Thursday, 22 September 2016

The New Teen Titans Part Twenty.... Welcomes and Goodbyes

With the coming of Terra as a New Member of The Teen Titans,  the group looked like it was all set for a more stable time..... BUT this not to be the case.

For two member of the Teen Titans it was to be the end of their super hero lives.  The First Would be Wally West, he had decided to leave the Titans and also take a break from being Kid Flash and try to be Wally West full time. HE would tell the other Titans that now with Terra on board this would be  a good time to leave. leaving his Flash Ring he prepared to take his leave of his friends...... But just as the TT's were getting over this News, another more epic announcement  was about to be made......

Also For Months Robin aka Dick Grayson relationship with his mentor and father figure Batman aka Bruce Wayne had started to crumble. For years Dick both as Robin and in his civilian life  had happily followed the orders of Batman - Bruce Wayne and accepted  without question that this was  the way things were done. As Robin grew up he began to question some of Batman's methods and his sometimes fanatical way he carried on. Batman of late parted company from The Justice League of America as his approach to dealing with criminals had brought him into conflict with many of his other JLA Team mates.  He had formed his own group called the Outsiders. This was a Group of Heroes most of all which where Lone Wolves like himself were not afraid to dish out Justice with a Fist of Iron. Fight Fire with Fire was the mantra. This hard approach was not and did not sit well with most of the others in the Super Hero community..... and with Robin. Dick had found that his time with the newly formed Teen Titans had brought its rewards. Not only did the other TT's follow his orders without question, also he had shown the wider Super Hero community that he as a Hero in his own right, not just the Junior Partner of the Dark Knight. Looking for appreciation and some sort of congratulation come from all sources BUT not from the person who praise would have meant the most....... The Batman.
Tension Rising in the Bat Cave

This tension between Batman & Robin ended in both of them arguing to a point where Batman actually "Fired" Dick as his partner and as Robin. Dick Grayson gave up his costume and identity as Robin in a spectacular fashion when be "Shed" most of his costume in front of the other Teen Titans. Also now wanting to find his way in the world he appointed Wonder Girl as the New Leader of the Titans.
The Teen Titans shocked at Dick & Wally's decision to leave not just the group but their Hero Identities behind them.

Tara Blushes at Robin's R Rated strip Tease.

Dick shedding his Robin costume had made young Terra blush or so the other Titans thought, little did they know that with first Kid Flash announcing he was Wally West, and Robin revealing he was really Dick Grayson  gave Terra everything she wanted and more.

As her eyes and ears observed the relations at Titans Tower, they beamed this information directly onto a third party, a third party who wanted nothing more than the complete destruction of the Teen Titans. A Third Party Who had History with the Young Heroes, and a contract to for fill.

Secrets Revealed  to a deadly enemy 

Next Time Terra shows her true colours, and her  mystery master comes out of the shadows.

Until then ENJOY !.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Thanks 34,000 Visitors Plus

Sorry for no new postings for a while, but life and all has meant that my time for this little project has been limited......BUT I should now be able to spare some time to devote to my Dawgs.

Here is a little THANK YOU to all my regular visitors who make me doing this seem worth while.

This is a bit a re do of some of my previous work.

Best Wishes and Thanks !

A Big 34,000 Visitors Thank You from The FURTASTIC FOUR

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