Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Last time Tim Drake a life long fan of  Robin and Bat-man had deduced their secret real identities.

Shortly after confronting Dick Grayson  aka Nightwing, requesting he become Robin again to help re stabilise the Grief Stricken Batman after the death of his adopted son and second Robin Jason, Tim discovers that both Batman and Nightwing have been captured by the Villain Harvey Dent aka Two Face.

Unable to help the heroes on his own, Tim went to seek help from the only other person he knew, knew that Bruce Wayne & Dick Grayson were the Dynamic Duo..... Alfred Pennyworth

Dressed as Robin, curtsy of Alfred, and with the help of Bruce Wayne's fateful man servant Tim arrives at the location where Two Face is drawn Batman & Nightwing,

The mad man that was Two Face had blown up his own family home in order to kill the Caped Crusaders, however, both Batman & Nightwing had survived, but they were badly injured and trapped under the wreckage of the building.

As Two Face moves in for the final kill,  Robin aka Tim steps in and does battle with the villain.

However, Two Face is not happy that the Boy Wonder has robbed him of his prise to kill The Batman, and decides that he needed to teach Robin a lesson.

Picking up a piece of house wreckage containing a very sharp spike in it, Two Face comes at the Boy Wonder, not realising that this is not the "Real" Robin.

Two Face decides that The Boy Wonder needs to be Punished 

Alfred shocked that Two Face means to kill Tim decides that he cannot allow Tim to be beaten and killed in a manner similar to how Jason had been only a short time before by Batman's arch enemy The Joker.  Risking himself Alfred confronts Two Face and pleads for the youngsters well being.
Alfred worried that History is repeating itself, and Tim is in real DANGER !

Alfred grapples with Two Face, and tries to convince his his actions are wrong, especially as Robin is no more than a Child. Unlike The Joker who is completely insane, Two Face due to his split personality does have moments of sanity, but relies of making decisions of the toss of a coin. However, the Harvey Dent part of his personality  does realise that this course of action is not right and gives up his attack on Robin. As Robin and Alfred move off in search  of Batman & Nightwing, Two Face take the opportunity to disappear.

Tim helps free Batman and Nightwing, and as a reward asks to become Robin for real. Bruce refuses, but Alfred and Dick Grayson both come to the defence of the idea, and convinced Bruce that Batman NEEDED a Robin.
Will Tim be allowed to become the New Robin ?

Still not convinced Bruce allowed Tim to be trained as Robin, BUT the training would need to be undertaken not by him. He gave Alfred and Dick the duty of making Tim into the New Boy Wonder.

Bruce believed that without his own help, Tim would not make the grade before ever having to step foot in Public as Robin.

However as the months moved on Tim got very adapt with his mentors training, True he would never be as Athletic or an acrobat like Dick, but he had a mind as Sharpe as the Dark Knight Detective himself. He was a natural Alfred believed. And he should know as he had help train young master Bruce as a boy himself.

Next Time we will see if Tim makes the grade and becomes the "NEW" Boy Wonder

Until then   ENJOY !

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