Sunday, 6 January 2013


The Teen Hero who was know by the name THE GOLDEN EAGLE, was really an orphan from Midway City called Charles (Charlie) Parker.

Growing up Charlie idolised Hawkman, and  used to dress up in a home made version of his hero's costume, complete with cardboard wings.  He had written to his Hero on more than one occasion, where he described the Costume he had made. However, Charlie never received a reply, as unknown to the general public, Hawkman had been ordered back to his home planet  around this time.

One day when Charlie was "playing" at being Hawkman he was enveloped in a strange light that transformed his own cardboard winged costume into a real replica of that worn by Hawkman. Along with the costume, Charlie gained the ability to fly, as the wings were a true replica to the Thanagarian Hero. BUT unlike the Original Hawkman, Charlie's costume would disappear and reappear at his will. Just like Magic..... which was a clue to where the costume had originated, BUT Charlie did not suspect.

Charlie decided as Hawkman was no longer around he would fill in for him.  Over the following months he would help the local police solve crimes and capture villains. He kept is appearance secret, only leaving a Golden Feather at the scene of his heroic deeds.  ( Something the The Original Hawkman had done in the early years of his own career.  Thus Charlie was dubbed The Golden Eagle by the Press and local law enforcement.

Charlie soon came into contact with the Justice League of America, who were very surprised to find that the "New" Hawkman was a Teenager.

The mystery of why and how Charlie got his powers was soon discovered.  It was due to the villain Matter Master, who wanted to battle the Original Hawkman. However, as Hawkman was no longer on Earth, the Matter Masters Magic Wand help create a New Hawkman for his master to battle.

When the Matter Master then attacked the Justice League, Charlie help defeat the villain, but the cost was he lost his costume and his Hawkman abilities.  The Golden Eagle was no more.

When the Real Hawkman returned from space, he heard about Charlies heroic deeds, and decided as a Thanks You for helping  keep Midway City safe whilst he was away, and for helping save the Justice League..... Hawkman gave Charlie a Real Hawkman Costume along with Wings and anti gravity belt.

Charlie would slightly refashion the costume, and adjusted the colour of the wings from Brown to Gold, so that he could continue his crime fighting as the Golden Eagle, so not to be mistaken for HIS Hero and Mentor Hawkman.


Charlie never seemed to be really cut out to be a Hero it would turn out, and his lack luster approach to life would mean he was considered by some to be a slacker.  But when he got the call from Lilith to help in the disasters on the West Coast, he pulled on his wings and took to the air as The Golden Eagle once more.

The final member of the New Teen Titans West, was an old forgotten Hero, with Close ties to the Boy Wonder.


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