Thursday, 21 April 2011


The Viz-Hound was originally sent to destroy the Avenging Hounds by his creator  the Robotic  Ult-tail-on.

This cold emotionless Android soon found himself questioning his programming, and found that he did not want to kill the Avenging Hounds.  The Evil Ult-tail-on tried to destroy his creation, but the Avenging Hounds saved him. 

The Hero hounds accepted him into their ranks, and gave him a home and a purpose.  where over the years he found he had emotions, fell in love, married, fathered children and found he had his own family and discovered who and why he was really created.  ( that's a very complicated story I will need to cover at a later stage.) .

That was the plus side, on the reverse he was taken apart by the government, lost his identity, lost his wife, found his children were not real,  had his body kidnapped by another Viz-Hound from another dimension..... and by the time he got his life sorted out.... his mad wife blew him to pieces.    However, he is now living in another new body, with a different personality,  dating the daughter of the man who took on the hero identify of his " Grandfather"       Yes I will be devoting some serious time to tell the tale of The VIZ-Hound very soon

But before that time ...... BEHOLD  the VIZ-HOUND


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