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THE NEW TEEN TITANS Part Nineteen Terra the New Recruit

The Teen Titans were now a great team. They had showed the world and their mentors they could be a force to be reckoned with. By this time all of them had put most of their personal ghost and problems to rest.

Robin had started to make a name for himself other than ONLY the Junior Partner of Batman, he had also started a relationship with an Alien Princess. Starfire had come to love her adopted world and had fallen in love with Robin, and was starting to trust people again. Wonder Girl had found her place in the world, both as a hero and in her private life as a fashion photographer, Raven had for now helped banish her father Trigon from Earth, but at the cost of her relationship with Kid Flash and the loss of her Mother. Changeling had found "family" again with "uncle Cliff Steel" aka Robotman and was building bridges with his adopted Father Steve. Cyborg had finally resolved his differences with his Father before his death, and now was more content and happy with his "new" robotic body. and Kid Flash although his relationship with Raven had finished had found love for a short time with an ex girlfriend Frances Kane. Even his relationship with his parents was less strained. All in all the Teen Titans where in a very good place........ what could go wrong ?   Then came TERRA

Not every thing about Tara Markov was what it seemed.

When she first came to the attention of the Titans she appeared to be nothing more than a Crook. Her initial meeting involved her trying to destroy the Statue of Liberty which was interrupted by the intervention of Gar Logan, aka Changeling.,  Gar was smitten by the young teen aged terrorist, but  later Changeling managed to track her down and when she told him she was only preforming these acts of destruction due to her being blackmailed, he decided to help her.
Terra the Terrorist

Her story was, or the story she told to the Green Skinned Titan was that her parents were being held hostage by terrorist. And that these terrorists had  who told her that if she did not carry out their instructions they would kill her parents.

Changeling convinced Terra to let the Teen Titans help her. This they did, but once the Titans had managed to defeat the Terrorist Cell, Terra found out that her parents had already been killed.... Or That was the Story they were fed.  This would turn out to be a complete ruse and allowed Terra to get invited to join the Teen Titans and with that be privy to all of their secrets. She played her part well, she began a "Teenage" romance with Changeling, and played on her Orphaned Victim Status within the Titans group. Which in itself was full of people with similar issues.

Robin was an orphan due to his parents being murdered, Wonder Girl did not know who who she was and presumed her parents had died, Victor Stone's Parents had died, Kid Flash was estranged from his own Mother & Father, Star Fire had been sold into slavery as a child and knew not if her parents still lived and Changeling had lost both his parents and his later adopted Mother in tragic circumstances. Even Raven's Parents were not what you would call NORMAL.  So all in all the Titans adopted Tara into their own unique family.

The Truth was Tara Markov was the illegitimate daughter of the King of Markovia, a foreign European Country and his mistress, an unnamed American woman. Tara had been sent to the United States to avoid scandal, but not before using an experimental machine designed by Markovian scientist Dr. Helga Jace –  a device which endowed the young girl with incredible powers over the earth itself.

Tara was full of rage and hate, which may have stemmed from the fact that she was a national embarrassment because she was the product of an extramarital affair. This information was true.

Feeling let down by everyone, Tara started to use her powers to make money. Hiring out her skills to anyone wanting to pay her price. Emotionally she was damaged goods. A teenager with powers that could kill..... and she found out she could without having any remorse.

In her role as a super-human orphan-victim, Terra was invited to join the Teen Titans by Changeling, who quickly developed an extreme crush on her. She fought bravely with the Titans in order to win their confidence and learn their secrets. The Teen Titans felt that Tara could redeem herself, of course they did not know she was an out and out assassin who enjoyed killing.

For now in her "New" Costume, the Kinder and more Friendly Terra was now a full fledged member of the Titans.... and slowly little by little she started to learn all of their secrets. But at the time this darker side to her nature was not yet made known to the readers.
The "New" more Friendly look of Terra

Things looked Rosie for the Terra and the Teen Titans, but as they say looks can be deceiving.

Welcome to the Teen Titans Terra, I hope THEY survive the Experience

Next Time the TT's get to meet the REAL Terra and find out WHAT was her plan and WHY and WHO was behind the whole manipulation.

Until The ENJOY !

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