Friday, 15 April 2016

The New Teen Titans Part seventeen..... Trigon Plants his Seed.

Last time I mentioned that the other worldly demon called Trigon had now set his eyes on Earth. As he could not completely cross over to our dimension he needed a key to help his achieve this. This Key would be a child.... his Child.

Manipulating a cult of religious fanatics looking at contacting other worldly forces he made his move. The cult summoned their savour, but what they got was the Devil in disguise.

Appearing to the Cult as a Young Handsome Man he was welcomed him as their messiah.  He lost no time using his influence in enthralling the young beautiful Angelia Roth.  He quickly romanced her and took her as his bride.

Trigon appears in Human disguise.

Taking her back to his dimension (which he had disguised as a pleasant Utopia) , Trigon "married" Angela and went about impregnating her with his seed. When Angela found she was expecting she rushed to share the good news with her husband. But instead welcoming his wife's joyful news, Trigon caste of his handsome illusion to reveal his true demonic form.

Angela with Child in the "Paradise" Illusion created by Trigon 

On having his bride fulfil her roll, Trigon revealed his true form which horrified Angela.
No More Mr Nice Guy. The illusion is shattered !

He then abandoned and cast Angela back to Earth. Alone and  pregnant with his child, Trigon patiently awaiting the day when he could call his offspring to his side.

What became of Angela Roth and her unborn child will be the subject of my next blog items.

Until Then Enjoy !!!

Friday, 1 April 2016

The New Teen Titans Part Sixteen Trigon The Terrible

The Evil that was called Trigon was a Demon from an inter dimensional realm. Formed and Composed of Evil Energy that had been expunged by the Good Force that was called Azarath. As the Brightness and Glory of Azarath began to rid its dimension of Negative and Dark Energies, theses energies began to combine resulting with the "Birth" of a creature of pure Evil, TRIGON.

The Infant Trigon 

Once born Trigon spent little time in destroying all about him, both Good and Evil. The more he destroyed the more powerful he became. After many years  he became ultimate ruler of his dimension..... But now he looked for other dimensions to conquer.
The Adult Trigon looking for new worlds to conquer 

One of the places that interested Trigon was our Universe, and as he planned his move to destroy it, his lust for power brought the planet Earth to his attention. The world was of great interest to him. The inhabitants he felt would be a worthy challenge to him and a joy to enslave...... But in order to  cross over to our Universe he needed a "Key" and that key would be a child, his offspring.


Trigon discovered he could for a limited period transfer his presence to Earth. Although he could exist on Earth it would be at a cost, his power and control of negative dark energies would not be his to command whilst he was there. He could exist here but would be powerless. This was not what he wanted. He wanted existance and the power to enslave the peoples of Earth.

He discovered an Earth Based Cult that had spent decades  trying to contact Other Worldly Forces. With a bit of manipulation, Trigon was able to ensnare many of the cults members in order to help him enter there realm and take control.

This is where Angela Roth came into the picture. Born of riches and position the then bored young Angela ran away from home and ended up mixed up with the religious cult. Trigon saw what he wanted in the young Angela, the idea vessel to carry his offspring.

The object of Trigon's Lust for Power..... Angela Roth

Next Time Trigon makes his move on Angela

Until then  ENJOY !