Sunday, 19 February 2017

The New Teen Titans Part Twenty Seven .... CONTACT meet Jericho !

Last time I told how Dick Grayson had decided that he needed to adopt a new identity in order to help save his friends from Deathstroke and HIVE.

Donning his new costume, which later we found had been made by Alfred, Dick announced to his new partners, Adeline Kane and her son Joseph Wilson that he was now NIGHTWING.

The story continues.

As the words left Dick's mouth it remained open in surprise. Standing in front of him was Joseph Wilson dress also dressed in a colourful costume.
Adeline introduces Jericho

Adeline Kane announced that not only was her son  Joseph  the son of herself and Deathstoke the Terminator, he had special powers too. And he had taken on the name JERICHO

Before Dick aka Nightwing could question them both further on the instruction of his mother, Jericho showed Nightwing what meta human powers he processed...... AND how he could use it !

Dick had noticed that Joseph had unusual looking eyes, and looking directly into them he would learn that these were the source of mute youngsters uncanny powers. As Dick and Joseph looked at one another, their eyes made a connection and..........................

CONTACT, all of a sudden Nightwing became aware that he was no longer in control of his own actions. Jericho had some how merged with him and was now in complete control of the young crime fighters actions. On the command of his mother, Jericho now in control of Dick Grayson's body began punch and  himself. or should I say Nightwing began to hit himself.


After a brief and painful demonstration of his powers, Jericho left Nightwing's body and returned to the side of his mother.

Joseph unable to speak signed to Nightwing he was sorry for how he had shown Dick  how his powers worked. Adeline translated and Nightwing having some knowledge of signing signed back that he forgave Jericho and accepted his apology .

Jericho is apologetic to Nightwing for hurting him.

Dick was informed that Jericho could possess any persons body after making eye contact with them, once doing this Jericho's own  body would turn  insubstantial and he would enter the subject he had targeted. While he is in possession, Jericho has access to all of that host's powers  being that physical, mental, and magical. Once connected Joseph could  also able to tap into his victims  memories. Jericho's victims would still stay conscious and they may continue  express themselves vocally, but they are not be able to control the actions of their bodies,  as this was now directed by Jericho. If the person became unconscious, Jericho could then use their voice to speak, albeit with their accent or any other speech impairments the host had, and only using the words they know and language that they knew. The origin  of  Joseph's  powers was believed to be as a result of Joseph being born after his father had had being experimented on by the US government where Slade Wilson got his own meta human powers. Unlike his brother Grant, who had been conceived prior to this time and therefore did not inherit any meta human genes from his father.

The only problem or problem that Joseph  had was that he needed to make eye contact to make his powers work. If his target wore lenses or had artificial eyes he was unable to make contact.

Unlike both his parents, Joseph Wilson, or Joey to his friends was not a born killer or fighter. He was in reality a peaceful person who hated violence, but despite his pacifistic nature under the tutoring of his mother Joey was a skillful fighter in most forms of hand to hand combat.

Dick knew it was a risk going into battle with anyone who he did not fully trust or understood their abilities, but he had no one else to turn to, so with a little hesitancy he accepted Jericho's assistance in the rescue of the other Titans.

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