Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Over the years the first family of hero hounds, aka The Fur-tastic Four have needed additional members as members of their own pack have been unable to fulfill their rolls in the group from time to time.


Being a family first they have attracted a lot of  hangers on at times, like Tig-growl the Were- Doggie....  Thundogra the Amutt- zon.... The 2nd Ant-Pup the list goes on  and on   Whilst  All these were welcomed guests, but not many have been asked to become official Members of the FF.

So this week we get to see how the dynamic of the group has changed when the Fur-Tastic Four needed someone new to lend a paw.

When SHIH TZU (SUE) Richards aka The INVISIBLE POOCH became pregnant with her first Puppy, her Husband Lead Richards, aka MR FUR-TASTIC was worried for her health and that of their unborn PUP.

Luckily for them the answer was on hand.  Jaw-Nee Storm, aka Hot Dog The Canine Torch had invited his Girl Friend CRYS-TAIL to come stay with them in the Barker Building. Crys-tail was a Royal Princess from the race calling themselves THE IN-CANINES. (see previous blog pages for their story)   After their King THE BARK BOLT had freed the In-Canines from their City ATTIL-HOUND , after it had become their prison, he allowed his cousin Crys-tail to live with Jaw-nee and his family.  However, he was not really happy that she wanted to be with a non-In-Canine, but he could not stand in the way of love, especially as it was with a member of the Fur-tastic Four, a group of heroes that had aided the In-canines many times in the past.


At first Lead would not accept Crys-tail as a full member of the team, but after Sue became too ill to continue fighting beside him and the others, and Crys-tail had designed herself her own version of a FF uniform, Lead found he put aside his doubts and welcomed her into the Team.


Even after the Birth of Sue's pup,  BARK-LIN,  Crys-tail remained on the team. The Invisible Pooch would start to juggle being a Mother and  being a Hero Hound again and by the time Crys-tail had to return home to help save the life of her cousin and King Bark Bolt, Sue was ready to take up her place on the team.     

Crys-tail and Jaw-nee's romance was not to last, but they remained good friends to this day

Years later Crys-tail would re join the Fur-tastic Foursome, but more about that later this week.

Tomorrow we find another  new member for the Fur-tastic Four ,  a real hairy character indeed.


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