Friday, 31 December 2010

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Another Take on 141 #

I did this cover in Colour & Black and White...  I liked this one the best

Sunday, 26 December 2010

UP DATING A CLASSIC COVER .......................

In my first post I showed my take on the Classic X Men  141 cover. 

I did this as my Christmas Card to my local comic store    A PLACE IN SPACE

Well, as the end result was so good, I did a few more different covers.   Here is the 2nd.

Whilst the first cover used names similar to the characters, this cover tried to match real doggies to my Hero Mutts.

The one that caused me the most problem was Kitty Pride, who then went by the name Sprite.   I settled on using Kelpie  as this also means Sprite.

Why Kitty appears as a Dawg on the poster and also a Cat with Wooferine is still a mystery to me.   ( and I drew it !!!! )

Saturday, 25 December 2010



ON THE 12TH DAY ........................................

My 12 days are nearly over & done.
but hopefully you enjoyed them,
and found my doggies fun,

In the coming weeks
there will be more Dawgs for you
to see,
Some are very  good,
you can believe that of  me.

I have hounds to make you laugh,
some may bring a tear,
and I promise no more Christmas pic's
until this time next year.

So a Merry Christmas from me
and my Hounds
Stay Healthy and safe,
and don't pile on the pounds.

Happy Christmas to one and all.

Now you can sing the song all the way through.  

So I finished up with a load of Buddys.

A nice mix of Marvel & DC characters all with at Buddy twist.



Thursday, 23 December 2010

On the 11th Day

Another favourite of mine from my childhood.  The Legion has sooooo many different heroes it was hard to come up with just 11.

BUT I decided to go back to the original (early) look of the Legion, when there were less characters, so choosing was a little bit easier.

One my day left

Tomorrow you can get up and sing my song all the way through.



A few more Xmas Buddies knocked up today.   2 Angels & a Fairy ( sounds like the start of a bad joke )

Well the end is in sight.

This is a couple of Try out pictures I originally did back in January 2010. The JLA or Justice Leads Of Animals was to go with the previous JSA Justice Sniffers of Animals.

Originally both groups would have been on the satellite, a bit like the old JSA / JLI teem ups from my childhood.

However, I decided that I had 3 types of Dawgs, The Buddy style, the DC Doggies and the Comic looking ones ( some of these date back to 1970's ) did not look great mixed together. So I dropped that idea.......BUT to make things easier for the 12 Days, I decided to use these two pictures as they gave me the required number of Hounds.

Along with the JLA you get my take on the original Doom Patrol.  Predating the X people over at Marvel, this group of misfits are a much loved part of my early comic book reading life.

So after a small revamp, and with added Logos..... we get 2 groups making the 10th Day


Wednesday, 22 December 2010

ON THE 9TH DAY ..........................

I hope you are singing along at home !

 Welcome Back to the BAT -FANG FAMILY .

I tried to do the Bat - Fang in all the different styles of Bob Kane's greatest creation.  Like Robin , the Bat costume did not change very much over the years, but these days It seems to change every week.

You have my Batty take on  the 1940's 1960's 2000's  all the way up to 2010's new look too.  Also The Silver Age Bat - Pup in Black costume, and the New Modern version.    and lastly you get 2 ex- Rovers too ( I mean Robins)   with Bite Wing and Red Rover. ( well 3 really as one is now the Bat - Fang )

I am especially pleased with the Logos... I hope you like them


Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Now you can see what I do, does anyone have any ideas or suggestions to what you like to see my Dawgs doing.   All ideas welcome, and I will hopefully use some of the best to produce a custom design Dawg or Buddy.

All ideals welcome.

Monday, 20 December 2010

ON THE 8TH DAY------------------------------------

This is another one of my favourite 12 days Pictures

Funny It did not take too long to do.

As you will see there is a real mix of Super Pups . From the original 1930's look Supes, to modern, to 1980's Film style, to 2000's Conner  and also the Maid of steel from early first appearance to crisis to re vamped modern.   The Power Pup I did months ago, and although not a "super" fitted in very well.

Yesterday I showed you my Justice Sniffers Xmas card from last year,   Well as well as doing that cover, I did another featuring Buddy.  As the Real Buddy, had recently died I thought that this not be fitting to give the owners a cartoon version of their beloved pet for Xmas. At the last minuet I decided to take a risk.

 I printed both covers at comic book style size, put them on backing boards and placed them in old comic bags bearing an old price label.

The final result made them look just like comics.   then on my next visit to A Place In Space ( my local comic shop) I slipped these in with some back issues I had decided to buy.  

Well I originally thought that once I reached the till, " my comics" would be spotted, but the owners wife, Alison,  added up my purchases, held my Wonder Dog number 1 # up looked at it, smiled  and sighed " Buddy the Wonder Dog "  and rang it up on the till.

I was soooo amazed that my little ruse had worked, a little bit too well maybe.   So I asked Alison to look again.  She still did not twig until I said Happy Christmas, when she realised that It was a Xmas Card.

Overall I am happy with the look, a bit more cut and paste than I usually do, but  once printed to photographic style paper, it looked good.

Well long story short...... This comic now hangs on the wall in the Shop, along with some expensive, and more collected comic books.

I will post some of my other Cover Cards in the next few weeks


Sunday, 19 December 2010

ON THE 7TH DAY.................

These are made up of some of my very early work.... Some of the Doggies started off from drawing I did at School Back in the 1970's,    Most appeared in this format in my last years Xmas card to my local comic  shop.    Below is How the Finished item looked.

Although I liked the finished product, The overall look was too Busy I think. Too  many elements . But  I learnt a lot from doing it..

I re did some of the Dawgs for the 12 Days,  the most rework went on The Martian HoundHunter, as on his first outing looked too much like a large green rat


ON THE 6TH DAY...........................

As a Big Teen Titans fan from wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the 1960's I have always liked Kid Flash.   The funky costume and the over all look always sat well with me.   As I myself had copper coloured hair as a child, seeing a red headed super hero was great. Plus I always wanted a Flash Ring.   Which I recently got as part of a give away from DC comics.  After over 40 years waiting I am now very happy, shame it does not open to reveal a Kid Flash costume.     Also when I was a child a lot of the Super Heroes had villains who were evil versions of themselves.   Like Bizzaro, Sinestro, and of course Professor Zoom. As his costume was the reverse of The Flash, I thought I would add him to my Speedy Speedsters. You may noticed that most of most of my Flassie's are Collies,  this was a nod to Lassie. Well I thought it was funny.

  Up until recently I had been toying will the idea that all my super hero Dawgs would have cats as their arch enemies.   I have not come up with a good enough Cat design yet, but on my XMEN 141 # I could not resist doing Kitty Pride as a Kitty. (although in the wanted poster kitty is still seen as a Buddy Dawg.)


Saturday, 18 December 2010

ON THE 5TH DAY.................

My Buddy Dawg went green early this year following the big Blackest Night cross over at DC Comics.

Originally done as a present for  Free Comic Book Day, but when I was doing my 12 days, seemed the ideal thing for the 5th Day and the Gold Rings.  OR IS THAT GREEN RINGS !

And here are the Free Comic Book Day pictures

This was not my first go at doing a Green Lantern Dawg.   Coming up soon two of my earlier ones The Green Lamp Post & The Original Green Lamp Shade.

As Kermit says, It is not easy being Green !


Friday, 17 December 2010

ON THE 4TH DAY.............

Next up some of my favourite Dawgs I have done.   Presenting ROVER the Dog Wonder

Robin I mean Rover as portrayed by Dick (and by Jason) ,  Tim & Daiman...... To think that the original Robin Costume First seen in 1940 lasted up to the Death of Jason Todd in 1988-89.   A classic design never ages.  

I had a Robin costume as a boy in the 1960's, shame the cape was blue...   My brother's Bat Man Cowl & Cape were red.   But that did not matter, as we used to see the Bat Man TV show on a Black & White telly, so it did not matter to us.



More from The BAT ~ FANG FAMILY

This time you have my take on Bat Girl.... or BAT PUP.

Starting with Betty Kane, the original from the early 1960's niece of 1950's Bat Woman, who now goes by the name Flamebird.   Then there is Babs Gordon from the late 1960's  complete with Bat Handbag (or Purse for my America Friends ) and finally then comes Helena Bertinelli, a nod to Helena Wayne the Huntress from Earth 2 (Daughter of that Universes Bat-Man & Cat Woman)

Where possible I tried to give all my DC Dawgs a Logo as fitting for the time they were originally created.   These Logos could take longer to do than the Dawgs.    But the difference is in the detail they do say.

PS. I have not forgotten the current Bat Girl..... she pops up later on  in my 12 Days Of Christmas


Thursday, 16 December 2010


On the 2nd Day you get to meet my versions of the Bat - Woman or Bat - Bitch in my world.  The 1950's original was one of the first I did in this style.  Katherine Kane was originally introduced in the 1950's as it was thought that Bruce needed a little female company and a love interest.  As questions of why a grown man would want to dress up in tights and hang out with a young boy were being asked.   The funny thing is that the Bat-Woman for the 2000's prefers the company of the ladies not the gents.  So little chance of a Bat-Wedding then ! 


Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Here is my take on the panel of judges of a UK talent show that finished at the weekend. Ten weeks of tears, talent, tantrums and Wagner

There can only be one winner,   and of course that IS the smug pup on the end who pockets loads of money  for staging this entertainment show.


coming soon PUP IDOL !!!!


Early this year I came across this great site called Springfield Punx

I was blown away as the art which is AMAZING connected to me, and what I was doing.  (OR TRYING TO DO)

Although I feel like a poor cousin comparing Dean's art to that of mine.  His work really hits the nail on the head.   What makes this blog good is that Dean listens to his viewers and tries to please them by producing ideas and suggestions brought up by them.

If you are a DR WHO FAN   you will love this site....    Look at some of his older work also.   A lot of DC & Marvel Heroes can be found.....  (and a little bit of my work pops up too)

My Blog owes soooooooooo much to Dean , as he has been encouraging me to share it with every one for some time.

Below is one of Springfield Punx's latest  which I have posted along side one from my mine. Two birdie from Different Universes together for the 1st time.



First I must explain that this was the First of a series of Xmas Cards I did for my friends at the local comic store named " A PLACE IN SPACE "    This was meant as a bit of fun using some old stuff, some re done stuff and a lot of new stuff.  Mixed with the traditional Xmas song.


The first up is The BAT - FANG which is a tribute to the 1930's Bob Kane creation THE BAT-MAN

As the original BAT~MAN carried a gun, so my BAT-FANG  carries his own weapon, In this case a BONE.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

More Caped Canines & Mutant Mutts

Another one of my early Doggies.    This done, as was the Wonder Woof for the owners of my local independent Comic Store   A PLACE IN SPACE   as part of a Xmas card idea 2 or 3 years ago

I plan to post the rest of the Justice Sniffers over the next few weeks.

I originally called this Mutt the DOG BAT , but after another think I came up with the BARK KNIGHT which I think was a much funnier name.  

A Little More of What to Expect from my Dawgs

Comics plus canines equals DAWGS

Please forgive the puns.   This was one of my Dawgs I did way back in the beginning.    Originally called The Wonder Mutt, I quickly changed it as the name in print never really worked


Welcome to my 1st Blog

Well after a lot of prompting from friends etc, I had decided to share with you some of the crazy drawing I have been doing over the last few years.    The idea is original, ( I HOPE )  but I do admit I do borrow at times from others.  This blog is meant to be fun

So sit back and enjoy the ride.   This is one of the Xmas cards I have done this year..   I am a big XMEN fan and did this as a tribute to the classic XMEN 141#