Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The "NEW" Teen Titans Part Nine..... The Fast return of Kid Flash

Wallace  Rudolph West was your average young teenager. He grew up in a sleepy town called Blue Valley in Nebraska. He idolised the then "new" Hero The Flash (aka Barry Allen) ans set up his own fan club in Blue Valley.  He spent many hours a day reading about the exciting adventures and deeds of The Scarlet Speedster and longed for the day when he could meet his hero face to face.

Wallace or Wally to his friends, knew that his Aunt Iris had met The Flash and that her Boy Friend Barry Allen was a personal friend of the Speedster. (At that time Iris West did knot know that Barry Allen was the Flash)
Flash and his Number One Fan Wally West

Barry invited Wally to meet The Flash at his laboratory at Police Head Quarters in Central City, where a freak accident gave Wally the same Super Speed powers that the Flash had acquired a few years earlier.
Lighting Strikes and Duplicates the Past 

The Flash help train Wally in the use of his new powers, and gave him a costume similar to his own. Wally adopted the name Kid -Flash. Both Flash and his Junior Partner would be partners for many years. Barry would share his secret identity with Wally, long before Barry did the same to his girl friend Iris.
Flash and His " Mini Me"  Kid - Flash 

Later on Wally got his own costume and started to have his own adventures without his mentor. One of which lead to the creation of the Original Teen Titans.
Mixing his Home life with that of a Super Fast Hero 

When the Original Teen Titans split up  as they all wanted in some way  start to explore life outside that of a Super Hero, Wally returned to Blue Valley where he continued with his education.

Life was good for Wally, he spent time studying and being Kid Flash, and Teaming up with The Flash from time to time.

When Wally was later "Drafted" by Raven to help defeat Triggon he felt like the others the  decision to remain as a team was the best idea, especially as he had a growing attraction for Raven.

This attraction would later be discovered to be a manipulation of Raven, but Wally knew that what had originally started as enchantment had now become real. However, Raven was unable to completely reciprocate Wally's love due to her inability to really allow emotion into her life.

The two would remain friends but their love for one another would never really develop.

Kid - Flash would remain with the "NEW" TT's for many years, but after his mentor Barry Allen aka The Flash was killed during events of the Original Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wally decided that he would honour Barry by adopting the Costume and name of The FLASH.

Next Time a New Hero for the New Teen Titans

Until then ENJOY !