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FANG THE CONQUEROR, tale is very complicated. and involves other versions of himself.  I will try to do my best to give you his life story.

Nat-Hound-al Richards was born in the 30th Century.  He was a very intelligent mutt who found his life borring....... so when he discovered that one of his ancestors had dabbled in TIME TRAVEL he looked into his family tree more.   He discovered that he was related to one maybe two Scientists in the 20th Century.  both of which had invented Time Machines.  He believed he was related to either DR LEAD RICHARDS or DR VLICKTOR VON DOOGIE DOOM.  ( better known in their time period as Mr FUR-TASTIC & DOG-TOR DOOM) BUT who was the Great Great.etc............. GRAND DADDY was not important to Nat-Hound-al.  He later dug up records and plans of Doom's time machine, and went about rebuilding the Technology.   He fancied travelling back to ancient Egypt so designed his time ship in the shape of the SPHINX.

When built he travelled back in time to around 2950 BC where he adopted the identify of RAMA MUTT, PHARAOH HOUND of EGYPT.   Now when I say adopted, what he did was use weapons and the Technology from the 30th Century to enslave the people.

Well RAMA MUTT got rumbled and had to leave in a rush to save his skin.   He planned to return home to the 30th Century but ended up crash landing in the 40th.   Who said driving a SPINX was easy !.

Now in HIS future he reinvents himself as The SCARLET CENTURI-HOUND.   and then travels back in time to the 20th Century to cause havoc with the original Avenging Hounds.  

He was again forced to run away to the future again.... where he re invented himself as FANG the Conqueror and went about conquering the future, using stolen technology from many time periods.

Finally Fang was the Ruler of the Future BUT again became bored with his existence.   So he travelled back to the 20th Century where he did battle with the Avenging Hounds.  He thought that his superior technology and weapons would make defeating the Avenging Hounds easy.  Also he thought that the AV HOUNDS would be a worthy challenge to him.  He was wrong and was defeated time and time again.  But each time Fang went back in time he found he started to make changes to his future time line.  By the time he had realised this, he then discovered that he was and had  created lots of different versions of himself. Not just as Fang, but as Rama- Mutt, the Scarlet Centuri-Hound and even Nat-hound-al Richards. Added to this he met Immor-Tails who was a future version of himself who lived in LIMBO

So for the record Fang the Conqueror originated from the 40th Century, although he originally came from the 30th Century.   as did The Scarlet Centuri-Hound.  Rama - Mutt lived in BC 2950 but originally came from the 30th Century.  Immor-tails lives in or should I say, LIVES  outside time and space in Limbo but used to be Fang.... and a teen aged Nat-hound-al travelled to the 20th century from his home in the 30th Century to become IRON PUPPY in bid to stop himself becoming FANG.

If you understood all that, please explain it to me !!!!

Anyway, here is FANG THE CONQUEROR

Enjoy !


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