Wednesday, 23 April 2014

TIM DRAKE, The New boy Wonder Part Four

Tim Drake was now permitted to train to become the next partner of BATMAN. However before he would be allowed to join Batman in his quest to rid the streets of Gotham of crime, Tim would need to prove to him that he was right for the roll.

Bruce Wayne still felt guilt over the death of Jason Todd, who he had realised  far too late that his attitude and constant rule breaking had played a big part in his downfall. Bruce would not risk loosing anyone else. Tim Drake needed to be perfect in Attitude, Mind and Body, AND until Tim could prove this he would never be allowed to wear the Robin costume..... or become a crime fighter.

Tim's training was going well, Both Dick Grayson, Alfred and Barbara Gordon (in the guise of Oracle had all helped in the molding of the young would be Robin. Bruce was pleased with the results, but kept his pleasure in Tim's positive progress Tim to himself.  BUT deep down inside Bruce knew he had found himself a NEW Boy Wonder.

Tim at this time was still living with his parents, and spending his spare time training in secret as Robin. However when Tim's parents were kidnapped whilst on Holiday in the Caribbean, Tim requested that Batman helped save them. Tim's parents Janet & Jack Drake were saved but after they had been poisoned. This resulted in Tim's Mother died and his Father left in a comatose state.

Bruce used this as a opportunity to have Tim move into Wayne Manor where he could keep an eye on his, whilst Jack Drake was Left to recover in Hospital.  Tim angry that he was not able to save his Mum or cure his father began to let his frustration effect his training. Bruce saw signs similar to what had or should have warned Bruce of Jason Todd's unsuitability to become the second Robin.

On the verge of deciding that Tim should not continue his training Batman's former girlfriend news reporter Viki Vale, was threaten by the Villain called The Scarecrow, and with Tim's help Vicki was saved from certain death at the mad mans hands. Bruce-Batman realised that Tim had been affected by what had happened to his parents, but unlike Jason, Tim was still  motivated and driven by this anger  BUT in a much more  positive manner. Tim showed that given a choice he would always do the right thing, and not be driven to let his personal feelings play a part in his crime fighting. Tim wanted  Justice not Revenge.

Batman informed Tim that he could become his partner, but he wanted Tim to be his own Boy Wonder. Not a copy of Dick, or a not a copy of Jason. Tim would have the Title Robin, but this would be Tim's chance to become his own hero, under  the guidance of Batman also.

As a result Tim was given a new look costume, one that mixed elements of the Dick's original look, with that of a more modern feel. The new look would not be just a fashion statement, this costume had been designed to give the wearer much more protection. With reinforced fabric and a fire proof cape, this would now give Tim better protection. Tim's utility belt would be on par with Batman's own containing not just scientific aides, but weapons of defence and offencive nature.

As Bruce had done with Jason, he asked Dick Grayson's approval that Tim could take up the name roll and name ROBIN as a mark of respect to his one time partner. Dick aka Nightwing was more than happy to allow this to happen.

Tim was now ready to take to the streets of Gotham as Robin The Boy Wonder.
Tim Drake becomes the NEW Robin

Next time we will wrap up the story of Tim Drake and his roll as the Boy Wonder

Until then    ENJOY !

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