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LAST TIME,  I told how Bone Grimm had found himself  CURED of his Hairy Thing Mutation and that his place on the Fur-tastic Four had been filled by Lick Cage aka The Power Pup, Hero Hound for Hire.... but before Lick went on his first mission with the team he had attacked the FF and kidnapped A-Leasher, Bone's Girlfriend.........  the story continues

As Lick Cage sped away in his stolen Fur-tasti car,  Bone arrived back into the Barker Building looking for his Fiance. He quickly learnt that Lick Cage had kidnapped his beloved. Annoyed he asked Lead what he was going to do about it, and Lead asked Bone to calm down, and told him the Power Pup was only a temporary member of the team, the real new member of the team was in the next room..... and he could help capture The Power Pup !

In the Next room Bone came face to face with himself, or what his thought was himself . But this was not another Bone Grimm canine. , this was Bone Grimm The Hairy Thing.

Bone again got annoyed as he thought that it was the OTHER Hairy Thing that they had met from COUNTER EARTH.  As he walked up to confront the doppelganger, Lead stretched out his Paw and removed the Hairy Things head.... This was not a living breathing Hairy Thing, this was a Robot. (or was it ! )

Lead quickly explained that his was a exo-skeleton that he had made for Bone to wear.  Whilst it looked like the Hairy Thing from the outside, it could be controlled by Bone Grimm from the inside. Bone asked Lead to help him suit up as he wanted to be able to tackle Power Pup as his new Armoured form. Lead was worried that as the suit was un tested

Putting on the new "THING SUIT"  Bone explained that testing the new exo-skeleton against the Power Pup would be test enough.

Within minutes the FF were speeding after Lick Cage in another Fur-tasti car. When they became near enough the "New " Hairy Thing jumped onto the stolen Fur-tasti Car and battled the Power Pup.

Although the new suit had no where near the power of the Real Hairy Thing, it was able to match the strengh and speed of the enraged Lick Cage. 

It became apparent that Lick was being mind controlled by someone else.  This happened to be Phil-pup Masters-Voice, step father of Bone's Girl Friend  A-Leasher, AND the Vill-hound called The PUPPY PUPPET MASTER

The Puppy Puppet Master had discovered many years ago a radioactive clay that once sculpted into the form of someone could enable the sculptor to control that persons mind and actions. Phil-pup Masters-Voice had always hated the FF and Bone Grimm the most. This was mainly due to the fact Bone was dating his step daughter. 

The Puppy Puppet Master (or P P P ) thought that if he could use Lick Cage to destroy the Hairy Thing once and for all, his beloved Step Daughter would be free to have a normal life.   BUT things did not turn out that way....   The FF managed to free Power Pup from the mind control of  the P P P, but the P P P was not going to give up without a fight, he produced another model from his pocket, this one was of the Hairy Thing.  He held it aloft and commanded the Hairy Thing to destroy the FF...... BUT the mind control did not work, as the P P P did not know that Bone was now only a normal canine inside a suit that looked like the Hairy Thing,    that meant that the figure could not control him. The P P P was captured and returned to prison.

Later back at the Barker Building Lead thanked Lick Cage for his help and  explained that he was no longer needed as Bone Grimm was back on the Team.   Power Pup asked Lead to donate his HERO HOUND FOR HIRE fee to the FF charity foundation..... Then Lick congratulated Bone saying that his appointment was only going to be temporary as Lead Richards had told him from the start that once Bone Grimm was able he was going to become an active part of the Team.  With his new " HAIRY THING"  suit Bone returned to the FF as an active member again.

He used the Suit for many months until a clash with the Deadly Planet Muncher DOG-ALACTUS.  During the Battle to save COUNTER EARTH , DOG-ALACTUS used his PUPPY POWER COSMIC to punish Bone Grimm. 

Irradiating Bone,  he quickly began to change, and from out of the Exo-Skeleton burst...... THE HAIRY THING .  As a result Bone became the Hairy Thing again for real .  this time it was perminant  it was feared.   Bone Grimm knew deep down inside that He was the Hairy Thing, and accepted his fate..... and of Course A-leasher loved him all the same.  However, Bone decided to delay their wedding as he was not content to marry  his beloved A-leasher  looking as he did again.   A-leasher understood.

The Fur-tastic Four was now complete again. 

This line up remained the same for the foreseeable future.... although a new extra member made the team consider changing their name to the FUR-TASTIC FIVE....

More about this tomorrow.


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