Tuesday, 26 April 2011


After weeks of Hero Hounds, this week its Horrible Hounds.

First Up


I have already done a piece of  Vlicktor Von Doggie Doom  during my Furtastic Four Week, in February 2011.... so I will not bore you with Dooms back story..... However, I have UP DATED my DOG TOR DOOM cartoon, or should I say, BACK DATED to show the terrible tyrant as he was back in 1962 when he first came into conflict with Lead Richards. aka Mr FUR-TASTIC and his FUR-TASTIC FOUR team mates.

Vlicktor's problem is that his is not really an evil mutt, his problem is he is BARKING MAD, and needs to be in total control.   This attitude of believing he is right and other peoples views do not count,  has brought him into conflict with all of the Heroes in The Mighty MUTT-VEL universe over the years.

His biggest problem is his hatred for Lead Richards, and he has devoted years in the pursuit of destroying him and the FF.  Then again, there have been times when he has joined with the worlds hero hounds against a common enemy, but these alliances have usually ended with DOG TOR DOOM betraying his Allies.

Where others see him as a  Tyrant to be feared , he sees himself as a Beloved Ruler and benefactor to the World.

More BAD MUTTS tomorrow


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