Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Pupfessor Rex next stop was a farm in SIBERIA in the then named USSR.  Here he met with a young Mutt named Pupeter Nikolai-vet  Raspup-tin.  He had recently revealed his X-Puppy Power when he had saved the life of his baby sister. 

Pupfessor Rex told Pupeter and his parents that he would like to take him to his school and help him understand and learn to use his amazing power for the good of the world.

They all agreed, and Pupeter left to join the Uncaninie X-MUTTS.... his code name    Metal Mutt, The Hound Colossus

Pupeter was given a new costume to go along with his new name.  Like other members of the X-MUTTS, the costume would adapt to his and their unique powers.  

Each costume was made from unstable molecules, and were a gift to Pupfessor Rex from their creator.... DR LEAD RICHARDS, aka MR FUR-TASTIC the leader of the FUR-TASTIC FOUR

Pupfessor Rex had now brought together a new group of Mutt-ant to help him find his original team, but before they could be sent to track down the Missing Mutt-ants, the Pupfessor had ONE MORE member to find. This time nearer to home.

Tomorrow the final part of the puzzle is found


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