Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Tales of the Teen Titans Continues

When I left the story, the Teen Titans Active Line Up consisted of Robin the Boy Wonder,  Kid Flash, the Fastest Teen on Earth,  Wonder Girl, Amazon Princess,  Aqua Lad Prince of Atlantis, Speedy, The Teen Archer,  Guardian, Street Kid Made Good & newest member  Harlequin, Daughter of  The Joker (Maybe ?)

However, around the same time that Duela Dent join the Team, another new member was inducted into the fold.  She was a new Super Teen, who's identity was a surprise to one unsuspecting Titan. Mal Duncan at this time had started to adopt his Guardian identify as he had lost his Horn. He would continue as the Guardian until the Team finally disbanded. His life was on the up, and had recently started a relationship with a beautiful girl called Karen.

Why is the Mystery New Titan, and what is HER connection to the Team ?

Find Out SOON


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