Saturday, 29 March 2014

Another New Robin for the BAT-MAN..... Tim Drake The Boy Wonder Mark 3

The Next person to become The Boy Wonder was Timothy (Tim) Drake, but his journey to becoming the next Robin was a longer story than originally thought.

As a very young child, Tim was taken to see Halys Circus  by his parents. This visit to the Circus would start the youngster on his path to becoming a Hero.

By consequence this would be the final and fateful performance of the Flying Graysons, who would ultimately be  murdered whilst performing that night .. Although Tim was very young at the time he would forever remember meeting the Graysons, and especially the youngest of the troop Dick.

Tim even had a photograph taken of The Graysons prior to their murder.  Dick had chatted to the much younger Tim, making Tim become an instant fan, and whilst the Graysons were preforming their act, Tim found himself mesmerised by Dick's abilities and skills in the air.

Tim and his family bore witness to the tragic deaths, and as his parents bundled the youngster away from the grizzly scene, Tim spotted The Bat-man standing beside the bereaved Dick consoling him.

This glimpse of the Dark Night ignited a spark in the youngster, who would follow the career of the Bat-man and later on Robin his new partner. A few years later, Tim saw Television footage of Batman & Robin. During the programme Tim noticed that Robin had performed an unusual somersault, one that he remembered seeing many years before at the Circus.  On further study of the footage Tim became convinced that from the way that Robin moved he must be Dick Grayson....... and if Dick was Robin, and Dick was now the ward of Millionaire Bruce Wayne, Bruce Wayne must be BATMAN.

Tim knew that he had no real proof of his hunch and findings, but over the coming months he became a avid follower of The lives Caped Crusaders and that of Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. And little by little Tim connected all the dots and was 100% certain that Batman & Robin and Bruce & Dick were the same persons.
Young Tim Drake makes the connection between Dick Grayson & Robin the Boy Wonder !

That this meant to the future of young Tim we will see next time

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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Killing Joke....... A bad day for Barbara Gordon

As the DC universe was still trying to deal with the brutal death of Robin mark 2 aka Jason Todd, by the hand of Batman's arch enemy .... THE JOKER , the mad clown of crime struck again.

In 1988 a story was published that would again cause the BATMAN FAMILY much heart ache and pain. The Tale was called THE KILLING JOKE

Early in  the same year  Bat-Girl aka Barbara Gordon had officially retired as a costumed crime fighter. However before she had a chance to enjoy her retirement she came face to face with the Joker again.

The Joker had a plan to destroy The Bat-man by attacking those close to him. The first Victim was to be Commissioner James Gordon, but he did not want to kill him, he wanted to bring Gordon down to his level by driving him insane.

Whilst at home Barbara Gordon, the Commissioners daughter (and the now retired BAT-GIRL) answered a knock at her front door.
Barbara Gordon..... Knock Knock Who's There ?

Opening it she was met with a colourfully dressed caller carrying a camera and a GUN......... It was the Joker !
The Joker calls unexpectedly !  Bang Your Dead ! 

Without any warning The Joker shot Barbara and kidnapped her Father who he tormented by showing him some  photographs he had taken of Barbara laying dying after her attack.

Batman would of course save the day, and James Gordon was rescued his sanity retained, however Barbara was left paralysed for life.

The Joker would never know that by shooting Barbara Gordon he had in theory came close to murdering one of his greatest enemies BAT-GIRL.

Barbara would soon take up the role of Oracle, and proved that she did not need the use of her legs to help solve crimes.

A New Way To Fight Crime 

One of the biggest twists came from the story when it emerged that Batman had caused the accident that created The Joker. which meant that Bruce would carry this guilt on his shoulders along with the Death of Jason and now the maiming of Barbara.  It would take time, but Bruce would realize that although he had played a part in creating The Joker, he was not responsible for the Clown Prince of Crimes actions as a result.

As a tribute to his fallen team mate, Bat-Girls costume was placed by the side of Jason Todd's Robin costume in the Bat Cave.

Both of which would prove to be both an inspiration and a warning of how dangerous Crime Fighting could be.

The Legacy of Two Fallen Heroes 

Next Time Another New Boy Wonder !

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Monday, 10 March 2014

Thanks 22,000 Visits plus

Yet again your faith in coming back and visiting by Blog amazes me.

Here a little Thank You from my Dawg Buddy, dressed as Batman through the ages.

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Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Well the votes were caste and a decision was reached about Jason Todd the "New" ROBIN..... and the Decision was NOT kind to Master Jason.

With the decision made by the readers who voted, the story would continue as follows....

Batman had arrived at the very moment that the Warehouse that contained his partner Robin  had exploded. Searching through the wreckage Batman discovers the body of Sheila. She is badly injured and before dying tells Batman what has happened. Her final words to Batman were that Jason was trying to protect her when the bomb exploded. He died a Hero.

Continuing his search BATMAN came across the life less body of his adopted Son Jason...... He was dead.  Robin The Boy Wonder was dead.

Death of a Hero called ROBIN

Batman recovering  both bodies and returns to Gotham,where he arranges them to be buried.

Batman tries to bring the Joker to book for his crimes, but as the Joker now had allied himself with a foreign Country claims International Immunity. Also Joker tells Batman that he knew the identity of The Dead Boy Wonder. hinting that he now knew the Caped Crusaders true identity also.

Bruce takes the death of Jason very badly, and for a long time looses some of his humanity and compassion. He makes a memorial to Jason Todd in the Bat Cave. Which will remain there as a reminder of his greatest failure.

Alfred would try to get Bruce to consider working along side Nightwing aka  Dick Grayson again, as he knew that Bruce-Batman needs to share his work and his life with someone else who understands his obsession and crusade as the Dark Knight.  Bruce rejects this stating that from now on Batman works alone, and he can no longer be responsible for anyone else but himself.

Batman's obsession  with the Joker would further intensify in the coming months after the Clown Prince of  Crime would go onto shoot Barbara Gordon, leaving her crippled as a result.

This was the end of the tale of Jason Todd, the 2nd Robin, Although it was intended that Jason Todd would not return he would many years later as a result of another "Crisis" in the DC Universe.

Although for now  Jason was dead, this would not be the end of Robin...... He would rise again in a new form, with a new name...... and that name would be Tim.

A final tribute to Jason Todd, the not so loved Boy Wonder.....

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Next time Batman gets another new Robin.....

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