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All Change in the BAT - CAVE

For many years Bat-Man had evolved from a Dark Mystery Masked  gun carrying Vigilante in the 1930's to a much lighter and friendly character of the 1940's and 1950's after the introduction of Robin the Boy Wonder.

The later stories of the 1950's and early 1960's had introduced  a more wholesome character who started to live a more "FUN FILLED " set of adventures.  This was at the time very acceptable to the fans. Stories were short, very rare did a story continue through out more than one issue. This meant that if readers missed an edition of a Bat-man title they did not miss any great back story of build up to exciting climax like we see these days.

However, The Bat-Man family was now seen as a kind of Bat Soap Opera, and the family unit of Bat-man. Bat-woman and the Bat Kids was getting to its end.

Over night BAT-WOMAN, BAT-GIRL, BAT-MITE and ACE the BAT-HOUND disappeared, many of who were never mentioned again. and as BAT-MAN moved into the mid 1960's it was back to basics with the Dynamic Duo taking centre stage again. The stories compared to these days could be considered light, but compared to the previous stories these stories were gritty and serious, with villains doing bad things and being villains again. Not colourful clowns that got imprisoned every issue, just to escape a few weeks later.

Bat-man got a make over, in happened in two stages,   a new up dated over all look, more defined and later a new chest logo. Robin stayed the same, but as the years went on Robin was allowed to start to grow up from the young teen high school side kick, to the soon to be off to college young adult.

This helped in part with Robin's adventures with the Teen Titans, who had all  been allowed to mature and deal with issues that Teenage Kids of that time dealt with. Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll. Although the sex and Drugs part was always played down.

Here as a look at the evolution of the Dynamic Duo.

Next time a new character is introduced with a very familiar name.

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013


During the 1950's and early 1960's many of the stories in the Batman comics became more SCI-FI and fantasy based. This lead to the introduction of new characters into the Batman Universe.

The Bat-man "Family" was born, and overall the fans loved the addition of Bat-woman. Bat-Girl, Bat-Hound and even Bat-mite. It was a much simpler time, and Bat-man had come along way from the Dark vigilante  of the 1930's , and he was still a long long way from becoming the Dark Knight he is today.

During the late 1950's and early 1960's the editors of the Batman Comics came up with a unique concept, Imaginary Tales written by Bruce Wayne's man servant Alfred.

For years Superman Comics had enjoyed imaginative tales of Lois and Clark getting married and having a family, so now DC Comics decided Batman could also go in this direction too.

The First of these "WHAT IF"  tales appeared in  Batman 131# from April 1960

The premise of the story was ........


Alfred, trying out a new typewriter, engrosses himself in writing a story of the possible future. In this tale, Bruce Wayne marries Kathy Kane,  after which he reveals his identity as The BAT-MAN. Batman retires shortly thereafter  and passes on his mantle to Dick Grayson, now an adult, who becomes Batman II. Bruce Wayne, Jr., son of Bruce and Kathy Kane, the now retired Batwoman, petitions to be trained as the new Robin. Initially Bruce Jnr finds his mother objects to his request, but eventually he succeeds and becomes Robin II.

The story goes on to detail Bruce Jnr's rocky road into becoming the new Robin, with a little help from his Parents who come out of retirement to help .  After Alfred finishes his story, Both Bruce and Dick read it, and decide that although the story is good, it would be too dangerous for anyone else to read it. Alfred agrees, but acknowledges to himself that maybe some time in the future he would write another tale of the future Batman Family.

Over  the next few years Alfred wrote more stories and told the further tales of  The new Bat-man & Robin Team, How Bat-Girl became the new Bat-woman and how Kathy Kane became Mrs Bruce Wayne.,,,,,, AND Mrs BAT-MAN

These stories written as fun marked the end of Bat-woman and the original Bat-Girl, who soon disappeared from the comics along with Ace the Bat-Hound and Bat-mite.

This would bring the end to the Golden and Silver age of Bat-Man who would go on and be revamped for the Modern Age and the swinging 1960's.

A final Good Bye from The BAT-MAN FAMILY of the 1950/s & 1960/s

Next Time a look at the new sixties Dynamic Duo.

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Monday, 15 July 2013


Alfred Pennyworth's history regarding Bat-man is a little bit complicated. This depends on which of this characters back story you want to accept. He is an English Man through and through, who has had a exciting life as a war hero and a member of British Intelligence.
Alfred, Bat-Man's right hand man

Originally the character of Alfred was introduced into the Bat-man comics in 1943. He was originally introduced at add a comic element into the Bat-Man Comic stories. His origin was nothing more than an English Butler who looked after Bruce Wayne and his Ward Richard Grayson, coming into their lives long after Bruce had become BAT-MAN and Dick had become ROBIN. This meant that He did not know that his Master Bruce was indeed The Bat-man. However this all changed when Alfred discovered the secret entrance to the Bat Cave, and would go on to be the unofficial third member of the Dynamic Duo.

Alfred finds the secret entrance to the BAT- CAVE

This history would be slightly changed many years later when it was decided that Alfred would have been the Wayne Family's Butler at the time that young Bruce's parents were murdered. And this allowed the character to be more of a "Uncle" and Guardian of the Young Bruce Wayne.

This meant that he helped guide and advise Master Bruce all through his young life, and would be his Father, Friend, Adviser etc during Bruce's decision to become the BAT-MAN.  Although Alfred did not approve of this dangerous life, he accepted that this was what Bruce, Needed to do to give him a sense of purpose.

This change in original history made Alfred a more central player in the BAT-MAN Family, as his character now pre dated the arrival of Dick Grayson and ROBIN.

What Alfred does for Bruce Wayne, he does out of love and devotion to the memory of Bruce's deceased parents, who saw him as someone more than just an employee...... he was part of their Family.

These days Alfred spends his time assisting his young Master in both his identities as Millionaire Businessman Bruce Wayne, and his nocturnal alter ego BAT-MAN
Alfred bringing refreshment to his Masters and their Mutt

If he is not polishing the silver up in Wayne Manor, he came be found down in the Bat Cave polishing the Bat-Mobile.

He is a master of many trades, which he uses to aid his master Bruce.

In the 1950's and early 1960's when Alfred had  spare time he would put pen to paper and write imaginative stories to entertain Bruce and Dick.  Next time we will have a look at what difference that made to the BAT-MAN FAMILY and the NEXT GENERATION

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Friday, 12 July 2013


In May 1959 a small Impish character appeared in the Bat Cave and announced he was the Caped Crusaders biggest fan.
BAT MITE here to HELP (Like it or NOT ! )

He called himself     BAT MITE. Small in size and looking like he was dressed in a child's idea of what The Bat-Man wore,  THIS gave no indication of how mighty this miniature Bat Fan was, or how much trouble he would cause.
Originally Bat Mite had shorts but later got long tights.

Not much is known about the Back Ground of Bat - Mite, except he is from the 5th Dimension, he is an Imp, he is from a race of highly advanced and technology advanced people. he has powers to warp reality that appears to be magical in nature. His real name is not known....... maybe he does not have one.

Anyway, Bat-Mite was introduced into the Bat-Man comics as a result again of a character that had appeared in the Superman Comics in 1944,   Mr MXYZPTLK.  Unlike "Mr Mxy" who is an out and out villain, Bat-Mite only crime is wanting to help.  Unfortunately Neither BAT-MAN, Robin, Bat -Hound, Bat-Woman, Bat-Girl or Anyone wants his help.

But that did not stop Bat Mite from helping anyway !


Bat-mite hero worships Bat-Man. is in love Bat-Woman and Bat-Girl, adores Ace the Bat-Hound and liked Robin. However, the feeling is not always mutual. Although over the years Bat-Mite has aided the Caped Crusaders and friends to solve mysteries and capture criminals, he has also caused mayhem in doing this, sometimes endangering many of those he wished to help. He has been known to team up with Mr Mxyzptlk who may or may not come from the same 5th Dimension as Bat-mite. These stories are considered some of the Better Bat-Mite tales, as these involved the dynamic Duo and The Man of Steel.

However once the Bat-Man Universe was redefined in the mid 1960's Bat-mite disappeared along with Bat-Woman, Ace and Bat-Girl.  He has been known to pop up from time to time, but this is usually in the background or as an imaginary figment of Bat-Man and co.

Here is a last look at Bat-mite who appears to have go the message he is not wanted.


Next Time we have a look at the Third Member of the Dynamic Duo.

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Best Wishes From Noel and his Dawgs


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THANKS 18,000 visits with a little help from The Lady Liberators

A big Thank You to all  of the many readers that come and visit with us at " It's A DAWGS Life.

Here is a Special Post featuring some special ladies that although I have featured them in the past, I decided to redo them all especially for this post.

From the now famous Avengers # 83 from December 1970. This issue contained a new all female line up of " AVENGERS" calling themselves the Lady Liberators 

Formed by The Valkyrie , who was secretly The Enchantress in disguise, the membership included  The Scarlet Witch, The Wasp, Madame Medusa and The Black Widow.

This was a nod to Women's Lib which was making itself heard in the 1970's.......  

Five strong Ladies, all of which still hold important rolls in the Marvel Universe today ...

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