Thursday, 20 December 2012

THE TEEN TITANS WEST part Two The Return of Beast Boy

With the use of her powers, Lilith  discovered that the disasters that were wreaking the West Coast of America had been caused by a new villain called Captain Calamity.

Forming a New Team of Teen Titans from her friends Hawk & Dove and her boy friend Gnarrk she released that the four of them may not enough to tackle the disasters plus Captain Calamity.

Using her mental powers she called out to other super powered teens in the area.  3 Answered her call.

The first of which was Garth Logan aka BEAST BOY.

Gar had many years before petitioned the Original Teen Titans for a place on their Team. However, they were forced to turn down his request as they felt that although he had amazing powers, he was far TOO young for them to offer a place on their Team.  Rejected, He would return to his life with his adopted parents in The Doom Patrol.

BUT after his Mother Rita Farr and the other members of the Doom Patrol were killed in action, his grieving Father, Millionaire and part time hero, Steve Dayton insisted he gave up any ideals of being a hero.

He settled into his life of luxury, and in secret would still play Hero as The Beast Boy.

Now a few years older, Gar who was now a TV Star, jumped at the chance to help Lilith.

Beast Boy, older and Wiser

Gar Logan was the first new recruit, but who were the other.

Find out next time !


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