Thursday, 14 April 2011


Pupfessor Rex now had his new team. Consisting of THE NIGHT PAWER, THE HOWLER, THE BREEZY BITCH, THE METAL MUTT, THUNDER BIRD-DOG, THE HEATED HOUND & THE WOOFERINE.   Along with CYC-PUPS as leader they headed to the island KROKOA in the south pacific  to find out what had happened to the original team of MARVEL MUTT, HAVOK HOUND, POLARITY POOCH, THE BIRD-DOG & ICE DAWG

On arriving at the island they immediately found themselves fighting for their lives, as the island seemed to be against them.  This was confirmed when the located the Original Team, the Island was alive, and was feeding on the captured Mutts Mutt-ant life energies. It had let Cyc-pups escape as he would  bring more food for the Island to consume.

The old and new team battled KROKOA together, and with their combined might the X-Mutts banished the island into space.

The team all returned to the X Mansion......

But as they travelled home the Bird-Dog said " WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH 13 X-MUTTS ? "

The story continues tomorrow


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