Tuesday, 30 July 2013

All Change in the BAT - CAVE

For many years Bat-Man had evolved from a Dark Mystery Masked  gun carrying Vigilante in the 1930's to a much lighter and friendly character of the 1940's and 1950's after the introduction of Robin the Boy Wonder.

The later stories of the 1950's and early 1960's had introduced  a more wholesome character who started to live a more "FUN FILLED " set of adventures.  This was at the time very acceptable to the fans. Stories were short, very rare did a story continue through out more than one issue. This meant that if readers missed an edition of a Bat-man title they did not miss any great back story of build up to exciting climax like we see these days.

However, The Bat-Man family was now seen as a kind of Bat Soap Opera, and the family unit of Bat-man. Bat-woman and the Bat Kids was getting to its end.

Over night BAT-WOMAN, BAT-GIRL, BAT-MITE and ACE the BAT-HOUND disappeared, many of who were never mentioned again. and as BAT-MAN moved into the mid 1960's it was back to basics with the Dynamic Duo taking centre stage again. The stories compared to these days could be considered light, but compared to the previous stories these stories were gritty and serious, with villains doing bad things and being villains again. Not colourful clowns that got imprisoned every issue, just to escape a few weeks later.

Bat-man got a make over, in happened in two stages,   a new up dated over all look, more defined and later a new chest logo. Robin stayed the same, but as the years went on Robin was allowed to start to grow up from the young teen high school side kick, to the soon to be off to college young adult.

This helped in part with Robin's adventures with the Teen Titans, who had all  been allowed to mature and deal with issues that Teenage Kids of that time dealt with. Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll. Although the sex and Drugs part was always played down.

Here as a look at the evolution of the Dynamic Duo.

Next time a new character is introduced with a very familiar name.

until then    


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