Friday, 1 July 2011


A few months ago I detailed how the beautiful MADAME MUT-TASHA ROVER-NOFF went from being a Russian Spy, the bane of  Boney Bark and his alter-ego The Iron Hound to an  Avenging Hound and lover of Clint Barkton, The Hawk eyed Hound

Earlier this month,  I told how she ended up part of the West Coast Super group,,,,,, The CHUMP-IONS

But their is alot more to learn about this fem fatale than meets the eye, so come with me and we will explore the life and times of The Bark Widow.

Born in the late 1920's Mut-tasha  was subjected to medical testing by the KGB in the years before World Woof 2, as they wanted to have their own super soviet soldier. Unlike the success of the American government and their Canine America, the Russian Winter Solder programme was not as successful.  Many of the test subjects died and a few gained some special abilities, but nothing to match the America  experiments.  Young Mut-Tasha gained near perfect physical fitness and an aging process that was   slowed down.   Today she would be in her 80's but her body remains as if she was in her early 30's

She spent many years as a spy for the KGB, and in that time had married and become a widow.  This is how she gained the nick name THE BARK WIDOW.   At first she was nothing more than a spy, but later she became less spy and more super hero hound when her bosses from the Kremlin gave her some equipment that gave her super canine abilities.

Dealings with the west in the 1960's made her question her loyalty to the Russian Government, and by the 1970's she had defected to the west.   She had become a member of the Avenging Hounds and was working part time or when needed by Nick Furry the director of S.H.E.I.L.D., as one of his many field agents.   Around this time she became romanticially linked with Mutt Mur-dog, aka The DARE DOGGIE, but when his EX-Lover  came back onto the scene, MUT-TASHA ROVER-NOFF ran away to the west coast of America to lick her wounds.  Here she became  one of the founding members of the CHUMP-IONS. She became Team Leader and in their short life she found some purpose in her life again, and love in the Arms of team mate HAIR-COLLIES, the PUP of POWER.

After they disbanded she worked for again for SHIELD and for the AVENGING HOUNDS, showing that she was both a great team player and lone wolf when required.

All in all The Bark Widow fights against all injustices not just in her adopted home country but all over the world.  Although she was stopped working for the Russian Government, she is still proud to be Russian, and would always spare time to battle evil in her motherland if and when the need arises.

Here is MADAME MUT-TASHA ROVER-NOFF as seen from the 1960's to the present date.


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