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As Wonder Woman moved through the mid 1940's into the 1950's her shirt developed into long shorts, whilst her boots took on a more sandal and strap  look.

By the 1950's her boots became boots again, minus the white strip down the middle. Again these changes were more to do with the artist drawing Princess Diana. However, her cleavage and bodice  were adjusted as the the newly formed comic code had issues with female characters showing too much flesh.  Although most of these changes related to the rear view.  No more bare back for the Amazon Princess.  Also around this time, Wonder Woman's breast plate Eagle lost its tail, as it was Incorporated and became part of her girdle.  Her Ear rings also seemed to change size from large ovals to round beads. Again this more to do with the artist than design as were the slight colour changes to her over all costume.

More Wonder Woman Next Time

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

She's a Wonder ...... WONDER WOMAN

The next person to get the Dawgs treatment is the most famous Warrior Princess in the World.

On the whole, Princess Diana of Paradise Island ( or Themyscira as it later became known ) back story and history over the years has stayed basically the same. Even after the Many Crisis' that The DC Universe has endured over the years, The Wonder Woman character and look has remained  the same.

Yes, her costume has seen a few changes along the way, many due to the changes in the many artist that have drawn her over her long career, but again these have mainly been cosmetic. However, in recent  years like many of her DC friends, Princess Diana has seemed to have a new look every other week.

What I am attempting in my blog is basically to show some of the main changes to our favourite amazing Amazon.

So sit back and relax as we start our look at The Wonders of The Wonder Woman.

Until DC's New 52 relaunch, there were a few other aspects of the origin story that remained consistent. Her mother, Queen Hippolyta , ( who would go on to be a Wonder Woman herself)  longing to have a daughter created Diana out of clay, and the Greek gods bestowed the clay baby with life, making her the only Amazon who was not conceived by a man. Diana grew up among the Amazons who began to teach her the skills of a warrior as well as the lessons of peace and love. When Steve Trevor, an American pilot, crash lands on Paradise Island, the Amazons have a contest to determine who should receive the honor of taking him back to man's world. Once there they would then act as an ambassador of all that the Amazons. Princess Diana won the contest , and left her home and the rest is history as they say.

Wonder Woman was the creation of William Moulton Marston a famous American Psychologist and writer. She first appeared in December 1941 in All Star Comics #8 and was and is considered a positive feminist icon. As she was created during World War 2, most of Wonder Woman's adventures revolved around fighting the Axis Powers.

Her first look gave her a Skirt that later would change into long shorts. Unlike Batman and Superman, what Wonder Woman worn would always cause problems with the Publishers and the sensors of the time..... BUT on the whole her artists tended to make sure Princess Diana looked more hero than victim. Women at that time were depicted in Comic Books as either Girl Friends-Wives, who were either kidnapped or threatened. Strong Women were usually Villain's and Bad Girls !

Well here is Wonder Woman as she looked in  1941

The Original Wonder Woman

She had a further tweak to her costume the same year with her boots and Eagle breast plate.

small changes for Princess Diana

Next Time how the dress evolves from culottes to shorts..... and her boots change again.

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Coming Soon........... A NEW WONDERFUL SUBJECT

Here is a hint at the subject of the next person to get the Dawgs treatment.

So get out those Satin Tights, and get ready to fight for your Rights.... In the RED, WHITE & BLUE.

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25,000 A Big Thank You from me and THE VISION

I have done a re work on some of the Vision Dawgs I did in the past adding in the latest Avengers A I Version

Thanks for all of you that come and visit with us here at It's A Dawgs Life.

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Noel and my Dawg Buddy

I may do a special on The Vision soon...... so watch this space.

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