Wednesday, 13 April 2011


The final leg of Pupfessor Rex's mission to recruit new Mutt-ants  to help save his old ones,  took him back to the USA.   Out West to Arizona in fact.  Here he met with a young North America Indian from the APUPCHE tribe.   JOHN PROUD-JAW was a very proud man.  He tried to be true to his warrior heritage. He was a great Hunter but felt unfulfilled in his life.

Pupfessor Rex offered him a place on his new team, but at first Proud-jaw refused him, but Pupfessor Rex saw through the Young Warriors arrogance and again offered him a place on his team.

Proud-Jaw accepted the offer, and left with the Pupfessor for his new life away from his old.  This was a chance to show the WHITE CANINE that RED SKINNED CANINE race was their equal HE THOUGHT.

Pupfessor Rex named him THUNDER BIRD-DOG,  and he too was given a new  Costume to go with his new name.

The Pupfessor's journey was now at an end. He had recruited  many new members to his X-MUTTS.  An untried and  untested team of 7 NEW MUTT-ANTS.   A team of individuals that Scottie aka CYCPUPS would need to mold into a unit to rescue the original team.

Be here tomorrow  for a first look at the new team.


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