Friday, 15 April 2011


Well the problem of soooooo many X-Mutts was resolved much quicker than Pupfessor Rex had thought.

He was Happy for the whole group to stay together, but one by one some of the Puppies of the Atom decided their own fate.

Sunny-San the Heated Hound informed the team that he was going back to Japan as his place was with his people and his Emperor.

Howler,  at first said he would also leave as he thought that he was too old a dawg to be on the team. Cyc-pups and the Pupfessor  convinced him he was needed, so he remained.

The other new X-MUTTS, Breezy Bitch, Metal Mutt, Night Pawer, Thunder bird-Dog & The Wooferine all wanted to stay....BUT  Pupfessor Rex was shocked when all of his original students decided that their future lay elsewhere. ( just like Henry the Hairy Bestie had done a few months earlier )

So the following day, Jean Grey-Hound ,  Howlicks Summers, Lorna Great-Dane, Doggie Drake and Warren Woofington the 3rd........ aka Marvel Mutt, Havok Hound, Polarity Pooch, Ice Dawg & The Bird-Dog said their good-byes. Scottie decided that his place was with the Pupfessor training the next generation of X-Mutts.

All of them would one day return to the X-Mutts, but for now Jean went off to New Yorkie, Howlicks & Lorna went to Arizona to continue their studies, Bobby went to college and Warren went into the family business. 

That brings to close (for now) the story of the X-Mutts,,,,,,

I will be telling more tales. or is that TAILS of the Mutt-ant Mutts very soon.


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