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Before the Crisis, Gnarrk was just your average Cave boy who was transported from prehistoric times to the present day by mistake.  At first the very confused  Teen Cave Boy or Neanderthal. destroyed the equipment that was responsible for his arrival in the modern day. So unable to be returned to his own time, he was "adopted" by the Teen Titans.

Over time the Teen Titans were able to help Gnarrk adapt to his new life, and with the help of the mental powers of Lilith they found that there was a wonderful person to be found within the trappings of the Cave Boy.

Although Gnarrk would never officially become a Teen Titan, he would and did help the Team.  Over a very short period, both Lilith and Gnarrk fell in love with each other, and  decided to leave the Titans and go off and seek a future together on the west coast of America.  And there they both stayed until the Formation of the Teen Titans West,  which was formed by Lilith with Gnarrk being a founder member.

Even after the West Coast Titans disbanded, both Lilith & Gnarrk continued to live the simple life together, and planned to marry, and live happy ever after.


HOWEVER, after the Crisis Gnarrk's history completely changed.

When the Titans’ past was altered by the history-shattering Crisis on Infinite Earths, Lilith and Gnarrk’s story was altered as well, and there was NO HAPPY EVER AFTER for them this time.

Gnarrk’s bizarre NEW back story began thousands of years ago, when the nineteen year old Cro-Magnon  boy grew fascinated by the lights in the skies. One night, a comet crashed before him, embedding a chunk of crystal into his chest. Somehow, this caused a transformation in him, expanding his mind, and his understanding of the universe. Soon, a volcanic disturbance threatened Gnarrk. The jewel in his chest protected him, though, encasing him in ice.

Centuries passed, and Gnarrk remained in his ice tomb. During that time, his mind still worked, and Gnarrk dreamt of a better world where  He had the ability to cure disease and control the forces of nature to benefit mankind.


In the modern day, the psychic Lilith became award of a powerful presents, with unusually powerful mental abilities.  Based on this information from Lilith, the Teen Titans travelled to Southeast Asia, where they eventually located Gnarrk in a frozen block of ice. He mentally called out to Lilith, introducing himself as Gnarrk. Lilith was dating her Titans teammate Don Hall at the time, but nonetheless found herself attracted to the unique neanderthal.


The Titans brought Gnarrk back to S.T.A.R. Labs, where it was established the curious cave boy was dying. A group of S.T.A.R. scientists wanted to dissect and study him, but the Titans prevented them from doing so.


Sensitive to the his plight, Lilith used her powers to establish a mental rapport with Gnarrk. During that time, she discovered his true origins and noble intentions. Now bonded, the two sensitive teens fell in love through their fleeting yet deep psychic connection. Gnarrk remained on life support for almost a year, as Lilith visited him continually.


Eventually, Gnarrk’s light in his chest faded, and he died with dignity. When S.T.A.R. scientists performed an autopsy, they found the crystal no longer had any special properties. Whatever abilities the stone possessed vanished upon Gnarrk’s death.

Many heroes died during the Crisis, or faded away never to be remembered, but through their special rapport, Lilith was able to share the love of her soul mate and preserve his memory forever.

Next time another Hero that had their pasted and future changed by the Crisis .


Monday, 21 January 2013

The Crisis hits the Teen Titans..... Part One ... Mal Duncan

Before the big shake up in the DC Universe in the  mid 1980's That was called Crisis on Infinite Earths,  the Character Mal Duncan had first appeared in the mid 1960's when he  originally joined the Teen Titans as himself. Over the years that followed Mal adopted many different looks and identities.

Mal Duncan The Herald, the new hero after the Crisis !

As mentioned , Mal had first joined the 1960's Titans as himself, a non powered street kid, later he would combine the uniform of the 1940's hero The Guardian with a powerful exo skeleton to help beat Dr Light who was trying to destroy the Teen Titans, much later he would be given a Magical Horn, that was reputed to be the actual Horn of the Angel Gabriel.,,,, and using the Horn he became Hornblower. A while later that he would loose the Horn, and would decide  to adopt the Guardian costume and identity again.

BUT after the crisis,  the new DC History said  Mal never became the Guardian,,  However, he would still become a Teen Titan as himself, but more of a side kick that full blown member. But after Mal discovered  the plans to a device of great power, and together with his scientist girl friend Karen Beecher, aka the soon to be  Bumble Bee , they create a mechanical horn that would give its user similar powers and abilities to the Gabriel's Horn he had in the pre Crisis Titans.

This Horn would enable Mal to help beat the Villain Dr Light and free the Teen Titans, and become a proper member of the team as a result.

Therefore after the Crisis, Mal Duncan would be Herald, member of Teen Titans. His Girl friend Karen would also join the Titans as The Bumble Bee,  (in a similar way as she had done pre Crisis)  the main changes to affect her were an up dated costume.

Both Mal and Karen  only remained with the Titans for a short time, they would go into semi retirement on the West Coast, where Mal would open up a Jazz Club come restaurant.

They would both end up Back with the Titans, when they answered Lilith's call for help, and therefore became original Members of the West Coast Version of The Teen Titans.


Next Time another Hero of the West Coast Teen Titans goes through a few New Changes.


Thursday, 17 January 2013


Over the last few weeks I have tried to tell the tale of the Original Teen Titans, from the early days of the 1960's when the group comprised of Robin, the Boy Wonder, Kid Flash, the fastest Teen in the World, Aqua Lad, Prince of Atlantis and Wonder Girl, adopted daughter of the Queen of Paradise Island....... up until the late 1970's when the member ship had grown to include two teams  with a combined membership of 15 Titans.

However, there is one member, that has not been mentioned. She officially never became a true Titan,  but was granted honorary membership. This was Tula, aka Aqua Girl, but unfortunately  most  of her early adventures with the Original Teen Titans remain among the many unpublished tales of the Titans history.

But who was Tula, and how did she become Aqua Girl ?.......  well here is a short background story of the Forgotten Teen Titan.

Tula  was born into the same race of Water Breathing Humans as Aquaman. However, shortly after her birth both of her parents mysteriously died, and the orphaned Tula was adopted by one of the Royal Families of Atlantis and was raised as  Tula Princess of Poseidonis. However,  her adopted parents decided to keep her secluded from other folk of Atlantis . It is unclear if Tula's true parents were related to her new royal guardians, but even though Tula was not their genetic child, they did not want to expose her to any risks and outside dangers. Therefore Tula would remain within in the confines of the Royal Palace for her own protection.

When Tula was 15  she was allowed to mix with other Atlantians . This is how she met the Adopted son of Aquaman, the King of Atlantis. Garth or Aqua Lad as he called himself. When Garth first saw the mysterious Princess he  fell head over gills in love with Tula, and she with him.


Tula enjoyed the freedom that she had been denied since birth, and she was always eager to hear Garth's stories of his adventures with the Teen Titans.

Occasionally Tula would join Garth and Aquaman in protecting the Oceans from dangers. She adopted the name Aqua Girl, to show her devotion  to both Aquaman and Garth.

Soon she started to join Garth on his adventures above the surface, and this is where she came into contact with the Original Teen Titans.  Like Garth, Tula also found that she could only spend short periods of time out of the water before her strength and health were affected, and when Aqua Lad decided he had to quit the Titans, Tula as his ever loving Girl Friend supported his decision.

TULA & The Teen Titans

Both Tula and Garth remained together for many years, and would assist the Titans when ever the need arose.

In the mid 1980's During the shake up of the DC Universe  called Crisis on Infinite Earths, Tula was poisoned and died  in the arms of her beloved Garth, Aqua Lad.

Tula was not the only Teen Titan to have their life changed during the Crisis, but she was the only one that died as a result......  But unlike many heroes that faded from existence due to the Crisis,  Aqua Girl's memory lived on in the Hearts of the Titans and those of her fellow people of the Underwater world of Atlantis.
AQUA GIRL, a victim of the Crisis !

Next Time more on the Titans who's history was changed by the Crisis.


Saturday, 12 January 2013

THE TEEN TITANS WEST Part Five When East Meets West

Meanwhile, as the New West Coast Team of Titans battled to save lives from the Disasters caused by Mr Esper, the Original Teen Titans over on the East side of the country are investigating a New Super Villain calling himself Captain Calamity..... Who too seemed to be responsible for a series of disasters effecting that side of the country.


During both teams investigations they are brought together, and at first both teams were  suspicious of each others motive and actions.  This causes tension and fights started to break out between both teams.


Finally, Wonder Girls managed to calm everyone with the use of her magic lasso, allowing both sets of super heroes to split into smaller teams to battle Mr Esper and Captain Calamity, who they suspeced t were  somehow related.

Lilith finally unearths the fact that both Villains are in fact one person.

Both teams working together finally apprehended the Villain Mr Esper, the former foe of the Bat-Man.

Originally both Teams would have continued as Teen Titans based on different sides of the country, with some of the East Coast Heroes moving West whilst some of the West Coast Heroes moved East, BUT as DC comics had decided to cancel the comic in 1977 both Teams were left to continue as they were.

Combining both teams Presenting THE TEEN TITANS

It would later be told that the West Coast Titans disbanded after a few weeks, as most of them had other interests they wanted to pursue. Lilith and Gnarrk wanted to continue their romantic life together, Golden Eagle found he really was not the hero kind, well not 24-7 anyway, Hawk and Dove had commitments, Bat-Girl missed the fame and life style her Tennis gave her, and even Beast Boy yearned to be a TV Star again.

On the East Coast, Aqua Boy was the first to resign from the group, as he was finding being at Titan too difficult, and this was causing Health issues, Guardian & Bumble Bee knew that the Super Hero life complicated their relationship, and also did not allow Bumble Bee  much time as a scientist, her first love.  Harlequin would disappear in the pursuit of happiness and answers about her origin and true back ground.

This left the core members of  Robin, Wonder Girl, Speedy & Kid Flash.  These Teen Titans were no longer Teen agers any more, and all of them wanted to do the things that young adults do, like go to college and start to build a life outside the Super Hero Business. They knew everything about the hero business, and very little about normal life. Each knew that they all needed other experiences to help them grow as people. Their only family were their mentors and the other Titans, and this was not enough for them all.

ROBIN - Dick Grayson went to college, WONDER GIRL -  Donna Troy began to build a career for herself as a Photographic Journalist, KID FLASH - Wally West also went into higher education and SPEEDY - Roy Harper would start to play apart in his in the Business Empire run by his Father Oliver Queen.

The Original Teen Titans had disbursed for the last time. The Original 5 would always remain great friends, and at times some of them would band together to fight evil, but on the whole they were no longer the teen aged side kicks of other heroes, they were heroes in their own right. They had all grown up.

When a New Team of Teen Titans would arise, these would be something very new, BUT that is another story for another Time.

This is the End of my Tales of The Original Teen Titans, Next Time I will introduce a Titan that was over looked, and tell of what happened to some of the Teen Titans after all thing changed after the 1st Crisis happened.


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Many years before Barbara Gordon put on her Bat Girl costume, another young lady had already owned that title.  She was Bette Kane...... The Original BAT - GIRL

Bette Kane was the young niece of heiress  Katherine Kane who resided in Gotham City.  Bette's visit to see her beloved Aunt was not her only reason to travel to Gotham City, she hoped that while she was on her visit she would see the object of her desire, Robin the Boy Wonder.

When Bette discovered her Aunt Kathy was in fact, BAT-WOMAN, Bette promptly designed herself a costume based on the Red & Green  of Robins uniform, and thus became The Bat-Girl was born.

Both her Aunt Kathy  and Bat-Man, who knew Bat-Woman.'s secret identity, tried to talk Bette from pursuing this dangerous activity   as a masked crime fighter. But this was not to be. Bette was far to driven, and she was going to be Bat - Girl with or with out anyones consent.

Bette's career as The Bat-Girl was brief, manly as she could only play crime fighter during her brief holidays with her Aunt.

BUT these brief visits allowed Bette to get near to Robin, and whilst Robin gave no encouragement to Bat-Girl, this would not stop Bette from trying her best to get her BOY WONDER.

Holly Cupid Bat-Man !

As the years went on, Bat-Woman would decide to retire as Bat-Woman, and Bette had to accept  that her love for Robin was never going to be returned.

Bette would sometimes carry on playing at being Bat-Girl, but she would no longer operate in Gotham City.  She would operate out of her home in California. But so she found other challenges, and decided to embrace sport.  She became an expert Gymnast and an Olympic Hopeful, however she was always looking for the next big challenge, so she also embraced other sports like Swimming and Tennis.

With Tennis she found something that she was very good at, and something that gave her the fame, she had always craved.  Bat-Girl had made her Famous in Gotham City, BUT Tennis could and would grant her BETTY KANE, the fame, admiration and fans...... and money too.

The attention and love that Bette received  from her loving public would in some ways help fill the void missing in her life. However, this did mask the fact that due to her  overbearing and aggressive nature that she needed to win and be the best, had left her with very few true friends.

When she found herself in the middle of one of the disasters in California, she took up the roll of Bat-Girl again, and was soon recruited by Lilith for her own group of Teen Titans.


Next time when East meets West.


Sunday, 6 January 2013


The Teen Hero who was know by the name THE GOLDEN EAGLE, was really an orphan from Midway City called Charles (Charlie) Parker.

Growing up Charlie idolised Hawkman, and  used to dress up in a home made version of his hero's costume, complete with cardboard wings.  He had written to his Hero on more than one occasion, where he described the Costume he had made. However, Charlie never received a reply, as unknown to the general public, Hawkman had been ordered back to his home planet  around this time.

One day when Charlie was "playing" at being Hawkman he was enveloped in a strange light that transformed his own cardboard winged costume into a real replica of that worn by Hawkman. Along with the costume, Charlie gained the ability to fly, as the wings were a true replica to the Thanagarian Hero. BUT unlike the Original Hawkman, Charlie's costume would disappear and reappear at his will. Just like Magic..... which was a clue to where the costume had originated, BUT Charlie did not suspect.

Charlie decided as Hawkman was no longer around he would fill in for him.  Over the following months he would help the local police solve crimes and capture villains. He kept is appearance secret, only leaving a Golden Feather at the scene of his heroic deeds.  ( Something the The Original Hawkman had done in the early years of his own career.  Thus Charlie was dubbed The Golden Eagle by the Press and local law enforcement.

Charlie soon came into contact with the Justice League of America, who were very surprised to find that the "New" Hawkman was a Teenager.

The mystery of why and how Charlie got his powers was soon discovered.  It was due to the villain Matter Master, who wanted to battle the Original Hawkman. However, as Hawkman was no longer on Earth, the Matter Masters Magic Wand help create a New Hawkman for his master to battle.

When the Matter Master then attacked the Justice League, Charlie help defeat the villain, but the cost was he lost his costume and his Hawkman abilities.  The Golden Eagle was no more.

When the Real Hawkman returned from space, he heard about Charlies heroic deeds, and decided as a Thanks You for helping  keep Midway City safe whilst he was away, and for helping save the Justice League..... Hawkman gave Charlie a Real Hawkman Costume along with Wings and anti gravity belt.

Charlie would slightly refashion the costume, and adjusted the colour of the wings from Brown to Gold, so that he could continue his crime fighting as the Golden Eagle, so not to be mistaken for HIS Hero and Mentor Hawkman.


Charlie never seemed to be really cut out to be a Hero it would turn out, and his lack luster approach to life would mean he was considered by some to be a slacker.  But when he got the call from Lilith to help in the disasters on the West Coast, he pulled on his wings and took to the air as The Golden Eagle once more.

The final member of the New Teen Titans West, was an old forgotten Hero, with Close ties to the Boy Wonder.


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