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In May 1959 a small Impish character appeared in the Bat Cave and announced he was the Caped Crusaders biggest fan.
BAT MITE here to HELP (Like it or NOT ! )

He called himself     BAT MITE. Small in size and looking like he was dressed in a child's idea of what The Bat-Man wore,  THIS gave no indication of how mighty this miniature Bat Fan was, or how much trouble he would cause.
Originally Bat Mite had shorts but later got long tights.

Not much is known about the Back Ground of Bat - Mite, except he is from the 5th Dimension, he is an Imp, he is from a race of highly advanced and technology advanced people. he has powers to warp reality that appears to be magical in nature. His real name is not known....... maybe he does not have one.

Anyway, Bat-Mite was introduced into the Bat-Man comics as a result again of a character that had appeared in the Superman Comics in 1944,   Mr MXYZPTLK.  Unlike "Mr Mxy" who is an out and out villain, Bat-Mite only crime is wanting to help.  Unfortunately Neither BAT-MAN, Robin, Bat -Hound, Bat-Woman, Bat-Girl or Anyone wants his help.

But that did not stop Bat Mite from helping anyway !


Bat-mite hero worships Bat-Man. is in love Bat-Woman and Bat-Girl, adores Ace the Bat-Hound and liked Robin. However, the feeling is not always mutual. Although over the years Bat-Mite has aided the Caped Crusaders and friends to solve mysteries and capture criminals, he has also caused mayhem in doing this, sometimes endangering many of those he wished to help. He has been known to team up with Mr Mxyzptlk who may or may not come from the same 5th Dimension as Bat-mite. These stories are considered some of the Better Bat-Mite tales, as these involved the dynamic Duo and The Man of Steel.

However once the Bat-Man Universe was redefined in the mid 1960's Bat-mite disappeared along with Bat-Woman, Ace and Bat-Girl.  He has been known to pop up from time to time, but this is usually in the background or as an imaginary figment of Bat-Man and co.

Here is a last look at Bat-mite who appears to have go the message he is not wanted.


Next Time we have a look at the Third Member of the Dynamic Duo.

Until Then


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