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Here are a few of some of my Favourite drawings I have done over the last 12 months along with some that I have up dated and done over again for this special post.

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Another mile stone.

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My X Mutts , a updated version of the First Group of the Uncanny Heroes

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Last time I told how Deathstroke had captured a number of the Teen Titans. However Robin aka Richard Grayson had managed to escape capture.

Reviewing the facts Deathstroke recalled all that had happened in the last 24 Hours.



Locating the missing Titan was proving to be an issued

As he reviewed all of the information on hand, Deathstroke was now worried that the Powerless Boy Wonder could cause all of his plans to start to fail.

Slade decided that it was better to deliver the Active Titans to HIVE so he could finally complete the Contract his late Son had undertaken.  Then his Family Debt would be cleared. After all the contract was to deliver the Teen Titans to the HIVE. With Kid Flash and Robin no longer technically members of that team, HIVE would not be able to argue details Slade thought. HIVE did not consider past members a threat, they were only worried about the active Team causing any problems to their future plans of world conquest.

Once he had done this Slade would deal with Dick Grayson at his leisure.

Whilst Slade made plans to take his captured Titans to HIVE little did he know that the his missing target was now at Titans Tower making plans of his own.

Next Time its Dick Grayson's turn to Hunt Deathstroke.

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The New Teen Titans Part Twenty Three .....The Hunt Continues.

Last time I told how at long last Deathstroke and Terra finally attacked the Titans. Deathstroke capturing Changeling, Wonder Girl, Starfire and Cyborg  where they all felt the safest.... in their own homes, leaving Terra to tackle Raven at her home at Titans Tower.

The final piece in the puzzle was  Robin, who Deathstroke knew was really Dick Grayson.  Deathstroke attacked Dick Grayson in his own apartment in New York City. Initially shocked that Deathstroke was attacking him at his home, the former Boy Wonder managed to fight off his attacker.

Deathstroke smashing through the window at Dick Grayson's apartment.

 Under estimating Dick Grayson as a real threat was to be Slade's mistake.  As Robin, Grayson he had show like his mentor Batman that he could hold his own without special powers or enhanced abilities time and time again. Only by a mixture of luck and timing Dick managed to escape Deathstoke.

Deathstroke had come too far to be thwarted by Grayson. He used all of his resources to find Grayson.
The Search for Dick Grayson

Dick went to Titans tower to enlist their help. When he  arrived at the ruined Titans Tower all there was to greet him was  the results of Terra's damage caused by her earth moving powers. Believing it to be her battling Deathstoke he tied to locate the other Titans. Realising they took had been captured he began to formulate a plan to locate and rescue them....... but before he could do this a mysterious woman stepped out of the shadows.

Who is this Mystery Figure ?

Was she friend or foe ? Find out next time.

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The New Teen Titans Part Twenty Two The Trap is Sprung

As the days and weeks continued Tara aka Terra used her time to learn as much as she could about the Titans and their secrets as well as using them and their training methods to help improve her control over her powers. Her powers were great, but with the help of the others she began to see new ways in using her powers and adapting her abilities.

At times she would forget herself and would lash out uncontrollably. This would make many of the TT's question her true nature and her suitability to be one of the team.

Terra's lack of control was starting to worry the other Titans.

Tara played on her unstable background and up bring being the reasons behind her temper tantrums. Garth aka  championed her and all the other TT's put her outbursts down to her sad back story. Only Raven had her suspicion. But as she was always worried about her own inner demons surrounding her father, she was always uneasy to point out any ones issues in case it was "HER" Father Trigon manipulating her again. Donna also had her doubts, but  she was finding being the new team leader a challenge. Part of her wanted to ask Dick Grayson for advice, but she believed that if she starting having doubts about her decision making this could prove she herself was some what lacking.

Deathstroke forever watching events evolving  was less than forgiving of Terra's out bursts as he was worried she would give the game away before he could make good on his plan to capture and hand over the TT's to HIVE.  He warned Tara to be careful, and she reluctantly agreed to not over play her part. Slade knew he was too near reaching his goal to let the actions of a unstable element like Tara ruin everything.
Slade & Tara a marriage of convenience !!!

His relationship with Tara was strange at the very least, they appeared to be lovers, but was he really using her or was she really using HIM ?

When the time was right they would  attack the Teen Titans, in a place each felt most  safe.... in their own home.

One by one Deathstroke planned to  captured each of them. In their civilian lives each Titan were unaccustomed to being on guard  24 - 7. He planned to take out each of them himself, but Terra wanted to deal with Raven herself. Raven had been problematic to her and at times Tara knew that Raven's empathic abilities had seen through her ruse. She told him Raven was hers and he  was to "Leave The Witch to her ! "  Unlike the other Titans, Raven had no civilian identity or life outside Titans Tower, so whilst slade attacked the others, Terra took the battle to Raven. In a hard vicious battle Terra took out Raven nearly killing her  and almost destroying Titans Tower in the process.

Slade's plans for the other Titans was simple. Attacking them where they felt the safest was the key. And the means of the attack was almost most simple too.

Gar Logan  was rendered unconscious  from licking drugged envelopes whilst  replying  to his fan mail.


 Donna Troy was over come by fumes from Slade tampering with her photographic developing fluids.


Koriand'r  was duped into opening a surprise package addressed she thought from he boyfriend Dick Grayson. The surprise she got was a blast that overloaded her Star burst powers leaving her in a coma on the floor.
A present from her beloved Dick ?
A BOMB that Overloaded her Powers !

Victor Stone was electrocuted whilst reading a note reporting to be from his Grand parents.


This seemed like Child's Play to Deathstoke.  What he would have planned for Raven is any ones guess, but as Terra had wanted to take out "that Witch" as she called her, Wilson Slade allowed his partner to do this.

Terra attacked  Raven at Titans Tower. Raven was somewhat surprised by the attack and was not prepared for the viciousness of Tara's actions. After nearly destroying Titans Tower Terra beat Raven into unconsciousness nearly killing her in the process.


With Changeling, Cyborg, Wonder Girl, Starfire and now Raven captured all there was left was Robin and Kid Flash. As kid Flash had now retired and was his whereabouts  were unknown, Slade decided to discount  him as no longer a threat or a target.

Now it was time to capture the least powerful of the Titans. Robin or Dick Grayson as Slade now knew him to be. Grayson should be an easy target as Slade thought..........

Next Time its a show down between Robin and Deathstroke

Until then ENJOY !

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The New Teen Titans Part Twenty One The Truth About Terra

What at the time was not known by the reader was that Tara Markov aka Terra was not who she appeared to be.

Who was Tara Markov, a frighten young girl or an embittered Killer !

Yes she was a very damaged young girl who had been born of a union with a Monarch of a Foreign Country and his mistress. She had the power to move the very earth beneath her feet. This ability was not confirmed as being a natural gift or the result of a scientific experiment or accident. It would later be known her powers like her half brother Prince Brion of Markovia aka Geo-Force had been a result of an experiment to grant powers to help in the war for their country.

The Secret of Her birth if known would have caused scandal and the possible downfall and ruination of the country and the King. Being kept as a "dirty little secret" and being banished for her safety to a foreign land was bad enough...... but why did she become a killer, a hired assassin at a young age was simple.  She enjoyed Killing.

Now she was a member of the New Teen Titans, and as such she was now privy to all their secrets, including their true identities. This information would be valuable to anyone interested, but Tara already had someone interested in the secrets of the TT's and that was her "Business Partner" Deathstoke the Terminator aka Slade Wilson .

Deathstroke had blamed the death of his son Grant..... aka Ravager on The Titans. He had under took a contract with HIVE to destroy the TT's before they became a threat to their secret organisation. They gave him special abilities that in some way mirrored his fathers. Wether Grant had latent powers before he was "up graded " by Hive is not known.  However, these new abilities came with a high cost. As Grant used his abilities in battle with The TT's his very being and life force began to be used up. The harder he battled the more his powers began to kill him. Ultimately causing him to collapse and die in his Fathers arms.

When the readers learnt of Tara's betrayal many questioned what a 15-16 year old Girl was doing flirting with an older man. Many found the way she has portrayed as being a bit to risky.  However, this little misjudgement by the writers and the artists would be glossed over. Still the store called The Judas Contract is still believed to one of the best stories written for the Teen Titans, and in some ways one of the best penned  and published by DC Comics.

The TRUE Face of Tara Markov

Now the scene was set, and Terra arranged for the Teen Titans to be captured by HIVE.

Next Time whilst the fate of the Teen Titans hanging in the balance we get to learn more about Slade Wilson's past, we meet other members of the Wilson Family, A boy Side Kick gets a make over, a New Hero emerges and a Titan Dies.

Until then ENJOY !

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The New Teen Titans Part Twenty.... Welcomes and Goodbyes

With the coming of Terra as a New Member of The Teen Titans,  the group looked like it was all set for a more stable time..... BUT this not to be the case.

For two member of the Teen Titans it was to be the end of their super hero lives.  The First Would be Wally West, he had decided to leave the Titans and also take a break from being Kid Flash and try to be Wally West full time. HE would tell the other Titans that now with Terra on board this would be  a good time to leave. leaving his Flash Ring he prepared to take his leave of his friends...... But just as the TT's were getting over this News, another more epic announcement  was about to be made......

Also For Months Robin aka Dick Grayson relationship with his mentor and father figure Batman aka Bruce Wayne had started to crumble. For years Dick both as Robin and in his civilian life  had happily followed the orders of Batman - Bruce Wayne and accepted  without question that this was  the way things were done. As Robin grew up he began to question some of Batman's methods and his sometimes fanatical way he carried on. Batman of late parted company from The Justice League of America as his approach to dealing with criminals had brought him into conflict with many of his other JLA Team mates.  He had formed his own group called the Outsiders. This was a Group of Heroes most of all which where Lone Wolves like himself were not afraid to dish out Justice with a Fist of Iron. Fight Fire with Fire was the mantra. This hard approach was not and did not sit well with most of the others in the Super Hero community..... and with Robin. Dick had found that his time with the newly formed Teen Titans had brought its rewards. Not only did the other TT's follow his orders without question, also he had shown the wider Super Hero community that he as a Hero in his own right, not just the Junior Partner of the Dark Knight. Looking for appreciation and some sort of congratulation come from all sources BUT not from the person who praise would have meant the most....... The Batman.
Tension Rising in the Bat Cave

This tension between Batman & Robin ended in both of them arguing to a point where Batman actually "Fired" Dick as his partner and as Robin. Dick Grayson gave up his costume and identity as Robin in a spectacular fashion when be "Shed" most of his costume in front of the other Teen Titans. Also now wanting to find his way in the world he appointed Wonder Girl as the New Leader of the Titans.
The Teen Titans shocked at Dick & Wally's decision to leave not just the group but their Hero Identities behind them.

Tara Blushes at Robin's R Rated strip Tease.

Dick shedding his Robin costume had made young Terra blush or so the other Titans thought, little did they know that with first Kid Flash announcing he was Wally West, and Robin revealing he was really Dick Grayson  gave Terra everything she wanted and more.

As her eyes and ears observed the relations at Titans Tower, they beamed this information directly onto a third party, a third party who wanted nothing more than the complete destruction of the Teen Titans. A Third Party Who had History with the Young Heroes, and a contract to for fill.

Secrets Revealed  to a deadly enemy 

Next Time Terra shows her true colours, and her  mystery master comes out of the shadows.

Until then ENJOY !.

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Thanks 34,000 Visitors Plus

Sorry for no new postings for a while, but life and all has meant that my time for this little project has been limited......BUT I should now be able to spare some time to devote to my Dawgs.

Here is a little THANK YOU to all my regular visitors who make me doing this seem worth while.

This is a bit a re do of some of my previous work.

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A Big 34,000 Visitors Thank You from The FURTASTIC FOUR

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THE NEW TEEN TITANS Part Nineteen Terra the New Recruit

The Teen Titans were now a great team. They had showed the world and their mentors they could be a force to be reckoned with. By this time all of them had put most of their personal ghost and problems to rest.

Robin had started to make a name for himself other than ONLY the Junior Partner of Batman, he had also started a relationship with an Alien Princess. Starfire had come to love her adopted world and had fallen in love with Robin, and was starting to trust people again. Wonder Girl had found her place in the world, both as a hero and in her private life as a fashion photographer, Raven had for now helped banish her father Trigon from Earth, but at the cost of her relationship with Kid Flash and the loss of her Mother. Changeling had found "family" again with "uncle Cliff Steel" aka Robotman and was building bridges with his adopted Father Steve. Cyborg had finally resolved his differences with his Father before his death, and now was more content and happy with his "new" robotic body. and Kid Flash although his relationship with Raven had finished had found love for a short time with an ex girlfriend Frances Kane. Even his relationship with his parents was less strained. All in all the Teen Titans where in a very good place........ what could go wrong ?   Then came TERRA

Not every thing about Tara Markov was what it seemed.

When she first came to the attention of the Titans she appeared to be nothing more than a Crook. Her initial meeting involved her trying to destroy the Statue of Liberty which was interrupted by the intervention of Gar Logan, aka Changeling.,  Gar was smitten by the young teen aged terrorist, but  later Changeling managed to track her down and when she told him she was only preforming these acts of destruction due to her being blackmailed, he decided to help her.
Terra the Terrorist

Her story was, or the story she told to the Green Skinned Titan was that her parents were being held hostage by terrorist. And that these terrorists had  who told her that if she did not carry out their instructions they would kill her parents.

Changeling convinced Terra to let the Teen Titans help her. This they did, but once the Titans had managed to defeat the Terrorist Cell, Terra found out that her parents had already been killed.... Or That was the Story they were fed.  This would turn out to be a complete ruse and allowed Terra to get invited to join the Teen Titans and with that be privy to all of their secrets. She played her part well, she began a "Teenage" romance with Changeling, and played on her Orphaned Victim Status within the Titans group. Which in itself was full of people with similar issues.

Robin was an orphan due to his parents being murdered, Wonder Girl did not know who who she was and presumed her parents had died, Victor Stone's Parents had died, Kid Flash was estranged from his own Mother & Father, Star Fire had been sold into slavery as a child and knew not if her parents still lived and Changeling had lost both his parents and his later adopted Mother in tragic circumstances. Even Raven's Parents were not what you would call NORMAL.  So all in all the Titans adopted Tara into their own unique family.

The Truth was Tara Markov was the illegitimate daughter of the King of Markovia, a foreign European Country and his mistress, an unnamed American woman. Tara had been sent to the United States to avoid scandal, but not before using an experimental machine designed by Markovian scientist Dr. Helga Jace –  a device which endowed the young girl with incredible powers over the earth itself.

Tara was full of rage and hate, which may have stemmed from the fact that she was a national embarrassment because she was the product of an extramarital affair. This information was true.

Feeling let down by everyone, Tara started to use her powers to make money. Hiring out her skills to anyone wanting to pay her price. Emotionally she was damaged goods. A teenager with powers that could kill..... and she found out she could without having any remorse.

In her role as a super-human orphan-victim, Terra was invited to join the Teen Titans by Changeling, who quickly developed an extreme crush on her. She fought bravely with the Titans in order to win their confidence and learn their secrets. The Teen Titans felt that Tara could redeem herself, of course they did not know she was an out and out assassin who enjoyed killing.

For now in her "New" Costume, the Kinder and more Friendly Terra was now a full fledged member of the Titans.... and slowly little by little she started to learn all of their secrets. But at the time this darker side to her nature was not yet made known to the readers.
The "New" more Friendly look of Terra

Things looked Rosie for the Terra and the Teen Titans, but as they say looks can be deceiving.

Welcome to the Teen Titans Terra, I hope THEY survive the Experience

Next Time the TT's get to meet the REAL Terra and find out WHAT was her plan and WHY and WHO was behind the whole manipulation.

Until The ENJOY !

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Thank You From Ant-Man and the Wonderful Wasp 33,000 visitors

A Very BIG THANK YOU from Two of My Smallest Dawgs..... Ant-Man & The Wasp

These are a up dated re do of the two insect heroes I first featured when I first started my little Blog back in 2010.

I hope you like them.

The Original Ant-Man and his Partner The Wonderful Wasp from Tales To Astonish #44 June 1963

Best wishes and Thanks

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The New Teen Titans Part Eighteen..... Trigon Makes His Move.

Arella hated the fact that Raven was now under the tutorship of Azar. Arella could see that in Raven's eyes Azar was a Mother figure to her. Although due to her conditioning and training Raven was trained to suppress any emotion just in case this lead to her allowing her fathers evil influence to over whelm her..... Arella longed for her daughter to love her in the way she loved her daughter.

At the age of ten Azar passed away of old age. Before Azar died, she gave Raven a pair of rings that she herself had always worn. The rings held the original Azar’s essence. Raven was now placed in Arella's care, but by then Raven was unable and unwilling to show any aspect of love to her Mother.

Over the next several years, Raven felt her father's evil influence slowly growing inside of her. When she was eighteen-years-old, Raven felt compelled to enter the Temple of Azarath, and there  opened the Great Door and encountered her father for the very first time. This prompted Raven to manifest her sole self. The manifestation of the soul self confirmed that Raven was indeed the daughter of Trigon. This manifested essence did on one hand push Trigon back into his Dimension, but confirm her as the Daughter of Trigon.  This encounter allowed Trigon to  instilled more of his essence into Raven’s soul self, promising that she would eventually belong to him.

Opening the Great Door Raven;s Sole Self Manifests itself for the First Time

Raven knew that Trigon would not rest until he both conquered her and Earth. Knowing she was unable to stop Trigon alone, she herself went to Earth to form an alliance against the coming of Trigon. After being turned down help from the Justice League after their member Zantana sensed Raven herself was evil, Raven recruited the heroes what would become the New Teen Titans.
Raven shows the Teen Titans what would happen Trigon managed to come to Earth

They Young heroes agreed to help her, but Raven neglected to tell them the whole truth about her relationship to Trigon.

When the Titans learnt that Raven was the daughter of Trigon and had also manipulated Kid Flash into thinking he loved Raven, they abandoned her cause out of mistrust. But the teen heroes eventually learnt the horrible truth  about Raven from Arella who had too journeyed to Earth to aide her daughter.  Arella helped gather the young heroes to help Raven defeat her fiendish father.

Arella reunites the Teen Titans to help defeat Trigon

 The Titans finally manage to prevent Trigon’s invasion plans, as the demon was thrown into an inter-dimensional prison with Arella acting as a gatekeeper,  Raven herself would nearly be destroyed in the process, but her mothers sacrifice helped save her and her soul.

After Trigon’s defeat, The Teen Titans decided to remain a team. But despite her father’s banishment, Raven still fought to contain the darkness within her. On Azarath, she was taught to contain any emotions to prevent her evil side from taking control. And the presence of Kid Flash presented a real danger – as both Raven and Kid Flash aka Wally West shared a real and strong feeling for one another.
Being in love with the Daughter of a Demon was not always a lot of laughs.

 Unfortunately, it became increasingly difficult for Raven to contain her sadistic nature – and Kid Flash was there to witness her demonic outbursts from time to time. This, along with other factors, led him to eventually leave the group.
The Two Halves of Raven.

The evil of Trigon would eat away inside Raven for many years to come, as she would struggle constantly to stop herself completely being consumed by it. Trigon would return to attack the Teen Titans and his daughter, but that's another story for another time.

Next up a New member for The New Teen Titans.

Until then enjoy !!!!