Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Pupfessor Rex awaited news from his X-Mutts, but I heard nothing  UNTIL,  Scottie Summers ( CYC-PUPS ) returned in the X JET .

The Pupfessor was horrified when he saw his former student.   Not only was his costume in taters, his VISOR was missing,  Scottie was forced to wear the Ruby Quartz Visor to contain his highly dangerous Eye energy Beam.   BUT Scottie's powers had GONE.

However, as Scottie tried to tell his mentor what had happened to him and the other X Mutts, his Eye's began to glow, and he released a BEAM of ENERGY that nearly killed the PUPFESSOR.

Pupfessor Rex discovered that although  CYC-PUPS eye energy beams had returned,  they were now  more powerful than ever. He quickly adapted a Visor for Scottie, to hold back the new more powerful beams.

BUT what would Pupfessor Rex and Scottie do to save the other members of the X MUTTS

Be here tomorrow for the Solution.


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