tutorship of Azar. Arella could see that in Raven's eyes Azar was a Mother figure to her. Although due to her conditioning and training Raven was trained to suppress any emotion just in case this lead to her allowing her fathers evil influence to over whelm her..... Arella longed for her daughter to love her in the way she loved her daughter.

At the age of ten Azar passed away of old age. Before Azar died, she gave Raven a pair of rings that she herself had always worn. The rings held the original Azar’s essence. Raven was now placed in Arella's care, but by then Raven was unable and unwilling to show any aspect of love to her Mother.

Over the next several years, Raven felt her father's evil influence slowly growing inside of her. When she was eighteen-years-old, Raven felt compelled to enter the Temple of Azarath, and there  opened the Great Door and encountered her father for the very first time. This prompted Raven to manifest her sole self. The manifestation of the soul self confirmed that Raven was indeed the daughter of Trigon. This manifested essence did on one hand push Trigon back into his Dimension, but confirm her as the Daughter of Trigon.  This encounter allowed Trigon to  instilled more of his essence into Raven’s soul self, promising that she would eventually belong to him.

Opening the Great Door Raven;s Sole Self Manifests itself for the First Time

Raven knew that Trigon would not rest until he both conquered her and Earth. Knowing she was unable to stop Trigon alone, she herself went to Earth to form an alliance against the coming of Trigon. After being turned down help from the Justice League after their member Zantana sensed Raven herself was evil, Raven recruited the heroes what would become the New Teen Titans.
Raven shows the Teen Titans what would happen Trigon managed to come to Earth

They Young heroes agreed to help her, but Raven neglected to tell them the whole truth about her relationship to Trigon.

When the Titans learnt that Raven was the daughter of Trigon and had also manipulated Kid Flash into thinking he loved Raven, they abandoned her cause out of mistrust. But the teen heroes eventually learnt the horrible truth  about Raven from Arella who had too journeyed to Earth to aide her daughter.  Arella helped gather the young heroes to help Raven defeat her fiendish father.

Arella reunites the Teen Titans to help defeat Trigon

 The Titans finally manage to prevent Trigon’s invasion plans, as the demon was thrown into an inter-dimensional prison with Arella acting as a gatekeeper,  Raven herself would nearly be destroyed in the process, but her mothers sacrifice helped save her and her soul.

After Trigon’s defeat, The Teen Titans decided to remain a team. But despite her father’s banishment, Raven still fought to contain the darkness within her. On Azarath, she was taught to contain any emotions to prevent her evil side from taking control. And the presence of Kid Flash presented a real danger – as both Raven and Kid Flash aka Wally West shared a real and strong feeling for one another.
Being in love with the Daughter of a Demon was not always a lot of laughs.

 Unfortunately, it became increasingly difficult for Raven to contain her sadistic nature – and Kid Flash was there to witness her demonic outbursts from time to time. This, along with other factors, led him to eventually leave the group.
The Two Halves of Raven.

The evil of Trigon would eat away inside Raven for many years to come, as she would struggle constantly to stop herself completely being consumed by it. Trigon would return to attack the Teen Titans and his daughter, but that's another story for another time.

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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The New Teen Titans Part Eighteen. The Coming of Raven aka Bringing Up Baby

With the now Pregnant Angela Roth now abandoned and returned to Earth, Trigon continued to manipulate the Mother of his unborn child. This part of his plan was now to place his soon to be born Child in the ideal place so that it could be of use to him in his quest for complete domination. Trigon worried that Angela now knowing what he really was would try to hurt his child.

Angela was confused and annoyed at realising that  the future she had longed for, a good husband and a happy family, was nothing but a fake illusion. She wanted to be happy, but how could she with a child conceived by pure evil. She contemplated if she should or could go through with having this baby at all.

Angela realisation that her life was built on lies. She was really left holding the Baby !

 Knowing Angela's confused state of mind,   Trigon manipulated the his enemies the priests of Azarath to journey to Earth in search of Angela Roth. He knew that the mother of his soon-to-be child would be safe under the care of these pacifists. If they cared for his child they would not try to destroy it before he could use his offspring.  The Priest Guided by the sprite of their faith found Angela and after convincing her that they would be able to help her and her baby stay free of Trigon's Evil finally brought her to Azarath.
The Priests of Azarath invite Angela to go with them for protection and guidance.

Part of accepting her into their ranks they renamed Arella in order to hopefully free her from her unfortunate past.... They hoped Arella would be free of her old life as Angela. The name meaning of Arella in Azarathian  was The Messenger  Angel.
Angela Roth  "Reborn" as Arella

Not everyone in Azarath was pleased to know that the wife of Trigon was among them, let alone she was carrying his unborn child. Some worried that This so called Messenger  Angel could mean their destruction. The priests and ruling council of Azarath realised that should the child of Trigon be allowed to grow and be born on Earth, its existence would threaten all life on that planet, and indeed, the entire universe as well. Within their dimension Trigon had little power and they believed with their guidance maybe they could stop this child becoming evil...... and even a weapon to use against Trigon if needed.

Shortly thereafter, Arella gave birth to a daughter who was provided an Azarathian name -  Raven.
One of the ruling council called Juris, felt that Raven's existence threatened the sanctity on all life on Azarath. Indeed her birth had caused the beautiful skies of their world to turn as black as the heart of Trigon himself. To safeguard his people, he elected to break Azarath's most sacred law - the taking of a human life. Snatching Raven from her nursemaid, he attempted to hurl the child through the Great Door into the Limbo realm separating Azarath from other dimensions.

The Baby Raven brought to the Great Door. 

 Upon opening the door however, Juris exposed himself to the power of Trigon who disintegrated him with a blast of energy from the realm contained by the Great Door barrier. Raven however, was unharmed.
The priest is destroyed before he can caste Raven into the abyss. 
The Priests knew that Raven's safety became paramount and with regret and sadness Arella allowed her child to be taken from her to be guided in the ways of peace. Away from the Human love of her Mother Raven began her long journey into adulthood. The grand-daughter of the original Azar herself raised Raven and trained her to keep her emotions in check, lest Trigon’s evil side within her would be set free.

The Young Raven under the tutorage of Azar

Arella could only watch her daughter from afar.
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