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Thursday, 20 December 2012

THE TEEN TITANS WEST part Two The Return of Beast Boy

With the use of her powers, Lilith  discovered that the disasters that were wreaking the West Coast of America had been caused by a new villain called Captain Calamity.

Forming a New Team of Teen Titans from her friends Hawk & Dove and her boy friend Gnarrk she released that the four of them may not enough to tackle the disasters plus Captain Calamity.

Using her mental powers she called out to other super powered teens in the area.  3 Answered her call.

The first of which was Garth Logan aka BEAST BOY.

Gar had many years before petitioned the Original Teen Titans for a place on their Team. However, they were forced to turn down his request as they felt that although he had amazing powers, he was far TOO young for them to offer a place on their Team.  Rejected, He would return to his life with his adopted parents in The Doom Patrol.

BUT after his Mother Rita Farr and the other members of the Doom Patrol were killed in action, his grieving Father, Millionaire and part time hero, Steve Dayton insisted he gave up any ideals of being a hero.

He settled into his life of luxury, and in secret would still play Hero as The Beast Boy.

Now a few years older, Gar who was now a TV Star, jumped at the chance to help Lilith.

Beast Boy, older and Wiser

Gar Logan was the first new recruit, but who were the other.

Find out next time !


Wednesday, 19 December 2012


When a series of disasters hit California, the former Titan Lilith realised these were not natural in their origin. At this time Lilith was living on the West Coast of America with her Boy Friend the Cave Boy Gnarrk.  She was still in contact with her former beau Don Hall and his brother Hank,  better known as both former Titans Dove & Hawk.

Using her mental powers she gathered together a team of her own, who was dubbed  The Teen Titans West.

The line up of the  New Team consisted of Lilith, Gnarrk, Hawk, Dove, and 3 other Teen Heroes. These three were not former Teen Titans, but ones was a close "Friend" of the Boy Wonder, one was a Rejected Titan and the third was a newly emerged Hero.

LILITH, with beauty in Mind and Soul 
GNARRK ....The Tamed Teen aged Cave Man

HAWK & DOVE, brothers with apposing views.

Next time I will give some more info on the other New Members of the  New Teen Titans Team.


Friday, 14 December 2012


Karen Beecher was a Beautiful part time Student and Liberian from New York City.  She studied Science and Engineering at NYU.  She was very talented, and was considered one of the brightest students of her generation.


She met Mal Duncan, it was love at first sight. Mal soon revealed he was Hornblower, and was a member of the Teen Titans. Mal had then just adopted the Hornblower identity after obtaining the Gabriel's Horn.  Karen was fascinated with the Horn, and would make many studies of it. She knew what it could do, but was able to work out how it did it. She realised that with a lot of time further study she maybe able to reproduce the Horn.  She deduced that the Horn was more powerful than even Mal thought.   This was a problem for Mal, as he already felt that he did not measure up to the abilities of the other Titans before he had obtained the Horn, but now with it, he STILL had a feeling of inadequacy.  Especially as it seemed he did not know how to use it properly either.

Compared to the Power of Wonder Girl and the Speed of Kid Flash, what could he really offer to the Team. ?   Mal was very wrong, the other Titans did not consider him a weak link. They acknowledged he was not super powered like some of the other members past and present, but what Mal seemed to forget that both Robin and Speedy DID NOT have any special powers and DID NOT even have a Special Cosmic Powered weapon like his HORN to aid them either. The Titans originally had asked Mal to join the Team due to his courage and personality. However, this still did not help Mal feeling a bit useless at times.

Karen would later meet the Titans as Mal's girl friend and she also got the opinion that the other Titans did not appreciate him was she thought they should. Again, this was Karen's lack of knowing that the other Titans had been friends for many years before Mal joined the Team. And to an outsider it could been seen as the other Titans excluded Mal from many things.  Which was not the intention or the case.

Karen decided to help improve Mal's standing in the Team. She did this by designing a Super-Powered Suit that would give the wearer amazing powers. Using some of the inventions she had already designed along with information available to her she quickly built a Suit that would allow the wearer to have enhanced strength and the ability to fly.  BUT the plan was not to let Mal wear the suit, SHE was going to WEAR the outfit herself.


Karen's plan was simple, she would break into the secret HQ of the Titans and attack Mal. This would allow Mal to show the Titans he was more than an equal to the others. At first the plan worked, Karen dressed in her Super Suit broke into the Titan's Lair, and confronted Mal.  She announced she was "THE BUMBLE-BEE" and she wanted to destroy the Titans.   She attacked Mal, who remember did not know it was Karen or what was happening. He held his own, but then all of the other Titan's appeared, and started to protect Mal. Realising she had MIS-Read the situation , Karen barely managed to escape the combined force of Hornblower and the other Teen Titans.

Later at home, Karen confessed to Mal she was The Bumble-Bee and that she had realised that the Titans did not undervalue him in anyway.   Mal secretly had realised at some point during the "fake" attack that Bumble-Bee was Karen. This he decided to keep to himself.


Karen apologised to the other Titans, who forgave her misguided act. That would not be the last to be seen of the Bumble-Bee, and in the coming months in secret Karen continued to develop the suit and its abilities.

When the Titans set up home at the Night Club " Gabriel's Horn "  that Mal and Karen opened, Karen would be tempted to help her friends on occasions.  She found that she started to enjoy the Hero Life more than her normal life, and eventually she became a full time Titan.

When Mal gave up the Hornblower identity after loosing his Horn, Karen helped update and improve Mal's Guardian Uniform.   Bumble-Bee and The Guardian would both remain with the Titans for many more months until the Team finally disbanded forever.


Bumble-Bee would be the last "New" Titan to join the "Original"  Teen Titans.... However, next time we head out WEST were a new Membership drive was happening.

More Soon


Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Tales of the Teen Titans Continues

When I left the story, the Teen Titans Active Line Up consisted of Robin the Boy Wonder,  Kid Flash, the Fastest Teen on Earth,  Wonder Girl, Amazon Princess,  Aqua Lad Prince of Atlantis, Speedy, The Teen Archer,  Guardian, Street Kid Made Good & newest member  Harlequin, Daughter of  The Joker (Maybe ?)

However, around the same time that Duela Dent join the Team, another new member was inducted into the fold.  She was a new Super Teen, who's identity was a surprise to one unsuspecting Titan. Mal Duncan at this time had started to adopt his Guardian identify as he had lost his Horn. He would continue as the Guardian until the Team finally disbanded. His life was on the up, and had recently started a relationship with a beautiful girl called Karen.

Why is the Mystery New Titan, and what is HER connection to the Team ?

Find Out SOON


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Service Now Resumed....... Sorry !

Sorry for no recent Blogging, BUT I was unable to do any as I was hospitalised recently.  As I am now home and recovering I plan to get back to "MY" Teen Titans story very soon.

Sorry to all our readers


Sunday, 2 December 2012


Like Donna Troy , aka Wonder Girl, Duela Dent's true identity and back ground took decades to be revealed or come up with a "TRUE" workable background story. Duela had many identities over the years, and claimed to be the daughter of nearly all of DC's Criminal Super Villains. However her first identity as THE JOKERS DAUGHTER, would turn out nearer to the truth than even SHE knew.
When Duela first came onto the scene, it was as The Joker's daughter, and that is who she claimed to be,  Bat-man's number one foe's little girl. This claim and the Costume ( a complete copy of what the Joker then wore ) made sense. During her first outing as the Joker's Daughter Duela made claims she had stolen an important manuscript to Robin, and invited him to catch her.  When Robin did catch up with her, he found that she had lied and had not stolen anything. Also he realised that she had become obsessed with him, and that she may not be the villain she confessed to be.
Acting like a Bad Girl !
When she again appeared on the scene, she claimed to be the Daughter of Cat-Woman, and Two Face, and The Penguin, and The Scarecrow and The Riddler.  Again some of this information turned out to be true or true - ish.  Duela's obsession with the Boy Wonder continued until she was able to un mask him and reveal his true identity. However, Robin also had worked out who The Joker's Daughter really was, and it was Duela Dent, daughter of Harvey Dent aka Two Face. Again this made sense, but would turn out to be wrong - ish too.
Anyway, after Duela had helped the Titans beat one of their foes, Robin asked Duela to join the Team.  This was more to keep an eye on her, as he was getting fed up with her causing mayhem to him due to her unnatural attraction to him. 
Duela accepted the position on the Team, but decided that working with a new group of heroes warranted a NEW Identity.   Thus the Harlequin was born.  As the Harlequin, Duela made a good addition to the team, however, her unstable behaviour and strange ways made her unpopular with some members of the Titans.
Duela a True Hero at Last.
Duela remained on the team until they disbanded again. After which she some what disappeared. She would resurface many years later as a guest at Donna Troy's wedding, when it suddenly hit Robin, that Duela could not be the Daughter of Two face, as she was too old.  To what was the true identity of Duela Dent, and why she did not know who she was either for certain remained a mystery for many years to come. 
It was later announced that Duela Dent was in fact a person who had been displaced in time and space, and was not from Earth  1 (DC's Main Universe)..... she had been born on Earth 3.... a World where the heroes of Earth 1 are Villains and the Villains are Heroes.  Very complicated, but as far as I know Duela's Father was Jackie Napier, The Jokester and her mother Evelyn Dent aka Three Face, although Duela's mother kept her pregnancy secret and went on to marry the Earth 3's Riddler.  However, when Duela fell in love with Owl-man's side kick Talon, the Earth 3's versions of Batman & Robin who were Super Villains, Duela's parents disowned her. How and why she ended up on Earth 1 is still a mystery, but it appears this phasing back and forward to both worlds caused certain mental issues for Duela, which would account for her unstable behaviour.   Yes in her mind she was a hero, and Daughter of two Heroes, and a Step father who was a hero.  ie a  heroric version of  Joker, 2 Face and the Riddler .. But she found herself living on a World where they were villains, and her boyfriend Talon, who was a villain, on her world was a Hero on this AND in this case  was Robin. So she was right to claim to be the Daughter of The Joker, 2 Face and The Riddler, but not the ones that everyone else knew. So her attraction to Robin came from her Earth 3 lover Talon who she had wanted to marry,
Anyway, Duela would only know who she was when she was on her own Earth, but when she phased from her home to the Earth that the Teen Titans existed, some of the details and information got muddled. 
Duela's  jumping from one world to another would be the cause of her Death, as she was finally annihilated  from existence by a Monitor who believed that her dimensional jumps to Earth 1 was causing too many anomalies, and as a result he killed her to stop any further transgressions.
All in all, Duela Dent may have been many things.....She could be dangerous at times as her multiple personalities spiked from passive to chaotic to dam right Kookie..... but she was a Hero and a passionate member of the Teen Titans after all was said and done.
Duela Dent was originally written to be a throw away character, a foil for Robin's solo career, but after many years and many writers, she became a lynch pin in what became known as COUNTDOWN Mini Series of 2007.

Duela Loves Robbie !  But will the Real Duela Dent please Stand Up !
Next time another New Lady Joins the Team, and this one Stings !
Until Next Time     ENJOY !