Saturday, 30 April 2011


BRUNO HOR-HOUND was made bankrupt when it was discovered that he was using inferior and faulty materials for the military hardware he was making for the US Government. The defense contract was then awarded to Boney Bark (aka The Iron Hound) and his company BARK INTERNATIONAL

Bruno discovered one of his Faulty weapons was capable of generating a beam that was capable of melting all forms of metal containing  IRON.  He redesigned the unit and strapped it to the front of a costume.  And therefore the MELTING  MUTT was born.

With  his new costumed identify , The Melting Mutt went onto attack BARK INTERNATIONAL in a hope to sabotage Boney Starks company, plus make himself some money at the same time.

However, attacking Bark International brought him into conflict with IRON HOUND. On their first fight, the Melting Mutt managed to melt and damage IRON HOUNDS armour.  however Iron Hound returns in a re forged Suit of Armour composed of Aluminium which appeared to be impervious to the Melting Beam.

The Melting Mutt escaped into the sewers leaving Iron Hound to believe he may have been killed.

He would return months later as part of the Original Mutt-Masters of Evil, with Barron Sniffo helping Bruno to redesign his Melting Beam so that it would melt all types of metals, and some other materials.

An early Mut-vel vil-hound, who would return time and time again to cause havoc to Iron Hound and The Avenging Hounds...  He was later dispatched to that great kennel in the sky, but like lots of Mut-vel characters he may one day return.


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