Saturday, 30 April 2011


BRUNO HOR-HOUND was made bankrupt when it was discovered that he was using inferior and faulty materials for the military hardware he was making for the US Government. The defense contract was then awarded to Boney Bark (aka The Iron Hound) and his company BARK INTERNATIONAL

Bruno discovered one of his Faulty weapons was capable of generating a beam that was capable of melting all forms of metal containing  IRON.  He redesigned the unit and strapped it to the front of a costume.  And therefore the MELTING  MUTT was born.

With  his new costumed identify , The Melting Mutt went onto attack BARK INTERNATIONAL in a hope to sabotage Boney Starks company, plus make himself some money at the same time.

However, attacking Bark International brought him into conflict with IRON HOUND. On their first fight, the Melting Mutt managed to melt and damage IRON HOUNDS armour.  however Iron Hound returns in a re forged Suit of Armour composed of Aluminium which appeared to be impervious to the Melting Beam.

The Melting Mutt escaped into the sewers leaving Iron Hound to believe he may have been killed.

He would return months later as part of the Original Mutt-Masters of Evil, with Barron Sniffo helping Bruno to redesign his Melting Beam so that it would melt all types of metals, and some other materials.

An early Mut-vel vil-hound, who would return time and time again to cause havoc to Iron Hound and The Avenging Hounds...  He was later dispatched to that great kennel in the sky, but like lots of Mut-vel characters he may one day return.


Friday, 29 April 2011


Buddy and I have just got home from  Barkingham Palace in London after the Wedding of his cousin Prince Wolf -Hound of Wails to his bride Miss Kather-whine Muttel-ton.

Every one wishes the  Couple a very happy marriage.

As this was a Royal Wedding , Her Majesty Queen Eliza-bark the Sec-Hound attended with her mate Prince Phil-pup Dog of Edinburgh.  The bestman was Prince Hairy of Wails and bridesmaid was Miss Puppa Muttel-ton

The newly weds are sending their wedding night at their Palace Kennel in BARKING, and tomorrow they will travel to the Isle of Dogs for their Honeymoon.




FANG THE CONQUEROR, tale is very complicated. and involves other versions of himself.  I will try to do my best to give you his life story.

Nat-Hound-al Richards was born in the 30th Century.  He was a very intelligent mutt who found his life borring....... so when he discovered that one of his ancestors had dabbled in TIME TRAVEL he looked into his family tree more.   He discovered that he was related to one maybe two Scientists in the 20th Century.  both of which had invented Time Machines.  He believed he was related to either DR LEAD RICHARDS or DR VLICKTOR VON DOOGIE DOOM.  ( better known in their time period as Mr FUR-TASTIC & DOG-TOR DOOM) BUT who was the Great Great.etc............. GRAND DADDY was not important to Nat-Hound-al.  He later dug up records and plans of Doom's time machine, and went about rebuilding the Technology.   He fancied travelling back to ancient Egypt so designed his time ship in the shape of the SPHINX.

When built he travelled back in time to around 2950 BC where he adopted the identify of RAMA MUTT, PHARAOH HOUND of EGYPT.   Now when I say adopted, what he did was use weapons and the Technology from the 30th Century to enslave the people.

Well RAMA MUTT got rumbled and had to leave in a rush to save his skin.   He planned to return home to the 30th Century but ended up crash landing in the 40th.   Who said driving a SPINX was easy !.

Now in HIS future he reinvents himself as The SCARLET CENTURI-HOUND.   and then travels back in time to the 20th Century to cause havoc with the original Avenging Hounds.  

He was again forced to run away to the future again.... where he re invented himself as FANG the Conqueror and went about conquering the future, using stolen technology from many time periods.

Finally Fang was the Ruler of the Future BUT again became bored with his existence.   So he travelled back to the 20th Century where he did battle with the Avenging Hounds.  He thought that his superior technology and weapons would make defeating the Avenging Hounds easy.  Also he thought that the AV HOUNDS would be a worthy challenge to him.  He was wrong and was defeated time and time again.  But each time Fang went back in time he found he started to make changes to his future time line.  By the time he had realised this, he then discovered that he was and had  created lots of different versions of himself. Not just as Fang, but as Rama- Mutt, the Scarlet Centuri-Hound and even Nat-hound-al Richards. Added to this he met Immor-Tails who was a future version of himself who lived in LIMBO

So for the record Fang the Conqueror originated from the 40th Century, although he originally came from the 30th Century.   as did The Scarlet Centuri-Hound.  Rama - Mutt lived in BC 2950 but originally came from the 30th Century.  Immor-tails lives in or should I say, LIVES  outside time and space in Limbo but used to be Fang.... and a teen aged Nat-hound-al travelled to the 20th century from his home in the 30th Century to become IRON PUPPY in bid to stop himself becoming FANG.

If you understood all that, please explain it to me !!!!

Anyway, here is FANG THE CONQUEROR

Enjoy !


Thursday, 28 April 2011


The RADIOACTIVE MUTT was one of the Original Mutt-Masters of Evil, who are themselves an evil version of the Avenging Hounds put together by BARON SNIFFO, the Woofzi war criminal.

But the Radioactive Mutt had been around for a long time before he teamed up with SNIFFO and his crew.

Dr CHUM LU was a Nuclear Physicist from what was then called The PUPPIES REPUBLIC OF CHINA. His Com-mutt-ist leaders ordered him to find a way to defeat the Dog of Thunder PAW, who had himself defeated the Chinese Army's attempt to invade INDIA.

 Chum Lu exposed himself to radiation little by little until he finally gave himself a massive blast of lethal radiation.   The result was he was able to absorb and release radiation.  The down side was he ended up glowing green and was deadly to be around.

He did battle with the Dog of Thunder, but was defeated.  He would try again and again over the years to beat PAW, but was always defeated.

He was chosen by Barron Sniffo to be part of his Mutt-Masters of EVIL as SNIFFO wanted each Vill-hound to be in some way connected to the Avenging Hounds.  IE, Barron Sniffo was Canine America's foe...... The Melting Mutt, was Iron Hounds foe,  The Evil Bark Knight. foe of Giant-Dawg and the Waspish Pooch..... and finally The Radioactive Mutt, foe of the Mutty PAW, Dog of THUNDER.

Here is the Radioactive Mutt as his evil best.


Tomorrow a time travelling mutt

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


THE RED SCULLY-WAG, has been doing evil things since WW2 ( that's WORLD WOOF 2 ) and during that time he has been in conflict with The Scent-Hound of Liberty   Canine America.

BUT who is the RED SCULLY-WAG ?   Well his true identify was a secret for many years, but he is believed to have been born JO-HOUND SCHMIDT and is from a old Germanic Family.    His mother died as a result of giving birth to him and his father blaming Jo-Hound for her death quickly followed her to his grave. 

As an orphaned puppy he made his living on the streets until a chance meeting with the German Dictator HERR (or is that HAIR ) AD-WOLF HIT-FUR he became a follower to the WOOFZI party.   and rose through the ranks to be HIT-FUR'S most trusted attack hound.

He was originally given a Grotesque red skull mask to wear so to strike terror in any that would meet him. He was very loyal to his FURRY-HER    AD-WOLF HIT-FUR .... his real face would later be destroyed and he would end up looking like the RED SKULLY-WAG for real.

Like the Good Canine America, he too would survive the war and the years that followed in suspended animation.   When he arose from his "SLEEP" decades later, he discovered that his Nemesis was also still alive, and spent most of his time fighting The Star Spangled Sniffer, who in turn managed to stop The Red Skully-wag from taking over the World on more than one occasion.

The Red SKULLY-WAGG has a wonderful if warped mind.  He is a brilliant scientist,  leader, and Military Tactician.    Through science and training he is more powerful and fitter than the average Canine.   He is EVIL and today is totally loyal to one person..... HIMSELF

He, like a lot of Vill-hounds has been killed and resurrected on one or more occasion.... as they say   "YOU CAN'T KEEP A GOOD (OR bad) DOG DOWN ! "

More EVIL MUTTS tomorrow


Tuesday, 26 April 2011


After weeks of Hero Hounds, this week its Horrible Hounds.

First Up


I have already done a piece of  Vlicktor Von Doggie Doom  during my Furtastic Four Week, in February 2011.... so I will not bore you with Dooms back story..... However, I have UP DATED my DOG TOR DOOM cartoon, or should I say, BACK DATED to show the terrible tyrant as he was back in 1962 when he first came into conflict with Lead Richards. aka Mr FUR-TASTIC and his FUR-TASTIC FOUR team mates.

Vlicktor's problem is that his is not really an evil mutt, his problem is he is BARKING MAD, and needs to be in total control.   This attitude of believing he is right and other peoples views do not count,  has brought him into conflict with all of the Heroes in The Mighty MUTT-VEL universe over the years.

His biggest problem is his hatred for Lead Richards, and he has devoted years in the pursuit of destroying him and the FF.  Then again, there have been times when he has joined with the worlds hero hounds against a common enemy, but these alliances have usually ended with DOG TOR DOOM betraying his Allies.

Where others see him as a  Tyrant to be feared , he sees himself as a Beloved Ruler and benefactor to the World.

More BAD MUTTS tomorrow


Monday, 25 April 2011

Sunday, 24 April 2011


Yesterday we learnt about  MADAME MUT-TASHA ROVER-NOFF AKA  the BARK  WIDOW's early history up until she refused membership to the Avenging Hounds and disappeared from their ranks and the life of her lover, Clint Barkton aka The Hawk eyed Hound.

To everyones surprise she returned to her home country Russia where she seemed to return to the services of her original masters.

However, this was not true, before she had been offered membership to the AV' Hounds, she had been contacted secretly by Nick Furry head of the SHIELD. Who convinced her to work for him and go back to Russia to be his double agent.

She did this, but was found out and locked up.   It was up to the Avenging Hounds, and her long thought dead husband that came to her rescue.

She then decided to retire from both the life of a spy and that of a Heroic Hound. Her retirement was short lived as she again became the Bark Widow, this time with a New Costume and an updated arsenal including her WIDOWS BITE.... A weapon contained in her wrist bracelets that could stun her enemy's... and possibly kill if the need be.

She continued a solo career until her path crossed that of Dare Doggie, the DogWithout Fear.  They worked together for many years, and became lovers. Proving that she is one lady who likes to take her work home with her. This relationship would also fail in the end.

Eventually she would take up membership with the Avenging Hounds many years after being asked the first time.  She would never be a full time member, but from time to time she would remain with the Hero Hounds to offer support, and leadership on occasions.

She also would have many hook ups with other Heroes and teams, one of which was the Short Lived Chumpions based in LA on the west coast of the USA, a team set up by EX X-MUTT Warren Woofington the Third aka the Bird Dog

Her story still contiues today, with her work with the Avenging Hounds and  Shield she still finds time to work as a SOLO crime fighter.  You could say she is always Rusian around after the Bad Guys.


Saturday, 23 April 2011


Long before she became an Avenging Hound,  MADAME MUT-TASHA ROVER-NOFF AKA  the BARK  WIDOW was a KGB Spy who came from  behind the Iron Curtain.  She was Russian, and had been sent to the WEST to spy on the Industialist and inventor BONEY BARK, who was secretly the IRON HOUND.  ( although she like the rest of the world did not know this )

At first she worn normal clothing, ( dressing like a Widow at a funeral ) and at that time had no real special powers, except for her cunning and bitchy charms.  Iron Hound was able to foil her many attempts to steal " his employers"  industrial secrets and plans. She would in her time romance Clint Barkton (the Hawk eyed Hound) and manipulate him into helping her in achieving her goals

Here he have Madame Mut-Tasha and the Iron Hound as they looked when they first met.

She also encountered Spider-Pup early on in his crime fighting career, and months later after another defeat by Iron Hound she returned to her home in Mother Russia

Whist back in Russia, the Red scientist went about trying to duplicate Spider-Pups powers,(it was thought at the time that his powers were artificial, they did not know about the radioactive spider)  as a result they came up with a costume that mimicked some of his abilities.  Her boots enabled her to walk up walls and cling to ceilings and a set of wrist bracelets enabled her to fire lines to swing by. 

The NEW BARK WIDOW returned to America to again do battle with IRON HOUND. The Hawk eyed Hound again joined her in her mission to DESTROY the Iron Hound. During One of these attempts, Mut-tasha was badly injured and when Hawk eyed Hound risked his life to save her, she truly began to fall in love with him.... which also made her question her loyalty to Russia.


Her Russian Bosses did not much like they way The Bark Widow now questioned some of their orders. As a result they attempted to kill her, and she was taken back to Russia by force.  Whilst there she was brain washed to become a good little Communist again.

During the time she was  back in the U S S R, The Hawk eyed Hound had joined the Ranks of  Avenging Hounds.   When The Bark Widow reentered his life she was hell bent on destroying him and his team mates. She had enlisted a bit of hired help from  the  disgraced ex AVENGING HOUND the SWORDS DAWG  and the Evil POWER PUP.

They failed in their attempt to kill the Avenging Hounds, and Mut-Tasha became free of the BRAIN WASHING effects....   To make up for her "evil" ways, she decided to aide the AVENGING HOUNDS in their fight to preserve peace.   After a few months the  Hero Hounds offered her membership to their ranks, but she said she would have to decline the offer, and would disappear from their lives and that of her lover the Hawk eyed Hound.  As a result she was branded as a traitor as it was reported she had returned to RUSSIA

Why did she go back to her old life ?   was she a Traitor ?

Find out the TRUTH tomorrow


Friday, 22 April 2011


Wishing everyone a Happy Easter from me and my Easter Buddy ( or is that Bunny ! )


Thursday, 21 April 2011


The Viz-Hound was originally sent to destroy the Avenging Hounds by his creator  the Robotic  Ult-tail-on.

This cold emotionless Android soon found himself questioning his programming, and found that he did not want to kill the Avenging Hounds.  The Evil Ult-tail-on tried to destroy his creation, but the Avenging Hounds saved him. 

The Hero hounds accepted him into their ranks, and gave him a home and a purpose.  where over the years he found he had emotions, fell in love, married, fathered children and found he had his own family and discovered who and why he was really created.  ( that's a very complicated story I will need to cover at a later stage.) .

That was the plus side, on the reverse he was taken apart by the government, lost his identity, lost his wife, found his children were not real,  had his body kidnapped by another Viz-Hound from another dimension..... and by the time he got his life sorted out.... his mad wife blew him to pieces.    However, he is now living in another new body, with a different personality,  dating the daughter of the man who took on the hero identify of his " Grandfather"       Yes I will be devoting some serious time to tell the tale of The VIZ-Hound very soon

But before that time ...... BEHOLD  the VIZ-HOUND


Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Today I recorded my 4000 vistor to my Dawgs Site.

Here is a special thanks from BUDDY

Thank You all again     Here is to the next landmark...



The original BARK KNIGHT, Nathound Growlett was a member of the Master Mutts of Evil, and had been the bane of Iron Hound for many years.
He contacted his nephew, Great Dane Woofman on his death bed. ( he had been fatally wounded in battle with Iron Hound)     Here Nathound confessed to young Great-Dane  about his life of crime, and asked Great Dane to restore the honor of the Bark Knight legacy. Great Dane learnt that his Uncle was one of many in the family who had adopted the mantle of the Bark Knight over the years.
Great Dane inherited all of his evil uncles wealth along with his BARK KNIGHT Armour , weapons and Flying Horse.
Later Great Dane received a letter that had been sent to his dead uncle, asking him to rejoin the new incarnation of the Master Mutts of Evil.  Great Dane agreed, as he thought by joining he could expose them, in a way making  up for his Uncles bad deeds.
Well in the end  BUT not as originally planned, he saved the Avenging Hounds who had all been captured by the Evil Mutts. As thanks for helping them, Great Dane was offered a place on the team of the Avenging Hounds.   The new BARK KNIGHT declined their offer as he was unsure that he wanted to follow that path, that of a Hero Hound.
He would later cross paths with the Avenging Hounds a few months later, when they got involved with their Time Travelling Foe.... FANG, The Conqueror.  During the time between meetings, Great Dane had found the  EB-BONEY BLADE.  the same sword that was used by the Original first Bark Knight in medieval England ( SIR PUPSY OF SCANDOGIA, )This time he accepted the offer of a place with The Avenging Hounds as a reservist, as he wanted to spend some of his time at his Family Castle in ENGLAND.
The Knight would be an on and off member of the Avenging Hounds for many years. Eventually he did become a full time member for a time.

Enjoy !

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


The Avenging Hounds next got involved with a very nasty group of racists, The Serpent Sons of a Bitches. This is where they came across The Bark Panter.

The Bark Panter was in fact  T' Dog-Collar ,  Ruler of the African Nation Wagg-kanda.  His was a wealthy Nation who's levels of technology was equal if not better than many of the more powerful nations in the world.  Wagg-kanda was a Nation owing much of its success to the  mining  of the Unusual Metal Vibrani-Bone that is only found  there,  The Ruler of the People also has great strength and speed  due to the unusual Bone shaped herb only they are allowed to ingest. The People also believe in The Ancient Dog ... The Bark Panter... who watches over them.

Here we see the The Bark Panter as he originally looked.

The Cowl Mask was mainly aimed at the Racists, to show the colour of his fur.  The Serpent Sons of a Bitches believed in White Furred Hound Rule only.  the Cape was normally worn mainly for ceremonial purposes.
His help in defeating The Serpent Sons of a Bitches gained his membership into the ranks of the Avenging Hounds.

He was able to juggle his Kingly Duties with that of a Su-pup Hero for many years.

More New Members Tomorrow


Monday, 18 April 2011


When we last visited the New Yorkie, Mutt-hattan Mansion of the Worlds Muttiest Hero Hounds the roster consisted of. Canine America, Hawk eyed Hound, The Waspish Pooch and The Hound Goliath.    The Mutt-ant Twins Quick Slobber and The Scarlet Bitch  had taken a short hiatus from the group whilst they were both experiencing problems with their powers.

During this time the beautiful ex Russian spy MADAME MUT-TASHA ROVER-NOFF the BARK  WIDOW had helped out the team.  She was then the lover of the Hawk eyed Hound.  Although she helped out the team she never became an official member until MANY years later.

( More of The Bark Widow later this week)

but THE MAXI-WOOF TWINS came back to the fold in time to meet the  next Dawg to be offered membership to the Avenging Hounds. He originated from Greek legend.  HAIR-COLLIES, THE PUPPY OF POWER......  He was the son of the ZEUS ruler of the GREEK DOGS of OLYMPUPS.

HAIR-COLLIES was not a full ANCIENT DOG, he was a Demi-Dog as he had a mortal mother. He first met with the Avenging Hounds when  he had been tricked into fighting them by one of their enemies  AMUTTOR The Enchantress from AS-DOG.

He soon found out that The Enchantress was using him, and he was able to break her spell over him.  As a result of meddling in the lives of mortals, Hair-collies' father banished him to earth to teach him a lesson.


But OLYMPUPS' loss was the Avenging Hounds gain, and he became the newest member of EARTHS MUTTIEST HERO HOUNDS.

More Hero Hounds Tomorrow


Sunday, 17 April 2011


JAWS RHODES worked for Boney Bark who was secretly The Iron Hound. Jaws did not know that his boss was the Iron Hound, but knew that Boney Bark was becoming an Alcoholic  Hound. 

During a battle  Iron Hound  aka Boney was too intoxicated to control his armour properly. As a result he needed help in repairing and recharging the Armour, this is when Boney reveled his secret that he was the Iron Hound.

As Boney was too drunk to continue the fight, Jaws Rhodes decided to take over the mantle of Iron Hound to restore order.  As a result Boney Bark asked Jaws to continue as Iron Hound whilst he tried to sort out his life as a Booze Hound.

Jaws accepted and became Iron Hound, but most people still believed he was the original Iron Hound.  Some of the Avenging Hounds believed he was not the same dog in the armour, but they accepted him all the same.  At that time all of the world and most of the Avenging Hounds did not know that  Boney Bark was Iron Hound.

Jaws Rhodes continued as Iron Hound for a time, until he gave back the Identity to Boney after Jaws was injured himself.

After BONEY BARK died  (he did not stay dead for long)  he left his company and his New Armour, nick named the  WOOF MACHINE to Rhodes.... who again took up the mantle to honour his deceased friend.

This Armour was based on the Iron Hound , but had better weaponry.  Where Iron Hound of a powerful RACING CAR, Woof Machine was like an ARMOURED TANK.

For the first time, Jaws Rhodes could be his own Hero, not a copy cat of another.

Tomorrow the Story of the Avenging Hounds contines,


Saturday, 16 April 2011

COMING NEXT WEEK............

Here is a little taster of what is happening here on Its a Dawgs Life all next weeks.

Be here for a spot more AVENGING



As followers of my Blog may know,  MY DAWG BUDDY has been visiting some of the countries where people have tuned into our Blog.

So this month he has gone to Russia, and sends this message with love. 

He has found time to visit with his Russia cousins The Family Dawgpupanova.   His favorite Aunt Natasha was once a famous ballerina, she is now retired, but found time to teach Buddy some traditional folk dancing from her home village of Dogora,

Well where Buddy goes next depends of who out there is visiting our Blog.

Maybe he may be coming your way very soon.

 Пока! or as we say BYE BYE !

Friday, 15 April 2011


Well the problem of soooooo many X-Mutts was resolved much quicker than Pupfessor Rex had thought.

He was Happy for the whole group to stay together, but one by one some of the Puppies of the Atom decided their own fate.

Sunny-San the Heated Hound informed the team that he was going back to Japan as his place was with his people and his Emperor.

Howler,  at first said he would also leave as he thought that he was too old a dawg to be on the team. Cyc-pups and the Pupfessor  convinced him he was needed, so he remained.

The other new X-MUTTS, Breezy Bitch, Metal Mutt, Night Pawer, Thunder bird-Dog & The Wooferine all wanted to stay....BUT  Pupfessor Rex was shocked when all of his original students decided that their future lay elsewhere. ( just like Henry the Hairy Bestie had done a few months earlier )

So the following day, Jean Grey-Hound ,  Howlicks Summers, Lorna Great-Dane, Doggie Drake and Warren Woofington the 3rd........ aka Marvel Mutt, Havok Hound, Polarity Pooch, Ice Dawg & The Bird-Dog said their good-byes. Scottie decided that his place was with the Pupfessor training the next generation of X-Mutts.

All of them would one day return to the X-Mutts, but for now Jean went off to New Yorkie, Howlicks & Lorna went to Arizona to continue their studies, Bobby went to college and Warren went into the family business. 

That brings to close (for now) the story of the X-Mutts,,,,,,

I will be telling more tales. or is that TAILS of the Mutt-ant Mutts very soon.


Thursday, 14 April 2011


Pupfessor Rex now had his new team. Consisting of THE NIGHT PAWER, THE HOWLER, THE BREEZY BITCH, THE METAL MUTT, THUNDER BIRD-DOG, THE HEATED HOUND & THE WOOFERINE.   Along with CYC-PUPS as leader they headed to the island KROKOA in the south pacific  to find out what had happened to the original team of MARVEL MUTT, HAVOK HOUND, POLARITY POOCH, THE BIRD-DOG & ICE DAWG

On arriving at the island they immediately found themselves fighting for their lives, as the island seemed to be against them.  This was confirmed when the located the Original Team, the Island was alive, and was feeding on the captured Mutts Mutt-ant life energies. It had let Cyc-pups escape as he would  bring more food for the Island to consume.

The old and new team battled KROKOA together, and with their combined might the X-Mutts banished the island into space.

The team all returned to the X Mansion......

But as they travelled home the Bird-Dog said " WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH 13 X-MUTTS ? "

The story continues tomorrow


Wednesday, 13 April 2011


The final leg of Pupfessor Rex's mission to recruit new Mutt-ants  to help save his old ones,  took him back to the USA.   Out West to Arizona in fact.  Here he met with a young North America Indian from the APUPCHE tribe.   JOHN PROUD-JAW was a very proud man.  He tried to be true to his warrior heritage. He was a great Hunter but felt unfulfilled in his life.

Pupfessor Rex offered him a place on his new team, but at first Proud-jaw refused him, but Pupfessor Rex saw through the Young Warriors arrogance and again offered him a place on his team.

Proud-Jaw accepted the offer, and left with the Pupfessor for his new life away from his old.  This was a chance to show the WHITE CANINE that RED SKINNED CANINE race was their equal HE THOUGHT.

Pupfessor Rex named him THUNDER BIRD-DOG,  and he too was given a new  Costume to go with his new name.

The Pupfessor's journey was now at an end. He had recruited  many new members to his X-MUTTS.  An untried and  untested team of 7 NEW MUTT-ANTS.   A team of individuals that Scottie aka CYCPUPS would need to mold into a unit to rescue the original team.

Be here tomorrow  for a first look at the new team.


Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Pupfessor Rex next stop was a farm in SIBERIA in the then named USSR.  Here he met with a young Mutt named Pupeter Nikolai-vet  Raspup-tin.  He had recently revealed his X-Puppy Power when he had saved the life of his baby sister. 

Pupfessor Rex told Pupeter and his parents that he would like to take him to his school and help him understand and learn to use his amazing power for the good of the world.

They all agreed, and Pupeter left to join the Uncaninie X-MUTTS.... his code name    Metal Mutt, The Hound Colossus

Pupeter was given a new costume to go along with his new name.  Like other members of the X-MUTTS, the costume would adapt to his and their unique powers.  

Each costume was made from unstable molecules, and were a gift to Pupfessor Rex from their creator.... DR LEAD RICHARDS, aka MR FUR-TASTIC the leader of the FUR-TASTIC FOUR

Pupfessor Rex had now brought together a new group of Mutt-ant to help him find his original team, but before they could be sent to track down the Missing Mutt-ants, the Pupfessor had ONE MORE member to find. This time nearer to home.

Tomorrow the final part of the puzzle is found


Monday, 11 April 2011

A REAL JAPANESE HOT DOG .......................

Arriving in Japan Pupfessor Rex met with a local Mutt-ant he had cross swords with in the past.  SHOUNDO YOS-HOUNDA, was renowned in his native Japan as a Hero, a Mutt-ant  and Leader of the Clan Yash-hounda

He had no love for the Western World, especially due to the Bombing of his home land by the USA in WW2 (  That's WORLD WOOF 2 ) A few years previous when his X- PUPPY POWER first kicked in he went to avenge his country as the Japanese Mutt-ant  Warrior    SUNNY -SAN THE HEATED HOUND....  At that time Pupfessor Rex was able to make him see that attacking the USA was a senseless act.

Shoundo still had issues with the USA but agreed to help track down the missing X - MUTTS as this would mean that the Pupfessor and his X-Mutts would be forever in his debt.

With SUNNY-SAN the Heated Hound on board that made 5 New Members of The X-MUTTS.... but Pupfessor Rex knew that he would need some more help if he was to be successful in freeing his beloved pupils.

Next stop RUSSIA !

Be here tomorrow

Enjoy !

Sunday, 10 April 2011


Pupfessor Rex next met with a young female that he had met many years ago in Cairo. Ororo Mongrel, was born with stunning white hair, the first hint that she was a Mutt-ant.  Orphaned as a young pup she went onto have many adventures growing up on the streets of Caro. Her Mutt-ant powers began to show at a tender age. She found she could control the weather, and the wind.   For many years she roamed the plains of Africa, with many people believing she was a Goddess due to her amazing power.  Years later she travelled further into Africa where she had met and had a brief romance with T' Dog-Collar  a young Mutt one day destined to be Ruler of the African Nation Wagg-kanda  , The Bark Panter and her future HUSBAND.   But that's another story

The Pupfessor informed Ororo she was a Mutt-ant and convinced her that her TRUE destiny lay elsewhere.

After some thought she agreed to come with the Pupfessor to America and become one of his New X-Mutts.

Ororo Mongrel  thus became,  The Breezy Bitch

Here is The Breezy Bitch in her original Costume

Ororo made the 4th New recruit..... but the Pupfessor was not finished yet....... Where next for Mutty Master of the Mind ?      JAPAN !

Be here tomorrow


Saturday, 9 April 2011


Pupfessor Rex arrived in Ireland, where he sort out Sean Cass-doggie a k a the Howling Hound, or Howler for short.   Pupfessor Rex had met the Howler many years ago. Sean Cass-doggie had been many things during his life time. Spy,  Interpol agent,  NYPD officer, Mutt-ant Hero to name a few.

The Howler agreed to help the pupfessor in his rescue of his X-MUTTS. 

So now Pupfessor Rex had recruited another member to his NEW X-MUTTS, but he still needed more ..... Where next...... He decided to go In search of a GODDESS no less !

See you in Africa Tomorrow


Friday, 8 April 2011


Pupfessor Rex next travelled to Canada, where he contacted a Mutt-ant known only as DOG-AN.  He had recently come to REX's attention for battling , the former Avenging Hound, The Hounded Hulk,,,,,,,,,,,,

Dog- an at the time was working for the Canadian Government, as part of the secret organisation known as the ALPHA DOG FLIGHT.  Dog-an's code name was the WOOFERINE. Pupfessor Rex knew that Dog -an had little if any knowledge of his past life, and made a promise that if Wooferine would join his X - MUTTS he would help him discover his past.

The Canadian Government were not happy that their powerful midget mutt-ant was going to leave their employ, but Wooferine warned them to back off otherwise they would feel the Sharpe point of his claws.

Pupfessor Rex has his  2ND NEW MEMBER...... now he was off to see the next potential recruit.... IN IRELAND

See you tomorrow


Thursday, 7 April 2011


PUPFESSOR REX, told CYC-PUPS that he had a plan.  Rex had made plans just in case anything like was to happen to any of  and his X - MUTTS , or if his team had been compromised.  So he now decided it was time to  bring the plan into force. He instructed Scottie that he needed to recover from his ordeal and to start to retrain himself  in the use of his now more powerful  X PUPPY POWER

Pupfessor Rex then left the X Mansion and travelled to GERMANY

Here he meet a young MUTT-ANT called KURT TAIL-WAGGER,  also known as the Demonic Doggie, THE NIGHT PAWER

KURT was a teleporter and a skilled acrobatic, who had been persecuted since birth due to his DEMONIC LOOKS.  Kurt accepted the Pupfessor Rex's invitation to come to live with him at his SCHOOL FOR GIFTED MUTTS.

The Pupfessor had his 1st new X - MUTT..... now he moved on to CANADA

See you tomorrow


Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Pupfessor Rex awaited news from his X-Mutts, but I heard nothing  UNTIL,  Scottie Summers ( CYC-PUPS ) returned in the X JET .

The Pupfessor was horrified when he saw his former student.   Not only was his costume in taters, his VISOR was missing,  Scottie was forced to wear the Ruby Quartz Visor to contain his highly dangerous Eye energy Beam.   BUT Scottie's powers had GONE.

However, as Scottie tried to tell his mentor what had happened to him and the other X Mutts, his Eye's began to glow, and he released a BEAM of ENERGY that nearly killed the PUPFESSOR.

Pupfessor Rex discovered that although  CYC-PUPS eye energy beams had returned,  they were now  more powerful than ever. He quickly adapted a Visor for Scottie, to hold back the new more powerful beams.

BUT what would Pupfessor Rex and Scottie do to save the other members of the X MUTTS

Be here tomorrow for the Solution.


Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Pupfessor Rex sent his X- Mutts, Cyc-pups, Marvel Mutt, Bird Dog, Ice Dawg, Havok Hound & Polaris Pooch to investigate a new MUTT - ANT detected on the island of KROKOA in the pacific.  The Mutt-ant had been detected by SNIFFO, Pupfessor Rex's Creation, a computer  able to sniff out new life and Mutt-ations

All of X team went off to investigate, minus The Beastie, who by then had become the Hairy Beastie and was off somewhere doing his own thing.

Pupfessor Rex waited for news of the new POWERFUL MUTT-ANT MUTT

Come back tomorrow for a shocking development.


Monday, 4 April 2011


When the Beastie left  Pupfessor Rex and his School for Gifted Dogs, he went and became a scientist. He spent his time Studying and looking into MUTT - ATION.  He discovered a gene that could grant temporary Mutt - ant powers to any canine.  He also discovered that someone was trying to steal his work, so he used the serum on himself to give him a disguise whilst he confronted the industrial spies.   However, he was unable to reverse the process as he had found he had remained in his secondary Mutt-anted state too long.

At first he was all Grey and furry, but later he settled for a much nicer blue colour.  

At first he tried to hide his appearance with a mask, but later found that people were accepting of his look.

In the future he would return to Pupfessor Rex & the X - Mutts, but for now he found himself a home with the AVENGING HOUNDS

Tomorrow, its SCHOOLS OUT for the Class of 1963    AND WELCOME to the Class of 1975


Sunday, 3 April 2011


Here is a clue to next weeks theme

Make sure you come back



Long before Avatar the only blue people we saw was the SMURFS

Originally coming from Belgium in 1958 these Little blue fellows & Smurfette have been entertaining people ever since.

Here is Buddy as PAPA SMURF, SMURFETTE and HAPPY ( or one of the other ones )

They originally appeared in newspapers in Europe, and moved on to books, cartoons on TV, a HIT RECORD,  collectible figures, and NEXT UP a NEW CGI MOVIE


Saturday, 2 April 2011


A while back I did the THIS IS YOU LIFE treatment on  Dr Hairy PYM  from the Avenging Hounds.

Here is his life in one picture.

I have left out some of the variations on his Giant Dawg & Hound Goliath costumes, but this is as near as it gets. ( CHECK OUT MY PAST POSTS TO SEE THE OTHER COSTUMES )


See you Tomorrow for some LITTLE BLUE PEOPLE