Saturday, 30 July 2011


RUN WEASLEY is may not be very good at Mutt Magic, but he is good at being the best friend to school mate, Hairy Potter.

Both of them enjoy their time at  DOG-WARTS School of Woofcraft and Wiz-houndry, even if most of Run's spells don't work properly........ however Run is one good hound to have at your side  in the fight against the Evil that cannot be named.

Although his wand may be bent and broken, he welds it like a true champion. (OK a very frighten champion ! )


Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Today marks 1 Year To Go to the London 2012 OLYMPICS

Buddy is getting really excited, and decided to visit the Olympic Stadium in STRATFORD today.

After a sniff around the Stadium he popped over to the Aquatics Centre where he went for a swim.  He will be trying out for TEAM GB as he believes he could be a sure thing in the 400 metre Doggie Paddle.

If not he wants to carry the Olympic Flame next year on its way around the country.


Next month Buddy will be back on the road, travelling to some of the countries that are the home of some of his fans..... see you next month.



Here is the Puppy Wiz-dawg  himself,   Hairy Potter

This week will will be meeting some of his friends he met whilst studying MUTT MAGIC at his boarding school called,  DOG-WARTS School of Woofcraft and Wiz-houndry

Whilst away at school he would have many adventures, including an encounter with The Philosophers Bone,  The Kennel of Secrets, The Prisoner of  Azka-bark,  The Goblet of Fur,  The Order of the Fur-necks, The Howl Blood Paw Prints, and  The Doggie Howls

Come back next time for some more Mutt Magic.


Tuesday, 26 July 2011





Well to finish off this weeks trip down memory lane with the AVENGING HOUNDS  I thought I would do a line up of Hero Hounds as at  Circa 1979, around the time the Falc-Hound joined the merry band of mutts.

Although the group at this time was limited to 7 members plus 2 reserved, all of these heroes served as AV Hounds during this period if not all at the same time.


Within this group the US government could confirm that on the team there was a good mix of  gender and  ethnicity as they had 3 Females, 3 mutants, 5 ex criminals,  1 Artificial Being, 2 Ex Military Mutts,  a W W 2 HERO and 1 Hero Hound of Colour.

They could have added 2 Millionaires,  2 Heroes that came back from the Dead, 1 Alien / canine Hybrid,  2 Children of a Mutant Terrorist,  2 Alcoholics, 2 Heroes who shared the same mind,  1 married couple, 1 "Mother" of a Robotic Maniac, 1 "SON" of a Robotic Maniac,  1 set of Twins,  1 Artist.......  The list could go on and on and on......

Can you tell who is who from the above descriptions ?


Monday, 25 July 2011


The next super mutt to be offered membership to the Mighty Avenging Hounds was friend and a former partner of Canine America.

SAM-U-HOWL WOOFSON had once been a bit of a bad puppy in his teens, however he turned his life around and ended up fighting wrong doers as The Falc Hound along with The Sent Hound of Liberty CANINE AMERICA,

Falc-hound in his original green costume with the Canine America

To say that The Falc-Hound enjoyed being on the roster of The Avenging Hounds was not true.  He was not happy to be part of a BIG INTERNATIONAL group of hero hounds, He believed his place was on the Street righting wrongs and fighting street gangs, not battling the likes of DOG-TOR DOOM or the MUTT MASTERS OF EVIL or FANG the CONQUEROR.

He stayed on the team as a personal favour for his friend Canine America, even after he found that he was only on the Team as the US Government wanted it.   Not because of his abilities, more to do with the colour of his FUR ! .  The Government who at this time was in charge of the running of the team,  had appointed a liaison officer, Hairy Growl- lick.  and he believed   that the AVENGING HOUNDS did not have  enough Mutts from ethic backgrounds as members.  Sam-u-howl was disgusted that he was seen as being the TOKEN BLACK FURRED Avenging Hound first, and Hero Hound second.

The Falc-Hound did remain on the team, up until a time a replacement was found for him. He would always hold a position as a reservist member, but tended to stay way from being a Full Time AV Hound ever again.

He went back to the Streets where he was not judged for his racial background, just his ability to fight evil.


Friday, 22 July 2011


The next mutt asked to join Earth's Mightiest Hero Hounds was Car-howl Dog-vers.

In her short life Car-howl had been many things. US Air Force Officer, CIA Agent, Spy, Security Chief at NASA, Editor of a Magazine to name a few.

BUT an encounter with The K9-REE hero CANINE MUTT-VELL,  Ms Dog-vers ended up with her genetic structure being altered to be come a Canine / K9-REE hybrid.


The Hero known as Canine Mutt-vell,  whilst fighting his arch enemy Colonel TON-DOG, also from the K9-REE both he and Car-howl  were caught in an explosion of a K9-REE machine. The explosion released strange radiation that bombarded both Canine Mutt-vell and Car-howl causing their genetic structure to merge.

Although it did nothing to the K9-REE Canine Mutt-vell,  for the earth canine car-howl, she became  half  K9-REE half Earth Canine. The process granted her amazing strength and speed, and the power of flight and all of Canine Mutt-vell's knowledge and fighting techniques.   WITH All  of these wonderful gifts and a costume based on that of Canine Mutt-vell  ....... MS MUTT-VELL was born.

For a while when Car-howl turned into Ms Mutt-vell she had no knowledge of her actions as the Super Canine. However as time went on both her Ms Mutt-vell identify and her own completely merged and Car-howl became fully in control of he super identity. Where before Ms Mutt-vell believed she was K9-REE, the new merged personalty knew that Car-howl was first and foremost Earth Canine.


Some of her powers originated from her Costume it was discovered, but after another exposure to K9-REE radiation , Car-howl found that she did not need the K9-REE uniform to be MS MUTT-VELL

As a result she along with a little bit of help from Avenging Hound JANET VAN DOG  aka The Waspish Pooch, she designed her own new look.
The ALL NEW Ms Mutt-vell

She had aided many of the Super Canine Community over the years, and soon she was offered a place as one of the AVENGING HOUNDS.

This she accepted and soon won praise and a respect from the  other Hero Hounds

She would loose her Ms Mutt-vell abilities after a run in with the Brotherhood of Mutt-ant Mutts, and be forced to return to her life as Car-howl Dog-vers.  BUT after a time she would became powerful again during an adventure out in space with the X-MUTTS.  She became BI-HOUNDY and would spend many years as a member of the Space Faring Hero Hounds called the STAR-DOGGERS, until he BI-HOUNDY star powers began to  reduce  to the levels she had before as  Ms Mutt-vell


  Returning to Earth she decided to become MS MUTT-VELL  once again, and therefore would be welcomed back as an AVENGING HOUND once more.



Thursday, 21 July 2011


After a run in with the Vill-Hound  named The Licking Laser, Simm-Hound Wailling-Hounds found himself back in the land of the living once again.

Much had happened in the years he was in his death like coma, and one of the shocks he had was that The Artificial Robotic Mutt The Viz-Hound had been created using his own brain patterns... and in some respect he was like a brother to him, whilst  his real Brother had now become the EVIL Grim Reap-Paw. He soon was offered membership to the Avenging Hounds after spending a time as a UNOFFICIAL team mate.

Brother Ear-ache would soon return into Simm-hound's life. Happy that his little brother was still alive, Ear-ache. aka the GRIM REAP-PAW decided that Wonder-dawg should help him destroy the Mockery that was The Viz-hound.  Simm-hound refused and ended up protecting the Viz-Hound from his mad brother.  During the fight Simm-hound revealed to his brother the Grim- Reap-paw that even him himself was not the same person he had been before becoming the WONDER DAWG.  The effect of the original procedure and the time spent in his death like sleep had allowed his body to change and develop. He was no longer Fully Canine, he was now a being composed of pure IONIC energy.

This enraged the Reap-paw who then decided that nether The WONDER DAWG or THE VIZ-HOUND were his brother SIMM-HOUND, and as a result they both needed to be destroyed.

However, the Combined might of the "Wondie & VIZ"  proved too great and the Grim Reap-paw was defeated.   But this did not stop him for returning time and time hell bent on destroying the two "copies" of his DEAD brother.

Over the coming months and years, both the Viz-Hound and the Wonder Dawg became close.  AND in the end referred to each other as BROTHERS.

This relationship would continue up until the time when  the Viz-Hound was kidnapped and disassembled, and whilst he was eventually  rebuilt, the Viz-hound that had been was gone.  All traces of Simm-Hound had been wiped out. (but that's another story for another time)

Over the coming years The Wonder Dawg was to feature in most of  the future line ups of the Avenging Hounds.

His colourful costumes would soon go to be replaced with his Safari Style outfit. He made many friends on the team, his closest being the EX X-MUTT Hairy McCoy the Hairy Beastie . Simm-hound would also find love whilst living as an Avenging Hound..... love with his "sister in law" THE SCARLET BITCH

For some one who had been dead for years, he felt so alive.... he would end up dying again on more than one occasion, but as he was no longer alive as we understanding it   The Being composed of IONIC ENERGY would end up returning to his family called AVENGING HOUNDS time and time again,


Wednesday, 20 July 2011


As far as everyone was concerned the Wonder Dawg was dead. However Dr Hairy Pym aka The Giant Dawg was uncertain about  SIMM-HOUND WAILLING - HOUNDS condition. Although his body functions had stopped, his body showed signs of electrical brain patterns remaining.. Between both him and with the help of Iron Hound they managed to record Simm-hounds brain patterns just in case they could one day revive his body. But once they had done this both did not know if they could ever fully revive the fallen hero hound.

The Body of The Wonder Dawg was then preserved in status and kept in the basement of the Avenging Hounds Mutt Mansion in New Yorkie City.  This is where it stayed for many years, and in time was forgotten.

However, a new Vill-hound appeared on the scene soon thereafter calling himself  THE GRIM REAP-PAW. The Reap-paw attacked the AV Hounds and manged to kill many of them with the use of his deadly scythe.  The Scythe did not really bring death to its victims, it was capable of putting  them in a deep coma.  The Grim Reap-Paw was eventually  beaten not before announcing that he was EAR-ACHE WAILLING-HOUNDS , brother of the WONDER DAWG.

He blamed the AV hounds for his brothers death, and over the next few years would attack the AV Hounds many times to get his revenge.

Over the next few years The Wonder Dawgs body lay in status at the Mutt Mansion. Where it attracted the attention of ULT- TAIL-ON, the Robotic creation of Dr Hairy PYM.   ULT-TAIL-ON stole a copy of the "dead" SIMM-HOUNDS brain patterns which he then used to help create The VIZ-HOUND. Who was supposed to kill all of the AVENGING HOUNDS.... as already detailed in my earlier blog pages, The Viz-hound rebelled against his "father" and helped destroy that version of The Ult-tail-on.


When The Grim Reap-paw learned that the Artificial Avenging Hound had his brothers brain patterns he tried to convince The Viz-hound to join with him, he even tried to get Viz-Hound to help him kidnap his dead brothers body and help him restore it with the borrowed Brain Patterns.  The Viz-Hound refused, as it was apparent that although his brain was build on the brain patterns of SIMM-HOUND WAILLING-HOUNDS, the Viz-hound had developed his own personality and so therefore was NOT Simm-Hound.


The Reap-paw then decided that the Viz-hound should be destroyed and would spend the next few years attempting to destroy what he thought was insult to the memory of his late brother.

Although still dead, this did not stop The Wonder Dawgs body being reanimated at times by other Evil doers. Each time the WONDER DAWG was brought back to life, it was as a ZOMBIE shell, with no intelligence.....

However, on one of these occasions, The WONDER DAWG did come back to life ....but  it was life BUT  not as we know it !!!!      but more of that in my next post.


Tuesday, 19 July 2011


The next Hero Hound to become one of the Mutty Avenging Hounds first came into the groups life in the first year of its existence. However, he was no hero when they first meet him or was he ?

SIMM-HOUND WAILLING-HOUNDS had inherited his Families Industrial plant and business after the death of his Father. His older Brother EAR-ACHE WAILLING-HOUNDS did not want to take over the business, so it was left to his younger sibling Simm-hound to run.  Although Simm-hound had a good scientific mind he turned out to be a bad business doggie, and the company started to fail. This was mainly due to lack business know how. Soon most of his contracts started going to his main competitor............... BARK INTERNATIONAL, which was run by BONEY BARK who was secretly known as THE IRON HOUND.

Brother EAR-ACHE offered to make Simm-hounds money worries go away, as long as he could embezzle money from the Family Business and give it to him to invest in his new business venture. What Ear-ache did not tell his younger brother was his new business venture was illegal and was connected to the MOGGIE MAFIA

When the embezzlement was discovered SIMM-HOUND was sent to prison for this and his now connections to the Moggie Mafia..... embittered by his fate, Simm-hound blamed everything and everyone else, this included Boney Bark and Bark International.

Simm-hound was then given a life line by the Vill-hound and WOOFZI WAR CRIMINAL the BARON SNIFFO ... DR HOUND-RICH SNIFFO, THE 12TH BARON SNIFFO was one of the top Germ-hound scientist in W W 2. (World Woof 2 ) He was a member of the Woofzi party and a trusted Friend of the Furry - Herr AD-WOLF HIT-FUR (see my MAY 2011 blog for more information on this infamous Vill-hound )

Baron Sniffo was still at this time leader of the Mutt Masters of Evil, who had been unsuccessful in destroying the AVENGING HOUNDS on many occasions. He offered Simm-hound his life and wealth back if he would assist them in destroying the Avenging Hounds which included the Body Guard of Boney Bark, The Iron Hound.  Also as Boney Bark was Bank Rolling The AV Hounds, this would be hitting back at him financially. Remember no one knew that Boney Bark was the Iron Hound at this time, not even the other AVENGING HOUNDS

Simm-hound agreed to help and underwent a procedure that would grant him super canine powers. However, Sniffo told Simm-hound that he needed to be loyal to him, as the procedure would kill him unless further treatments were given. This ensured that Simm-hound would continue to be loyal or as  long as he proved useful to the Mutt Masters of Evil. The same  IONIC ENERGY that granted Wonder Dawg his power was also killing him.

With the new puppy powers, Simm-hound was given a costume and a new name.    THE WONDER DAWG, and now it was up to Wonder Dawg to pretend to ally himself with the AV HOUNDS so that he could help destroy the Hero Hounds from within.

Wonder Dawg was welcomed into the Avenging Hounds Mansion by the then members Canine America, The Giant Dawg, The Waspish Pooch, The Mutty PAW and The Iron Hound. They all agreed that Wonder Dawg would be a good addition to their line up.

The Plan was going well, Simm-hound was accepted, and  BARON Sniffo gave him details of a trap he wanted Simm-hounds'  help in springing on the AV HOUNDS.  A trap that would mean the death and destruction of Canine America and his Team.

But Simm-hound started to have second thoughts, as he had become close to the AV Hounds and did not want to be the reason for their deaths. He confronted Baron Sniffo who told him that he would die if he did not help kill the AV Hounds. 

Wonder Dawg rebelled and along with the AVENGING HOUNDS defeated Baron Sniffo and his Mutt Masters of Evil..... but the cost was that Simm-hound was consumed by his  own IONIC ENERGIES and died

In saving the Avenging Hounds from death from Baron Sniffo and the Mutt Masters of Evil, Simm-Hound Wailling-Hounds proved he really was a WONDER DAWG.

This was not end of the tale of Wonder Dawg..... as we will see next time.


Monday, 18 July 2011


This week we return a group of Hero Hounds who famously assemble in New Yorkie City


Saturday, 16 July 2011


Over the years the Fur-tastic Four have had members come and go,  but in the end the original line up always came back together again.

However, When Jaw-nee Storm , aka HOT DOG, the CANINE TORCH gave his life to save the world from being over run by beings from the NEGATIVE ZONE.... the Three remaining members decided to pull the plug on the FUR-TASTIC FOUR FOREVER.

Mr FUR-TASTIC, The INVISIBLE POOCH & The HAIRY THING knew that the world needed them and their amazing cosmic puppy powers..... but they decided that their way of working needed to change.

Where in the past the FF would be there to fight and protect the planet Earth from whatever menace was attacking that week,  Mr Fur-tastic believed that the way forward was not to be reactive to threats and danger..... the FF needed to be proactive and stop problems before they happened.

That is why he and the rest of the team set up a THINK TANK based at the Barker Building.  Their aim to solve problems..... and prevent disasters.   The members ship included some of the most intelligent minds in the world, along with some radical thinkers, some of which were vill-hounds.

They decided to call the unit THE FURRY FOUNDATION.

As well as solving problems, the NEW FF knew that they needed to have a strong fighting force available to tackle threats.  Used to working as a quartet, the place of the fallen Canine Torch was suggested by the late Jaw-nee Storm himself ! .  He hoped that it would never happen, but  Jaw-nee  recorded a message to his SISTER - TZU SHUH (sue), his BROTHER IN LAW - LEAD & his BEST FRIEND  -  BONE.... asking them to enlist the Help of SPIDER PUP as his replacement following his DEATH.

The Furry Foundation asked PETER BARKER....aka The SPIDER PUP to join their new team, and he accepted to honour his fallen friend and HERO HOUND..... THE CANINE TORCH

That's the end of this look at the changing face of the First Family of the MUTT-VELL Universe. Whether we will see the Flaming Fur  of the Canine Torch again is unsure, but until that time we can continue to enjoy the adventure of the new FF..... THE FURRY FOUNDATION.


Friday, 15 July 2011


The New Fur-tastic Four team were a success. Both Crys-tails and Ms Mutt-vell worked well along side the Canine Torch and The Hairy Thing   BUT things were soon to change.

Both Bone Grimm, The Hairy Thing and Shar-hound Vent-terrier, Ms Mutt-vell got exposed to cosmic rays, the same type that had given the Fur-tastic Four their puppy powers originally. 

Bone Grimm mutated further, he became even more rockier. He was also larger and much much stronger.   He was not happy to be even more of a Monster than he had already been, but he could accept the change.... as this had been his life for many years..... all orange and rocky.

The same could not be said for poor Ms Mutt-vell.  She mutated and ended up looking like the Hairy Thing.... more like how Bone Grimm had looked when her first became the Hairy Thing.

Bone tried to help Shar-hound to  deal with her transformation, which she did up to a point.  He convinced her that they both should stay on the team, and he would aid her in her search for a cure for her condition.

The New New Look Fur-tastic Four continued to fight the good fight. Ms Mutt-vell was continuing to mutant, until she looked more like how Bone did before his last mutation.  

Although Shar-hound was still officially MS MUTT-VELL, the press started to call her The HAIRY SHE-THING.

Crys-tails soon decided to leave the team, as she had made a few advances towards Jaw-nee that had not been returned.  She told Jaw-nee she still loved him, but as he was now married to A-leasher, she did not want to break up his marriage.... so she returned to the In-canine City located on the Moon to see if she could not patch up her own failed marriage.

Around this time, Mr-Fur-tastic and Wife The Invisible Pooch returned to the Fur-tastic Four feeling that their life was not complete trying to play happy families in the suburbs.

The team remained a fivesome for a few weeks until during a battle with the Frightful Fur Bone Grimm was transformed into his normal canine form.... a Hairy Thing no more !

The HAIRY SHE-THING was able to continue on the team for the time being adding the need might to the team.

Bone would later become The Hairy Thing again, and after a cure for Shar-hound failed she decided to leave the FF and became a recluse.

The original team was back together again..... and stayed that way for many months.


Thursday, 14 July 2011


When Lead Richards and wife Tzu  Shuh (sue)  Richards aka Mr FUR-TASTIC & the INVISIBLE POOCH decided that they wanted to leave the FF and try to be a NORMAL family with their young Pup Bark-lin, this caused a bet of a problem.

The Team was called the FUR-TASTIC FOUR..... could Bone Grim and Jaw-nee Storm  aka the Hairy Thing & Hot Dog, the Canine Torch carry on alone ?  would they need to rename the FF the TT...The Terrific Two ?

No the answer was on hand.   Crys-tails . Princess of the In-canines had just enlisted the help of  the FF in capturing her crazy estranged husband, the Mutt-ant called Quick Slobber.   He had been running amuck in New Yorkie City.  He was Captured and returned to the In-canine City that was now based on the Moon. Crys-tails was meant to return with him, as she was ordered to sort out her marriage by The King and Queen of the In-canines.   Who just happened to be her sister Mutt-dusa and brother in law Bark Bolt. 


Using the FF recruitment problem as a good reason not to return home, Crys--tails informed her family that her place was with the Fan-tastic Four, especially as the In-canines owed Lead and his team much for assisting them in the past.

Also Crys-tails had another motive for staying.... She realised she still had feelings for Jaw-nee.... Her first love.

Jaw-nee was happy for her to rejoin the team, he was now married to A-leasher Masters-voice, so having his ex around would not cause any problems..... or would it !

The Hairy Thing came up with the next replacement, his new Girl Friend Shar-hound Ven - Terrier... aka MS MUTT-VELL.   She was not the K9-REE original Ms Mutt-vell, she as a new one. I will be telling the tale of Ms Mutt-vell aka CAR-HOWL  DOG-VERS very soon.


So the new team was formed.  Crys-tails adopted a FF costume whilst Ms Mutt-Vell continued in her Red and Blue number.

But soon she would be in need of a new costume, as she and the Hairy Thing would OUT GROW there clothes in a unusual manner,



Wednesday, 13 July 2011


The next person offered member ship came as a result of nearly all the Mutt-Vel Comic characters being kidnapped and used by the Universal Power known as The Bey-hounder. The Bey-Hounder wanted to understand Canine Life, and so played games to learn what makes canines good or evil.

The Fan-tastic Four, along with the Avenging Hounds, The X-MUTTS  and most of the New Yorkie based super mutts were drawn to Central Park where a big arena had appeared.  Walking through the doors all of the Hero Hound ended up transported to Battle World on the other side of the Universe And whilst there they were made to fight a lot of Vill-Hounds ( also kiddnapped by the Bey-Hounder)  like Dog-Tor DOOM, Amut-tor The Enchantress, the Robotic Ult-Hound and Fang the Conqueror to name a few. This became known as the Secret Woofie Wars

Tzu Shuh (sue) Richards remained at the Barker Building and did not join the others, as she was expecting her second Puppy at this time.

The Hero Hounds remained on Battle World for many months and when they finally returned to Earth  BUT  one hero remained on Battle World . This was BONE GRIMM the HAIRY THING.  Whilst on Battle World Bone had gained the ability to change from Hairy Thing to plan canine Bone Grimm at will.  Mr Fur-tastic informed Bone that this ability was an effect of the planet, and once he returned to earth he again would be the Hairy Thing forever more. Bone decided to stay on Battle World whilst he decided where his future was. going.......  Bone Grimm or the Hairy Thing


Lead Richards and Jaw-nee Storm were happy for Bone to remain, but they wondered what or who could replace him on the Team.

The answer was simple, and Bone had already found his replacement.  A person of equal strength and power, a person that they had spent many months fighting along side. This was the Avenging Hound called the SHE - HOUNDED HULK !

JEN-SNIFFER WATERBOWL was the cousin of one DR BRUCE BONER aka The Incredible Hounded Hulk.  The SHE-HOUNDED HULK was "born"   after JEN-SNIFFER had her life saved by  a blood transfusion from Bruce's own Gamma Irradiated Blood.

Unlike the Bruce, who when he became the Hounded Hulk his personality was replaced by an angry and sometimes child like being..... The She-Hounded Hulk had mostly Jen-sniffer's mind, but not her timidness or moral and reserved standards.  At first she was treated as a threat like the Hounded Hulk, but over time she was seen as a hero.  Where Bruce would change to his green alter ego when threaten, Jen-sniffer remained in her SHE- HOUNDED HULK form most of the time.  In the end she hated being plain weak Jen-sniffer, and opted to be Green Jen-sniffer at all times.

Jen joined the FF and was with them for many years, when Bone Grim finally came home from battle world he did not rejoin the FF straight away.   In his absence Jaw-nee and A-leasher, Bone's Girlfriend had fallen in love. for Bone being around the two lovers was not easy, so the Hairy Thing spent time clobbering for the West Coast Branch of The Avenging Hounds..   Jaw-nee would marry A-leasher, but the bride did not turn out to be WHO Jaw-nee or The FF thought she was. ( More of this story at a later date)

The She-Hounded Hulk would finally leave the FF and return to the Avenging Hounds allowing The Hairy Thing to return to the FUR-TASTIC FOUR again. The family was complete again.  But "AUNTIE JEN-SNIFFER" was always on call if the FF needed her.

The FF were back together again.     BUT like all good things this did not last. Next time I will tell you about when not  one but TWO members of the FF decided to leave.


Tuesday, 12 July 2011


The next person offered membership was made a better offer before she could accept.

I have already blogged about Jaw-nee Storm and  Foxy Straye hot romance. Foxy Straye was Jaw-nee's girlfriend who discovered that she was the step daughter of the creator of the original robotic Canine Torch from the 1930's -1940's...... and had acquired Flaming Powers after an accident as a young pup......(  see my Herald Hounds week for full details )

Well the grouped opened their arms to the NEW female Canine Torch, and Mr Fur-tastic even considered changing the Fur-tastic Four into The Fur-tastic FIVE,,,,,,,,,, BUT before he could officially ask Foxy to join  the team, she was offered a better JOB, as the Herald Hound for DOG-ALACTUS

And once transformed into the NOVA ROVER she sped off into space with out a goodbye to poor Jaw-nee.

Here is how the FF may have looked if Foxy had stayed.

The next person up for membership was a very colourful person.  Known mainly as a solo act, "THEY" fitted into the team and got the "GREEN LIGHT" to stay !

BUT you will have to wait for my next blog to know who it was !


Sunday, 10 July 2011


LAST TIME,  I told how Bone Grimm had found himself  CURED of his Hairy Thing Mutation and that his place on the Fur-tastic Four had been filled by Lick Cage aka The Power Pup, Hero Hound for Hire.... but before Lick went on his first mission with the team he had attacked the FF and kidnapped A-Leasher, Bone's Girlfriend.........  the story continues

As Lick Cage sped away in his stolen Fur-tasti car,  Bone arrived back into the Barker Building looking for his Fiance. He quickly learnt that Lick Cage had kidnapped his beloved. Annoyed he asked Lead what he was going to do about it, and Lead asked Bone to calm down, and told him the Power Pup was only a temporary member of the team, the real new member of the team was in the next room..... and he could help capture The Power Pup !

In the Next room Bone came face to face with himself, or what his thought was himself . But this was not another Bone Grimm canine. , this was Bone Grimm The Hairy Thing.

Bone again got annoyed as he thought that it was the OTHER Hairy Thing that they had met from COUNTER EARTH.  As he walked up to confront the doppelganger, Lead stretched out his Paw and removed the Hairy Things head.... This was not a living breathing Hairy Thing, this was a Robot. (or was it ! )

Lead quickly explained that his was a exo-skeleton that he had made for Bone to wear.  Whilst it looked like the Hairy Thing from the outside, it could be controlled by Bone Grimm from the inside. Bone asked Lead to help him suit up as he wanted to be able to tackle Power Pup as his new Armoured form. Lead was worried that as the suit was un tested

Putting on the new "THING SUIT"  Bone explained that testing the new exo-skeleton against the Power Pup would be test enough.

Within minutes the FF were speeding after Lick Cage in another Fur-tasti car. When they became near enough the "New " Hairy Thing jumped onto the stolen Fur-tasti Car and battled the Power Pup.

Although the new suit had no where near the power of the Real Hairy Thing, it was able to match the strengh and speed of the enraged Lick Cage. 

It became apparent that Lick was being mind controlled by someone else.  This happened to be Phil-pup Masters-Voice, step father of Bone's Girl Friend  A-Leasher, AND the Vill-hound called The PUPPY PUPPET MASTER

The Puppy Puppet Master had discovered many years ago a radioactive clay that once sculpted into the form of someone could enable the sculptor to control that persons mind and actions. Phil-pup Masters-Voice had always hated the FF and Bone Grimm the most. This was mainly due to the fact Bone was dating his step daughter. 

The Puppy Puppet Master (or P P P ) thought that if he could use Lick Cage to destroy the Hairy Thing once and for all, his beloved Step Daughter would be free to have a normal life.   BUT things did not turn out that way....   The FF managed to free Power Pup from the mind control of  the P P P, but the P P P was not going to give up without a fight, he produced another model from his pocket, this one was of the Hairy Thing.  He held it aloft and commanded the Hairy Thing to destroy the FF...... BUT the mind control did not work, as the P P P did not know that Bone was now only a normal canine inside a suit that looked like the Hairy Thing,    that meant that the figure could not control him. The P P P was captured and returned to prison.

Later back at the Barker Building Lead thanked Lick Cage for his help and  explained that he was no longer needed as Bone Grimm was back on the Team.   Power Pup asked Lead to donate his HERO HOUND FOR HIRE fee to the FF charity foundation..... Then Lick congratulated Bone saying that his appointment was only going to be temporary as Lead Richards had told him from the start that once Bone Grimm was able he was going to become an active part of the Team.  With his new " HAIRY THING"  suit Bone returned to the FF as an active member again.

He used the Suit for many months until a clash with the Deadly Planet Muncher DOG-ALACTUS.  During the Battle to save COUNTER EARTH , DOG-ALACTUS used his PUPPY POWER COSMIC to punish Bone Grimm. 

Irradiating Bone,  he quickly began to change, and from out of the Exo-Skeleton burst...... THE HAIRY THING .  As a result Bone became the Hairy Thing again for real .  this time it was perminant  it was feared.   Bone Grimm knew deep down inside that He was the Hairy Thing, and accepted his fate..... and of Course A-leasher loved him all the same.  However, Bone decided to delay their wedding as he was not content to marry  his beloved A-leasher  looking as he did again.   A-leasher understood.

The Fur-tastic Four was now complete again. 

This line up remained the same for the foreseeable future.... although a new extra member made the team consider changing their name to the FUR-TASTIC FIVE....

More about this tomorrow.


Saturday, 9 July 2011


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Friday, 8 July 2011


The new line up of the Fur-tastic Four consisting of MR FUR-TASTIC..... THE HAIRY THING.... THE CANINE TORCH  & MUTT-DUSA  was a successful partnership. But they were not as close as they had been.  This FF were not a FAMILY.   They all missed the Invisible Pooch, who had resigned to take care of her and Lead's infant Pup BARK -LIN.

It took a time but Lead and Sue Richards  managed to get their marriage back on tracks. Even if at one point they were talking D I V O R C E !   But  with the events that happened around their young pup Bark-lin ( long story that involved the Negative Zone Anni-hound-lias  and his cosmic rod, and Lead putting his son in a Coma to save the Planet )  the two long time lovers realised that they loved each other too much to let their crazy life style get in the way.

So the Invisible Pooch rejoined the Fur-tastic Four, which was good, as Mutt-dusa had started to succumb to the same illness that had dogged her sister Crys-tail.  And after all Sue was back with the team so Mutt-dusa returned to the home of the In-canines to be with her lover and King,,,,, Bark Bolt.


So the team was back to the original line up.. With his big sister back on the team the Canine Torch felt they were a Family again.   And he decided to drop his Gold & Red Uniform and go back to the original team colours...every one was happy until The Fur-tastic Four ended up battling the Hounded HULK. a few months later


During the fight, Bone Grim, the Hairy Thing went toe to toe with the Not so Jolly Green Giant.  And during the skirmish Bone became irradiated with the Gamma Radiation that was radiating from the body of the Hounded Hulk.  As result The Hairy Thing transformed back into BONE GRIMM.

The Hairy Thing had BEFORE changed back to his Canine form many times over the years, but these changes usually lasted minutes or hours at the most.  Lead examined his friend Bone Grimm and announced the the exposure of the Gamma Radiation had CURED Bone forever.

Bone started to try to get his life back together, he quickly found that as plain old Bone Grimm he was a nobody.... but  as the Bashful blue eyed Hairy Thing     he HAD BEEN the idol of Millions. The plus side to his new condition was he asked his long time girl friend  A-leasher Masters- Voice,  to marry him.  Blind A-leasher told Bone she loved him as the Hairy Thing and so why would she not love him now..... she accepted his proposal.

Bone and new Fiance went to the Barker Building to tell the rest of the Fur-tastic Four their good news... BUT Bone became annoyed when he saw that  his best friend, Mr Fur-tastic had replaced him on the team with LICK CAGE, better know as the POWER PUP .. Hero Hound for Hire.

Lead tried to explain that since Bone was no longer the Hairy Thing he could not be part of the FF any more as it would be too dangerous.    Bone Grimm  took a punch at The Power Pup, and broke his paw on Lick Cage's steel like skin.   Hurt and embarrassed Bone stormed out of the Barker Building.


Over the next few days Lead and Sue showed Lick around the Barker Building and got him used to what was to expected of the Newest Member of the FUR-TASTIC FOUR.

Things looked fine until out of the blue, Lick attacked the Invisible Pooch and the other members of the Fur-tastic Four.   He then managed to kidnap Al-leasher Masters-voice and stole a Fur-tasti Car and flew away.

What was to become of Al-leasher ?, what was to become of  now de powered Bone Grimm. ?... and what was to become of the Fur-tastic Four. ?

Find out tomorrow !