Thursday, 7 April 2011


PUPFESSOR REX, told CYC-PUPS that he had a plan.  Rex had made plans just in case anything like was to happen to any of  and his X - MUTTS , or if his team had been compromised.  So he now decided it was time to  bring the plan into force. He instructed Scottie that he needed to recover from his ordeal and to start to retrain himself  in the use of his now more powerful  X PUPPY POWER

Pupfessor Rex then left the X Mansion and travelled to GERMANY

Here he meet a young MUTT-ANT called KURT TAIL-WAGGER,  also known as the Demonic Doggie, THE NIGHT PAWER

KURT was a teleporter and a skilled acrobatic, who had been persecuted since birth due to his DEMONIC LOOKS.  Kurt accepted the Pupfessor Rex's invitation to come to live with him at his SCHOOL FOR GIFTED MUTTS.

The Pupfessor had his 1st new X - MUTT..... now he moved on to CANADA

See you tomorrow


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