Wednesday, 30 April 2014


The next person to become Robin was as different as those of who had come before.

This Robin would only serve for a very short period, more of a fill in for Tim Drake, rather than a real replacement. This Robin would not be called The Boy Wonder, as this Robin was a GIRL!

Stephanie Brown was the daughter of Arthur Brown aka The Cluemaster, who was himself a 2nd rate Criminal in Gotham City. As her father was not a very successful criminal, he spent most of her early life in prison, or on the run from the law. So Stephanie grew up with some Daddy issues and with a feeling of abandonment. However, in her early teens, Stephanie's Dad told her that he was giving up crime, and on his release from Jail told his family he was now rehabilitated.
The CLUEMASTER, a 2nd Rate Villain with a 3rd Rate costume

However, it was not long before Arthur returned to his life as The Cluemaster. A villain who operated in a similar way to The Riddler, by leaving Clues to the crimes he had committed. However unlike Edward Nigma aka The Riddler, the Clues that The Cluemaster left usually lend him to being  arrested.

When Stephanie found out that dear old Dad was committing crimes again she decided to take matters in hand herself.

But this time Arthur had changed is way of operating. Instead of now leaving Clues to his Crimes, he decides that he would not. Thus making him not accountable for his crimes. Stephanie unhappy that her Father is committing Crimes follows him, and leaves Clues so that he will be eventually court and therefore punished for his crimes.

To hide her identity she dons a costume and take the name SPOILER, as she wants to SPOIL her Fathers Crimes.  She would spend months playing Cat & Mouse with her Father, who did not suspect his own daughter was both following him, and trying her up most to have him arrested.

The Spoiler's actions eventually come to the attention of Bat-man (Bruce Wayne) and therefore Robin (Tim Drake), and together WITH  The Spoiler, they capture The Cluemaster.....BUT after her father has been Jailed again, Stephanie decides that she has enjoyed  being The Spoiler and goes on to build a secret life for herself as a costumed vigilante. This would bring her in to contact with both Batman & Robin, with her working with the Boy Wonder on an unofficial standing.

As both Batman & Robin knew Stephanie's identity and relationship with The Cluemaster, this would make contacting her easy. However, as she did not know the identities of the Dynamic Duo, she had no idea who Robin really was. BUT this did not stop her from falling In love with him.

Eventually Stephanie would learn Tim's identity and they would be romantically linked. When Tim's father discovers that his son is Robin he forbids him from continuing this dangerous life style, and for a time Tim is forced to hang up his cape.

Stephanie uses this as an excuse to offer her services as Tim's replacement, and after a lot of training she takes over the role as ROBIN, now The Girl Wonder.

However, on a mission Robin aka Stephanie is captured and killed.

This would turn out to be a ruse, although Tim is convinced that his beloved Stephanie is dead and after the Death of his own father, would return to being Robin again. Unlike the other fallen Robin, Jason Todd, Batman refuses to have a copy of Stephanie's Robin suit put on display in the Batcave. He tells Tim that she died as a result of her not following orders, and therefore he will not her a memorial of her as a result. Tim is unhappy with this, but Bat-man will not be moved on his decision.

Batman suspected that Stephanie was not truly deceased, and many months later when The Spoiler returns to fighting crime on the streets of Gotham, he and Tim unmask her as being Stephanie. She had faked her own death in order to protect Bat-man and Robin's identities from other villains. Bat-man had suspected this, therefore he had not placed a memorial in the BATCAVE.

Later he would add Stephanie costume to those on display in the Batcave, as a tribute to her, as he had done with Dick Grayson's early Nightwing costumes.

Stephanie would later be asked by Barbara Gordon to become Bat-Girl, with her working under the guidance of Barbara as Oracle.

From Robin to Bat-Girl

Next Time, another New Robin, and a New BATMAN !

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Sunday, 27 April 2014

TIM DRAKE, THE NEW BOY WONDER part Five..... The Ultimate Robin

Tim Drake was now the latest in the line of Robins to partner BATMAN.
Tim Drake the all New Look ROBIN

Unlike Dick Grayson, Tim was not a skilled athlete or acrobat, but like Dick, Tim was good at his job. Like Jason Todd, Tim was young and keen but unlike the late Jason, Tim knew how to take orders and guidance from his mentor, Bruce Wayne aka BAT-MAN. Following orders was not Jason's strong point.
The later refined version of the New Robin look

Tim's father would recover from the illness caused by the same poisoning  that had taken the life of his wife and Mother of Tim. The secret of Tim's double like remained a secret for a long time, but as Tim's Dad began to show jealousy of his son's involvement with Bruce Wayne, Tim found himself in a difficult situation. Either give up his own Father, or give up his life as Robin. When Tim's Father did learn that Tim was Robin he tried his up most to make him stop.

As time moved on the situation of having "Two" Father figures would play itself out and after the Death of his real Father, by the hands of villains targeting families and people connected with the super hero community, Tim found himself living at Wayne Manor and officially adopted by Bruce Wayne.

Tim, would soon find love in the form of  Stephanie  Brown, who like Tim was a masked Vigilante. But more about Miss Brown later.

From time to time Tim would find himself taking on missions on his own following his own leads. this allowed him to grow as a person and as a Hero. Soon he would help form his own Super Hero Team, calling themselves Young Justice after the Justice League. They were similar to the old original Teen Titans, but they had a mentor to guild them in the form of the android hero Red Tornado.  As The original Teen Titans, who had now mostly grown up,   still  continued on and off as a team calling themselves , The Titans the new kids on the block could bot very well use the name. Young Justice,  gave the latest side kicks of Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow and The Flash a chance to fill the gap left by the now grown up former Teen Titans., and like the original T T's,  Young Justice would tend to help those people who's plight or problems would never be important enough for the "Big Guns" of the Justice League to worry about.

Soon young Justice would evolve into a new version of the Teen Titans, But again that is another story for another time.... but along the way, Tim updated his Robin uniform to combine  elements of his and BAT-MAN's look.
A more grown up Robin look for Tim

Tim would continue as Robin during a difficult time, Bruce Wayne was injured and forced to give up the Batman Roll to another, and Tim would continue as Robin to the "New" Dark Knight. However, this relationship was difficult, as already detailed, The New Bat-man had many issues, and would eventually end up Battling a recovered Bruce Wayne for the Title of The BAT-MAN.
The continuing changes to the BAT-MAN and ROBIN line up during Tim's time in the BAT CAVE

The biggest shock came in Tim's life was when BAT-MAN aka Bruce Wayne died,  (or the World believed he had died ) and Bruce's mantle passed onto Nightwing aka Dick Grayson. Tim still idolised Dick, but was shocked when he was asked to give up his Robin identity for another person. More about this new Robin soon.

Tim would go onto to become a NEW hero with a borrowed name....... Red Robin

The names ROBIN, RED ROBIN !

Although Tim Drake may NOT have been the first Robin, or will be the last, but to fans he is now considered to be the BEST.

Next time Robin the "GIRL" Wonder....... sorry for the SPOILER Alert !

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

TIM DRAKE, The New boy Wonder Part Four

Tim Drake was now permitted to train to become the next partner of BATMAN. However before he would be allowed to join Batman in his quest to rid the streets of Gotham of crime, Tim would need to prove to him that he was right for the roll.

Bruce Wayne still felt guilt over the death of Jason Todd, who he had realised  far too late that his attitude and constant rule breaking had played a big part in his downfall. Bruce would not risk loosing anyone else. Tim Drake needed to be perfect in Attitude, Mind and Body, AND until Tim could prove this he would never be allowed to wear the Robin costume..... or become a crime fighter.

Tim's training was going well, Both Dick Grayson, Alfred and Barbara Gordon (in the guise of Oracle had all helped in the molding of the young would be Robin. Bruce was pleased with the results, but kept his pleasure in Tim's positive progress Tim to himself.  BUT deep down inside Bruce knew he had found himself a NEW Boy Wonder.

Tim at this time was still living with his parents, and spending his spare time training in secret as Robin. However when Tim's parents were kidnapped whilst on Holiday in the Caribbean, Tim requested that Batman helped save them. Tim's parents Janet & Jack Drake were saved but after they had been poisoned. This resulted in Tim's Mother died and his Father left in a comatose state.

Bruce used this as a opportunity to have Tim move into Wayne Manor where he could keep an eye on his, whilst Jack Drake was Left to recover in Hospital.  Tim angry that he was not able to save his Mum or cure his father began to let his frustration effect his training. Bruce saw signs similar to what had or should have warned Bruce of Jason Todd's unsuitability to become the second Robin.

On the verge of deciding that Tim should not continue his training Batman's former girlfriend news reporter Viki Vale, was threaten by the Villain called The Scarecrow, and with Tim's help Vicki was saved from certain death at the mad mans hands. Bruce-Batman realised that Tim had been affected by what had happened to his parents, but unlike Jason, Tim was still  motivated and driven by this anger  BUT in a much more  positive manner. Tim showed that given a choice he would always do the right thing, and not be driven to let his personal feelings play a part in his crime fighting. Tim wanted  Justice not Revenge.

Batman informed Tim that he could become his partner, but he wanted Tim to be his own Boy Wonder. Not a copy of Dick, or a not a copy of Jason. Tim would have the Title Robin, but this would be Tim's chance to become his own hero, under  the guidance of Batman also.

As a result Tim was given a new look costume, one that mixed elements of the Dick's original look, with that of a more modern feel. The new look would not be just a fashion statement, this costume had been designed to give the wearer much more protection. With reinforced fabric and a fire proof cape, this would now give Tim better protection. Tim's utility belt would be on par with Batman's own containing not just scientific aides, but weapons of defence and offencive nature.

As Bruce had done with Jason, he asked Dick Grayson's approval that Tim could take up the name roll and name ROBIN as a mark of respect to his one time partner. Dick aka Nightwing was more than happy to allow this to happen.

Tim was now ready to take to the streets of Gotham as Robin The Boy Wonder.
Tim Drake becomes the NEW Robin

Next time we will wrap up the story of Tim Drake and his roll as the Boy Wonder

Until then    ENJOY !

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Last time Tim Drake a life long fan of  Robin and Bat-man had deduced their secret real identities.

Shortly after confronting Dick Grayson  aka Nightwing, requesting he become Robin again to help re stabilise the Grief Stricken Batman after the death of his adopted son and second Robin Jason, Tim discovers that both Batman and Nightwing have been captured by the Villain Harvey Dent aka Two Face.

Unable to help the heroes on his own, Tim went to seek help from the only other person he knew, knew that Bruce Wayne & Dick Grayson were the Dynamic Duo..... Alfred Pennyworth

Dressed as Robin, curtsy of Alfred, and with the help of Bruce Wayne's fateful man servant Tim arrives at the location where Two Face is drawn Batman & Nightwing,

The mad man that was Two Face had blown up his own family home in order to kill the Caped Crusaders, however, both Batman & Nightwing had survived, but they were badly injured and trapped under the wreckage of the building.

As Two Face moves in for the final kill,  Robin aka Tim steps in and does battle with the villain.

However, Two Face is not happy that the Boy Wonder has robbed him of his prise to kill The Batman, and decides that he needed to teach Robin a lesson.

Picking up a piece of house wreckage containing a very sharp spike in it, Two Face comes at the Boy Wonder, not realising that this is not the "Real" Robin.

Two Face decides that The Boy Wonder needs to be Punished 

Alfred shocked that Two Face means to kill Tim decides that he cannot allow Tim to be beaten and killed in a manner similar to how Jason had been only a short time before by Batman's arch enemy The Joker.  Risking himself Alfred confronts Two Face and pleads for the youngsters well being.
Alfred worried that History is repeating itself, and Tim is in real DANGER !

Alfred grapples with Two Face, and tries to convince his his actions are wrong, especially as Robin is no more than a Child. Unlike The Joker who is completely insane, Two Face due to his split personality does have moments of sanity, but relies of making decisions of the toss of a coin. However, the Harvey Dent part of his personality  does realise that this course of action is not right and gives up his attack on Robin. As Robin and Alfred move off in search  of Batman & Nightwing, Two Face take the opportunity to disappear.

Tim helps free Batman and Nightwing, and as a reward asks to become Robin for real. Bruce refuses, but Alfred and Dick Grayson both come to the defence of the idea, and convinced Bruce that Batman NEEDED a Robin.
Will Tim be allowed to become the New Robin ?

Still not convinced Bruce allowed Tim to be trained as Robin, BUT the training would need to be undertaken not by him. He gave Alfred and Dick the duty of making Tim into the New Boy Wonder.

Bruce believed that without his own help, Tim would not make the grade before ever having to step foot in Public as Robin.

However as the months moved on Tim got very adapt with his mentors training, True he would never be as Athletic or an acrobat like Dick, but he had a mind as Sharpe as the Dark Knight Detective himself. He was a natural Alfred believed. And he should know as he had help train young master Bruce as a boy himself.

Next Time we will see if Tim makes the grade and becomes the "NEW" Boy Wonder

Until then   ENJOY !

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Tim Drake The New Boy Wonder Part Two

Continuing from last time, the young Tim Drake still believed that the young acrobat Dick Grayson, he had met in his childhood had become Robin The Boy Wonder.

Later on he realised that the same Robin had become The Titan Called NIGHTWING whilst a NEW Boy Wonder had taken up the roll of Robin along side Batman.

As Tim  had already unearthed the truth that Bruce Wayne must be the BATMAN, it made sense that the young boy had to be  Bruce Wayne's newly  adopted son, Jason  Todd .  When it was announced that Bruce Wayne's son had died, Tim realised that he must have been killed in Action as Robin, as Batman now worked alone.

Although Tim did not know Bruce Wayne personally, he felt some kind of connection with him, and when Tim noticed how the Batman's demeanour, attitude and character had changed after loosing his partner, Tim decided that he wanted to help.  Tim's solution, Batman needed a Robin.


Tim's first idea was to convince Dick Grayson aka Nightwing to return and resume his Robin identity. Nightwing rightly refused, but fate stepped in and Nightwing soon found himself standing alongside his mentor Batman. Unfortunately both of the heroes became trapped by the villain Two Face.


Tim had been following events and was horrified that both of his favourite crime fighters were in a deadly predicament.  With no one available to help them Tim realised that their only help of survival was with him...........

With both the heroes in trouble, Tim hoped that another one of the residents of Wayne Manor could help, and after breaking into the BATCAVE, Tim confronted Alfred who agreed to help the youngster  save both of  the people he considered his own family. .... Alfred insisted that if Tim was to help free Batman & Nightwing , he needed to dress the part. So donning a version of the Robin Costume Tim decided to help free Batman & Nightwing....... along with Alfred.


Next Time a brush with Two Face nearly finishes Tim's career as Robin before it had started.