Sunday, 17 April 2011


JAWS RHODES worked for Boney Bark who was secretly The Iron Hound. Jaws did not know that his boss was the Iron Hound, but knew that Boney Bark was becoming an Alcoholic  Hound. 

During a battle  Iron Hound  aka Boney was too intoxicated to control his armour properly. As a result he needed help in repairing and recharging the Armour, this is when Boney reveled his secret that he was the Iron Hound.

As Boney was too drunk to continue the fight, Jaws Rhodes decided to take over the mantle of Iron Hound to restore order.  As a result Boney Bark asked Jaws to continue as Iron Hound whilst he tried to sort out his life as a Booze Hound.

Jaws accepted and became Iron Hound, but most people still believed he was the original Iron Hound.  Some of the Avenging Hounds believed he was not the same dog in the armour, but they accepted him all the same.  At that time all of the world and most of the Avenging Hounds did not know that  Boney Bark was Iron Hound.

Jaws Rhodes continued as Iron Hound for a time, until he gave back the Identity to Boney after Jaws was injured himself.

After BONEY BARK died  (he did not stay dead for long)  he left his company and his New Armour, nick named the  WOOF MACHINE to Rhodes.... who again took up the mantle to honour his deceased friend.

This Armour was based on the Iron Hound , but had better weaponry.  Where Iron Hound of a powerful RACING CAR, Woof Machine was like an ARMOURED TANK.

For the first time, Jaws Rhodes could be his own Hero, not a copy cat of another.

Tomorrow the Story of the Avenging Hounds contines,


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